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Author Topic: Dominion World Cup 2018 Rules  (Read 3430 times)

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Dominion World Cup 2018 Rules
« on: November 21, 2017, 10:06:34 pm »

Dominion World Cup 2018 Rules


Sign - ups open:  Today! (November 22)
Sign ups close:  January 2
Forming of Teams:  January 2-22
Pool play:  Begins January 22
1 week per round (3 weeks, each team has one 'bye' in pool play)
1 week for quarter finals
1 week for semi-finals
1 week for finals

1. Teams:

1.1 When signups are closed, every player gets seeded based on the ShuffleIt leaderboard (the official online client of Dominion). 
1.2 By default, the highest seeded player of a country will be the team leader. If a nation agrees on having someone who is not their highest seeded player as their team leader, however, then they can do so. Once the team leader is chosen, he may select his or her team of 4 players in total (it is recommended that this be done using the leaderboard rankings, but other means such as a qualifying tournament are allowed).
1.3 Players who aren't part of the main team are alternates; they can be substituted for any of the other four players if they are unable to play in a week for any reason
1.4 Countries with less than 4 players aren't eligible.  It is possible that these players will be grouped into other teams based on location in the event that there are not enough teams
1.5 If the team is formed every player in the team gets also a seed within the team, also based on the ShuffleIt leaderboard, so the strongest player will be Player 1 and so on.
1.6 Each player may only sign up with one account; no “alternate” accounts can be entered
1.7 New:  Each player who signs up must have a Gold subscription for their matches in the tournament.  A Gold Subscription is recommended, but not required.

2. Tournament Structure:

2.1 Seeding the group

2.1.1 The goal is to reach 16 countries which will get seeded in 4 groups with 4 teams.
2.1.2 The average player rating on the Shuffle It Leaderboard will determine the seeds of each group.
2.1.3 If we only get 13-15 teams, secondary teams can be formed based on location. This will be also determined by average player ratings of the players who aren't already in a team yet.
2.1.4 If we have 12 teams, there will be 4 groups with 3 teams each. 
2.1.5 If we have 8 teams, there will be 2 groups with 4 teams each.   
2.1.5 For 9-12 teams, secondary teams can also be formed to fill the gap; this could increase the total number of teams to 12 or 16 based on the number of sign-ups

2.2 Group phase

2.2.1 In each group every team play against every other team.
2.2.2 Each round lasts one week.
2.2.3 In a match every player plays a game against the player of the opposing country with the same seed, so player 1 of team A against player 1 of team B, and so on.

2.3 Match structure and points

 2.3.1 All matches are 2 Player Matches
2.3.2 Each match will involve exactly 6 games.
2.3.3 Every player will be first player in exactly 3 games.
2.3.4 Winning a game awards 1 game point; drawing a game awards 0.5 game points to both players. A player wins if he has more points after 6 games than his opponent. If both players have the same amount of points, it's a tie.
2.3.5 A win counts 1 match point for the team and a draw counts as 0.5 match point for each team.
2.3.6 Should a game end in a stalemate, the result is void and the game will be replayed. (It is not counted as a tie.)
A stalemate is a game state where both parties do not alter the gamestate for several turns and do not intend to in the foreseeable future.
If player's do not mutually agree that a stalemate has occurred, players shall continue play for at least 10 more turns. After 10 turns have been completed, the player that disputes that a stalemate has occurred must break the stalemate within five turns by gaining more cards from the supply than they return, or gaining more VP (or losing less) than their opponent. At any point for the remainder of the game, if the disputing player is unable to gain more cards than they return, or gain more VP than their opponent over any 5 turn period, the game is declared a stalemate, and the game must be replayed.

2.4 Playoffs

2.4.1 After each team has played against each other team from the same group, the group phase is over.
2.4.2 From each group, the top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.  The top two teams are the teams with the most match points. 
2.4.3 In case of a tie, the difference between the sum of all game points and the sum of all opposing teams' game points count as tiebreaker.
2.4.4 If there's still a tie, the team captain will choose one player (including himself) to play a best of three match.  Each player will start one game, if a third game is necessary the first player will be determined randomly.  If this game is a tie according to the Dominion rules, the second player in that game wins the match. 
2.4.5 The playoffs have the same rules except there are no ties.
2.4.6 In case of a tie, the team with more game points advances.
2.4.7 Is this still a tie, the team captain will choose one player (including himself) to play a best of five match.  Each player will start two games, if a fifth game is necessary the first player will be determined randomly.  If this game is a tie according to the Dominion rules, the second player in that game wins the match. 
2.4.8a For an 8 team tournament, the winner of group A will play against the runner-up from group B, the winner of group B will play against the runner-up of group A.
2.4.8b For a 12 or 16 team tournament, the four group winners (A1, B1, C1, and D1) will face the four group runner-ups (A2, B2, C2, and D2) in the quarterfinals.  A1 plays D2, B1 plays C2, C1 plays B2, and D1 plays A2. 
2.4.8c In the semi-finals, the winner of A1/D2 will face the winner of C1/B2, and the winner of B1/C2 will face D1/A2. 
2.4.8d Both winning teams advance to the finals which has the same rules as the semi-finals.
2.4.9d NEW The losing teams will play a consolation match with the same rules as the semi-finals, to determine 3rd place

