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Author Topic: The unusual fun Rebuild game (incl. Peasant/Magpie/Advisor/Night Watchman/Missio  (Read 416 times)

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game #14158272

Since I can't ban Rebuild, I often ask the opponent if we could agree to ignore it for that game, but this game looked fun without ignoring Rebuild, so I didn't do that this game. I opened Peasant/Night Watchman to focus on getting Teacher quickly. He opened... Well, I can't tell because it won't reload the game. ugh. I think he opened Peasant/Magpie (or maybe Peasant/Advisor). Either way, he focused on getting the cards he wanted to put Teacher tokens on. That could make a good discussion: Should I focus more on getting to Teacher quickly or getting the cards I want for Teacher tokens?

This game, it didn't appear to make too much difference since it was really close at the end.
I made the mistake of thinking I could steal some cards with Rogue, forgetting that doesn't work so well with Necromancer on the board, but still I pulled out the win.

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Rebuild is usually fun.
Bomb, Cannon, and many of the Gunpowder cards can strongly effect gameplay, particularly in a destructive way

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The +card token on Magpie is really good.

Peasant/Magpie opening into Mission with Bonfire on the extra turns looks quite good.
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