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Donald X.:
There are Dominion T-shirts. Someone wanted to make them and we didn't have to do anything. You may be thinking, sweet, what Marcel-André Casasola-Merkle art do they have, and well they have none of that, they have the logo and the VP symbol. That was what they wanted; I couldn't tell you why.

Anyway they wanted us to mention these things in places like this and it was easy so I said okay. I have not clicked on these links; I'm holding out for sweet art. That may not be the best salesmanship here but well, that's what you get with me.


Both links give 404 error :(

I think both links will 404 until Friday.

--- Quote ---For those who want a shirt to represent their interest in Dominion, there will be two options starting on Friday (the URLs will not be available until then):
Shirt 1
Title: Dominion
Description: Dominion, ah what a glorious word. Nothing short of having it tattooed across your chest would adequately express your commitment, strength, and slightly exaggerated sense of self-importance. This t-shirt, I suppose, will have to do.
Shirt 2
Title: Dominion Crest
Description: Surely victory is finally within your grasp. Only the long-rumored, highly-coveted cloak of power has eluded your greedy fingers. Now, to acquire truly unassailable dominion once and for all.

--- End quote ---

Got any v-necks?

Donald X.:

--- Quote from: Robz888 on July 26, 2017, 07:07:42 pm ---Got any v-necks?

--- End quote ---
I have no further information; I didn't even know the links wouldn't work. I'm just glad I mentioned I hadn't clicked on them.


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