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Author Topic: wherein i beat threebuild with diplomat/giant using rebuild to enable diplomats  (Read 337 times)

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diplomat, island, moneylender, spice merchant, apprentice, capital, council room, giant, rebuild, torturer; travelling fair, training

a grindfest. i think he played it less than ideally considering the game lasted 24 turns but welp.

by the end of the game the deck compositions were
>me: 3 provinces, 7 (well-trained) diplomats, 2 islands, 1 apprentice, 5 rebuilds, 5 giants.
>otherdude: 9 curses, 11 coppers, 3 estates, 4 provinces, 1 spice merchant, 2 rebuild.

i think he had a third rebuild that i trashed and i definitely wouldn't change the title if not because clickbait and stuff.

game sucked, also. i mean i avoid rebuild whenever possible on principle and because i think some part of my rebuild algorithm is wrong but i would also have avoided the thing i pursued on principle it turns out.

pleasant interaction between giant giving you absurd amounts of money and tfair giving u buys whenever u need buys.

curses are good alt vp. choosing cards to not trash in your deck full of not victory cards is fun.

thank u 4 ur time.
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