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Author Topic: Feature request: Option to preset requirements for set (gen & spec)  (Read 157 times)

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I started thinking about this with Tomb on a recent board (obv w/out trashers) I really like this event and  it seems such a waste when it's on the board without trashing.  Is there some way that in the same way that heirloom cards are always tied to each other, that there is a way to add a "board must include one card w/ trashing power when Tomb event is present" in the coding for the Tomb card?

I've also decided to combine this idea with another I had recently and just ask if we could more generally have "random" draws but with certain parameters met.  Options such as "include one + action", "include one +1 buy" etc, or "exclude curses/attacks etc, or even specifically  "exclude rebuild/kings court etc"

I personally believe that more cards need to be added with + buy potential, but this would be one way to ensure that u don't get a "dud board" without cherry picking the deck or anything.

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