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Author Topic: Haggler / [Landmark]  (Read 403 times)

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Haggler / [Landmark]
« on: April 02, 2018, 10:43:31 pm »

Today I have a very simple interaction to discuss.

The idea
Using Haggler, you can purchase a card (typically I am talking about Province or Duchy) while also gaining a cheaper card that gives you points in some manner. This is most obviously a strong play when Obelisk is in the kingdom with a useful target. This is a pretty basic combo, but one I often see overlooked; you should keep in mind that Haggler becomes much more versatile whenever these Landmarks are around.

Why is it important to remember?
One of Haggler's main weaknesses is that it cannot gain a Victory card with its ability, which means that it typically cannot be used to accrue points in the endgame. With the help of Landmarks, Haggler can make up for this weakness. As an example, purchasing a Province and gaining a Laboratory (with Obelisk attached) nets 8 points instead of 6. This matters a lot especially in close games, where a 2 point edge might win you the game.

Triumphal Arch
I've focused on Obelisk above, but Triumphal Arch has a notable interaction with Haggler as well. Often in Arch games, you will spend extra time building a deck that uses 2 specific actions to try and build up points before greening. Haggler allows you to green while also picking up Arch points. 2 Hagglers even allows you to do less math, as you can gain 1 of each desired card at once!

Other Landmarks that follow a similar principle: Aqueduct, Colonnade, Museum, Orchard, Palace, Tower. Non-Landmarks: Fairgrounds and Border Village (Duchy gain). Odds are, you can come up with other examples.
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