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Author Topic: Strange game with Wall and Wolf Den  (Read 479 times)

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Strange game with Wall and Wolf Den
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:28:19 pm »

ShuffleIT ID:#6841097

Strange game I just played, including Wolf Den and Wall.
Upgrade and Altar as Trashing, other Cards being Farmer's Market, IGG, Hoard, Artificier, Sage, CotR and Shelters.

So, u basically want a slim deck, but no single ones. No 4 and 7 costs, so u can get slimmer with Upgrade a bit easier, which actually matters in this board a lot. Hoard is probably a trap here, because u get a lot of extra cards (and ur risking some even stay unique) In end game, we were just trashing stuff we thought we have only 1 copy of and mostly bought nothing or VP cards we already had. It was a unique endgame experience, still not sure though if a conventional strategy wouldn't straightup beat it.

Funny was, he had 7 Provinces and some Estates in the end, I won with like 5 Duchies as my only greens (Buying a single Estate in the end would actually lower my score by 3 points). The Wall penalty for him and my Farmer Market VP points gave me the edge in the end.
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