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Author Topic: David's Cards  (Read 311 times)

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David's Cards
« on: August 10, 2017, 10:20:01 pm »

Hi all. Been doing some work designing new cards. I have the ultimate goal of releasing 26 new dominion cards, but I am going to release them in phases so that I can react to feedback when it comes.

For now here is the first 6.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to make them easier to view or if you have suggestions on card edits. I am trying out imgur in hopes to make them more user friendly.







Thanks for reading,


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Re: David's Cards
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2017, 11:01:46 pm »

These cards look pretty good.

Archer - There's a pin if this card is combined with things that make the opponent draw cards.  I'm not sure if that's a realistic thing to worry about.  I'd worry more that it's really nasty if you open with it.

The card has wording issues.  What if you name Copper and I have 4 coppers?

Designer Rework - Since this is slightly better than Upgrade, my first reaction is that it should cost 3P.  But probably 1P is fine since it means that nobody whiffs in the second shuffle. 

You can remove the "When you play" phrasing as it is unnecessary.

Weaponsmith - A $4 cantrip trasher that only trashes treasures?  I think that sounds reasonable, maybe even on the weak side.  Spice Merchant is a good point of comparison.  I like the +Action part because Weaponsmith is technically a splitter, but you can almost never build an engine from it.

It has a couple wording issues.  It should require you to reveal your hand if you have no treasures.  Also the "While this is in play" phrasing seems unnecessary.

Wet House - The consensus is that if Fugitive were a kingdom card, it would be too strong for $4 and too weak for $5.  Wet House is stronger than Fugitive, so it should cost more.  I think this card would slow down games a lot because it's a good addition to every deck, but is a bad defense against itself.

Inflation - Seems balanced, although not entirely exciting.  It's a bit like Poacher in that it starts out good, but it gets worse when you start buying multiple cards per turn.

Road - Have you ever played Highway + Seaway games?  It gets degenerate fairly quickly.  I think Road might be too powerful.  Sure, the potion cost slows it down, and you need at least some payoff in your deck.  But once you have 5 of these you can just gain all the cards, and when you have 8 you win.

BTW, Road is the name of one of Asper's cards, and the art looks pretty similar too.


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Re: David's Cards
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2017, 01:39:34 pm »

Archer seems really brutal. By naming dead cards like Estate, you make sure this attack is always as bad as Militia. I once suggested an attack that had opponents deveal all but three cards from their hand and you deciding whether they should discard or topdeck them, which was later scrapped for how annoying it was. This seems to be similarly frustrating to me on first glance.

Designer Rework does not work as intended. While the BoM-Hermit interaction implies that a card is still where it comes from the exact moment it's trashed, the Transmute-Inheritance wording implies this ends as soon as another sentence starts. It's weird, I know. Either way, this means the card isn't in your hand anymore when its cost is checked. What you want this to do is increase the cost of cards in the trash by one instead.

Is Weaponsmith "While this is in play" or not? It lacks a dividing line. Personally I would leave out both the line and the "while in play". That makes its special effect throne-able, but that's alright. Treasure should be capitalized and a . is missing. You might want to consider making the trashing optional.

I agree with everything trivialknot said on Wet House.

Inflation has the issue that with a card like Highway it's unclear which order they get applied in on e.g. Copper.

Road is a bit on the weird side. It's hard for me to put it into easy words in fact. Basically it seems to be a Highway-Market, where you only get the cost reduction effect if you spend the same total on cards first, and otherwise screw yourself over with debt. I think this has all too much going on. It's also not the type of name I would associate with a Potion cost. And yes, I have a card of the same name (and similar look), but it's mostly a matter of telling them apart. It's not like I own the name.
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