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Author Topic: Announcement: Rules Changes  (Read 703 times)

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Announcement: Rules Changes
« on: June 15, 2017, 02:57:25 am »

Seasons increased by one week
Some people wished for one extra week in our poll and we're willing to add it as compensation, since there has only been a small lead for people prefering matches of 6 over matches of 4 games.
It already crept in that the first week of our break has become the 6th week of the league, so we're willing to increase the length of our season by that one week. However, we're eager that people follow this deadline more closely, see below. This will already be implemented this season. You oficially have one extra week to finish your matches this season. The new end date of season 22 is July, 16th.

Seeding based groups
At the moment we're usually cutting multiple groups of the same division level based on time zones. While scheduling for many people might seem easier, this method has many disadvantages as well. The average level (judged by the determined skill level) of players in the "European" D group has been higher for many seasons in a row. It happens to other divisions, too, like this season's B. Using some kind of seeding, we can start the season with more equal groups. This has also some nice side effects. As a long term player, you get to play more different players and don't get to play what seem to be the same people every season. Also, the time based system is having more problems with the smaller amount of players that we already have right now. We're having less groups where scheduling is actually super easy because everyone is only one or two hours apart.
With one extra week, there should be plenty of time to schedule and most likely not everyone will be super-far away.
We might want to re-think this policy some time and may not implement it for division E - given we have enough players for multiple groups.

Score penalty for people who finish late repeatedly
With one extra week, we want to attach the importance of finishing on time. Last season, it looked like despite the fact that many people had one match less to play, lots of games were actually played after the deadline. And I know that I just procrastinated more myself ;).
Thus, starting next season, people who finish late twice in a row will get their overall score reduced by 1. This penalty will only count for the own total and own average score and not for the calculation of tie breakers of oneself or other players. The official deadline to meet is Monday (the day after the official deadline), 15:00 UTC, so that people from the US west coast and Alaska can finish matches easily which they started playing on Sunday night.
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