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Author Topic: Band of Misfits as Reserve Cards  (Read 1667 times)

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Re: Band of Misfits as Reserve Cards
« Reply #25 on: October 07, 2018, 02:06:14 am »

I play BoM as Embargo. I follow the instructions on Embargo top to bottom (like I'm pretty sure I should) get +$2, then trash the Embargo that is actually a BoM. Since the card is no longer in play, do I get to put an embargo token on a supply pile? The BoM left play, and BoM doesn't tell me to put embargo tokens on things. Logic tells me I don't get to put an embargo token on anything. Am I wrong? And if so, why?

Imagine that, as the first step of playing a card, you start by copying its on-play ability onto a Post-it. Then, you follow the instructions on the Post-it. If the text on the card changes while you're playing it, who cares? You're not looking at the card; you're following the instructions written on the Post-it. Then, when you're done playing the card, throw the Post-it away.

Now, imagine that you want to save trees and ink, so, instead of writing stuff on Post-its all the time, you do the same thing mentally.

Thare are rulings (even in the rulebook) saying that when you trash a BoM-as-Fortress, the when-trash-ability of the Fortress is resolved, even though you actually resolve it when the Fortress is a BoM. So this supports the rule that you always resolve a triggered ability.

This doesn't affect BoM as a card with a when trash ability because when you trash the card with a when trash ability, two things are happening at the same time, the when trash ability triggers, and BoM loses all of its abilities it got from being played as an action card from the supply. You can simply choose to resolve the when trash ability before BoM loses it.

That's not a "two things happen at the same time" scenario. There's only one thing happening there: a card is trashed. As part of being trashed, it stops being in play, so if an effect is causing it to have abilities as long as it's in play, it stops having those abilities.
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