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Author Topic: Season 28 - Another Big One  (Read 493 times)

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Season 28 - Another Big One
« on: June 03, 2018, 08:08:48 pm »

Hello everyone!

We're excited to kick off Season 28, the second season of the League at this new scale. We have placed 252 players into 42 divisions, slightly fewer than the 45 divisions we had last year. You can still sign up for our waiting list until Wednesday in case spaces open up in the first week.

We unfortunately are losing four of the awesome moderators who made last season a success. We'd like to thank LaLight and IrrationalE (2.71828.....) for their service to the league, as they will be stepping away for the foreseeable future. assemble_me and drsteelhammer are taking a shorter break of a season or two; they will continue to stay on as advisors and hope to return to moderating in the near future.

To take their place, we successfully recruited four new moderators for the new season. Welcome to Anders, Seprix, tracer, and volfied! They are all active players in the League and the online Dominion community and we're lucky to have their help.

With a new season also comes the opportunity to make various changes to upgrade the league systems. Here's a list of what's new, some of which you might have already noticed:
  • Report your partial results like normal now. Instead of keeping them in a separate forum post, we're asking everyone to report their partial results this season using the same form they use to report full results. (If you're playing in the League this season, this form should have been PM'd to you.) After submitting, the form will provide a link which you can use to edit your results later, or, if you lose that link, you can also just make a new post. (Don't do this for every game of a match, though, unless you really do play them one at a time across six different days...)
  • A Comprehensive FAQ. Thanks to all of his tireless work welcoming new players to the League, gloures has gotten a lot of questions from you all. He's compiled them together in a forum post that you should all be sure to check out.
  • The new Dominion League Hotline. In going through the feedback from all of you, we realized that many of those with negative experiences didn't raise it with a moderator. We'd like to lower that barrier to entry by providing an easy tool for you to contact the moderator team: Just fill out that form any time you have any issues, whether your opponent stood you up for a match or you just forgot some link, and a moderator will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Further and better timezone-based divisions. The return of timezone-based divisions in D, E and F was largely a success. This season, we are further subdividing North American timezones in E and F into Eastern/Central and Mountain/Pacific timezone-based divisions. We also no longer need a mixed division in D, with 5 North American and 3 European divisions.
  • More helpful metrics in the standings. You might notice a new column in the standings, +/-, which is simply your number of wins minus your number of losses. It's perhaps a better intermediate metric of how well you've been doing than the average score in a match, since that can be excessively high or low if you have fewer games played. We've also replaced average score with winning %, a more intuitive metric for those not used to 6-game matches.
  • A new Matches tab in the Standings. Back by a combination of popular demand and usefulness to the moderating team, this tab provides another snapshot at the progress of each division, a la the old Standings posts from Season 25 and before.
  • Individual Standings links. Some of you just wanted to see what's going on in your division without opening the whole Standings page (and it's gotten quite long by now!), so links to the standings posts for just your divisions have been distributed in the opening PMs to everyone. They're also in the opening Discord post in your division-specific channel.
Finally, I'd like to recognize markus's work which started at the beginning of last season to provide forecasts for the League. He'll be doing the same for this season; keep an eye on the Standings page for his post there soon.

Keep making the League awesome,

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