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Author Topic: Risk Legacy  (Read 284 times)

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Risk Legacy
« on: June 07, 2017, 03:32:02 pm »

I'm going to get to play a fresh new game of Risk Legacy tonight. Looks like we'll have a fairly stable group with potential of a little player-hopping, which is fine for this game—unlike apparently Seafall and Pandemic Legacy.

I do have a copy of my own, but my vision of having a stable group fell through, and now I have an incomplete map. I've won it a few times so introducing it to a new group would be unfair. Also, quite a few packets have been opened on my copy, so that's even more unfair to a new group. Perhaps I'll bring out my copy after this new copy opens all of its packets.

One problem is the stigma of Risk. Risk is a terrible game, but I feel that it really redeemed itself with Risk Legacy. I don't just mean that there are ways to trash Australia to make it less attractive (but there are) but also the game does not reward turtling so much. It can still happen if the other players try to turtle (Australia will typically win that race), but aggressive players will get the cards needed to get their four victory points and leave the Australia player scratching his head.

So yeah, it's a Risk game I'm looking forward to. It's funny because this came about when a new guy wanted to get people together to play ordinary Risk. He's not much of a gamer. He considered Risk and Monopoly to be good strategic games. Since then, we've exposed him to Stone Age and Kingsburg. He isn't as rules-savvy as many other gamers, but he enjoyed himself and wants to learn more. I almost brought out Power Grid for him, but we'll save that for another time. Baby steps. I think Power Grid would blow his mind—especially since we haven't played any diceless games yet.
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