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Author Topic: Best Asymptotic Point Scoring  (Read 13053 times)

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Re: Best Asymptotic Point Scoring
« Reply #50 on: November 11, 2020, 09:38:05 pm »

I'm saying this on the basis that exchanging a card that is being gained from the Black Market deck shouldn't work, and you'll be forced to take the card you were originally gaining. So in our case, our Fairgrounds would get removed from the Black Market deck and we'd stop being able to buy it.

Though, I'm remembering that gaining Horse can be exchanged with Changeling, and that's not from a supply pile, so maybe it does work after all. I've yet to test this with the Black Market / Trader situation on the client.

Exchanging just requires a pile, it doesn't have to be a Supply pile, so Horses work. Black Market cards do not have a pile, you can't upgrade Page/Peasant from the BM for instance.

The wiki seems to have some contradictions.  The rules given for exchanging are as you have stated, but is the Black Market deck a pile or not?

Their rules clarifications for Black Market include:

"If you buy a card from the Black Market deck and then use Trader to prevent yourself from gaining it, the bought card goes back on top of the Black Market deck."

I wonder what ShuffleIT has implemented?

That particular rule clarification predates the recent Trader errata (note that the current Trader doesn't "prevent yourself from gaining"). You can't Exchange things from the Black Market (see here: and some messages below it).
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