3. Organizing Matches

3.1 Each match lasts one week, from Monday to Sunday.
3.2 Paired opponents have to schedule their match in this time frame. If a player has no time to play in this week, he must inform the team leader and the moderator of that match via PM in advance. The team leader has to determine a replacement and inform the moderator about it. If a team can't find a replacement it counts as loss for this team. If both players have time, but still can't find a schedule to play it counts as a 0-0 draw. 

4. Environment

4.1 The default is playing on the Shuffle iT platform (, with the point counter enabled, on fully random sets including all expansions (including Nocturne). 
4.2 The default match configuration may be changed by mutual agreement between both players. (e.g. disable point counter, always include/exclude some cards, etc.).
4.3 Playing rated games is recommended for documentation purposes. If you do not, please write down the exact game numbers for each game (found in the chat box at the start of each game).
4.4 In accordance with both the Dominion rules and the Shuffle It terms of service, “deck-trackers” are not allowed.  Because this can
be difficult to impossible to enforce, we are relying on the honesty of all participants to follow this rule.  If you are planning on using a deck-tracker, please do not sign up for the tournament.  If you are unsure if what you’re using/doing is allowed or not allowed, please ask a tournament moderator before signing up or before your match begins. 

5. Spectating/Streaming

5.1 Make sure the table setting "Players can see spectator chat" is not enabled. This setting is found under the "Advanced Options" when setting up your table.
5.2 Even though this is a team tournament, players are expected to play their matches on their own, without coaching or advice from their teammates or from any outside parties.  Coaching or communication before matches or in between games (provided it does not delay the match) is OK. 

6. Undoing

6.1 Granting any undo requests is at the discretion of each player.
6.2 In the spirit of friendliness, we encourage (but do not require) players to grant undo requests for choices that do not provide new information.
6.3 Players may come to a different agreement before the match.

7. Handling Disconnects

7.1 If you disconnect during a game, use the reconnect feature. If your opponent is disconnected, do not make use of the "make resign" feature. This will not be counted as winning the game.
7.2 If the disconnect takes an extended amount of time, write down the game number and reload the game (latest decision) at a later date.
7.3 Instructions for using the reload game feature can be found at
7.4 If reloading the game fails, complete the remaining games of the match first. If no player has reached 3.5 points after completing the remaining games, contact the tournament moderators about the lost game.

8.Sportsmanlike Conduct

8.1 As in every other game on the platform, sportsmanlike conduct is expected. Verbal abuse or slowplaying (not to be confused with taking time to think) may lead to a disqualification.
8.2 Keep in mind that in a competitive situation such as this tournament, players take a long time to consider a play. Do not make use of the "make resign" feature if your opponent is thinking.
8.3 If you are unsure of why your opponent is taking a long time to make a play, you should ask them to explain the situation.
8.4 Be respectful of your opponent’s time. You should make an effort to focus on the game and play at a reasonable speed. Inform your opponent if you are considering a complex play that may take a long time to decide on.
8.5 If you feel your opponent is breaking the rules of conduct, you may suspend the match and contact a tournament moderator.
8.6 For any conflicts not covered under these rules, please contact the tournament moderators, who will have the final say on the issue.

9. Moderators

9.1 Each match will have a moderator assigned.  The moderator will be chosen so that they are not a member of either country (or any of the countries if one of the teams is made up of multiple countries). 
9.2 If one player does not communicate and fails to schedule a match, the moderator can award a 6-0 victory against that player.  If both players are in communication but a match can not be scheduled on time, there can be some extension given, but if a match is still not played in a reasonable amount of time it can be ruled a 0-0 draw. 

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Re: Dominion World Cup 2018 Rules
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2017, 09:20:58 am »

We have added a rule to require a Gold subscription (with Nocturne or without) in order to participate in the tournament.

A Gold subscription is recommended, but not required. 
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