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Author Topic: Copper Rush: Drain the Copper pile as fast as possible  (Read 170 times)

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Copper Rush: Drain the Copper pile as fast as possible
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:36:38 pm »

Here's the challenge: empty the Copper pile into your deck as fast as possible.

Normal mode: you have to gain a Copper n times, where n is the number of Copper in the pile at the start of the game, and the pile must be empty.

Hard mode: all the Copper must be in your deck (deck includes hand and discard pile).

You pick the kingdom, including Shelters and Colonies (if you have at least one Dark Ages/Prosperity card), and 0-2 events/landmarks. Assume perfect shuffle luck.

Bonus points if you don't use an infinite combo, i.e. if there exists some n such that in the turn where you satisfy the ordinary win condition, you couldn't satisfy the same condition if the Copper pile started with n Coppers.

Example solutions:
  • Buy Copper every turn. This takes 53 turns. (Hard mode)
  • Banquet for a Copper every turn. This takes 18 turns. (Hard mode)
  • Turn 1 Alms for a Villa, buy King's Court off 5xCopper, Villa, Baker token. Turn 2 buy Beggar. Turn 3 through 8: King's Court a Beggar, gaining 9 Copper and buying Donate, trashing everything except King's Court and Beggar. (Normal mode)
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