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Author Topic: Some Miscellaneous Game Reviews  (Read 2030 times)

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Re: Some Miscellaneous Game Reviews
« Reply #25 on: July 25, 2017, 10:08:51 am »

I was at a games con and saw a few things this weekend.

Istanbul - A neat euro game. You move around a grid of locations, getting and selling stuff, but when you move you have to either leave an assistant behind or pick up an assistant you left there earlier. If you haven't got the assistant to do that then you miss out on the action at the location. It's compact, rewards planning, and isn't complicated. Good 45 minute game.

Yokohama - You move around a grid of locations, getting and selling stuff, and when you move you leave your assistants and ... wait a sec? That's where the similarity to Istanbul ends and this is fleshed out to be a more weighty 90-120 minute game with more strategy depth and scoring variations. Perfectly good game but if your gaming group likes more compact games then that might be Istanbul.

Feast for Odin - Here's our Agricola designer making yet another version of the same game. I liked it a lot though. The action spaces are loosely grouped by type and also by the number of vikings you assign to it, so if I choose to put 3 vikings onto whaling there will still be whaling available with 4 vikings and other types of hunting with 1 or 2 vikings. Instead of accumulating stuff like animals and veggies that all score you points, you accumulate stuff and put it onto your board to cover vacant spaces, so this is an extreme version of the -1 per empty space mechanic. It's an expensive game so do you need it if you have Caverna and Le Havre? Of course not but I did like it.

Colonists - This is a big concept game that has lots of stages and takes hours to play so I only played the first part and didn't get the full experience.  From what I saw, nothing seemed to fit together in balance. For example you could build something at the start of the game to make food, but nobody eats food until a later stage. You can make food and sell food for a coin but you can't spend coins, coins are victory points, and you can just go to a different space to get a coin and draw some cards. So why do this this, why do that ... well it might all make sense with the full game but the full game is very long. If it all comes together it might be genius but I'd recommend getting a positive review from someone who's seen the whole thing before forking out for it.
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