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Author Topic: 7 Wonders: Eons (My Fan Expansion)  (Read 353 times)

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7 Wonders: Eons (My Fan Expansion)
« on: December 14, 2016, 07:36:45 am »

Hi. I've taken a break from making dominion cards to focus on 7 Wonders. I've started a fan expansion called Eons wich hopes to be a sequel to many other (fan) expansions. I have zero clue whether anyone will care, but it will help me to get organized so here's my plan:

Leaders: Status, printed and playtesting

It will probably include a decent amount of leaders, several of which will use mechanics from Sailors and Ruins (fan expansions), and possibly Zodiac (ditto), and one for each module of Babel. If you want to see them you can, but I won't post then now.

Ruins: Status, to print

This will definitely include more ruins, one for each module of Babel, and a few to interact with Empires (fan) and Sailors (fan). The ones that don't have a minor focus on good/bad trade-offs.

Cities: Status, to finish

I need to finish mocking these up, but I'm planning to make a few that interact with Ruins (fan), Babel, and Leaders. There will be some other ones that use Sheilds and Science as costs.

Sailors: Status, to start

Way less than Cities, but a few that use the new Science/Military cost.

Wonders: Status, rough ideas

And of course wonders.

Great Projects: Status, possibility

It depends, I have no template for these so unless you want to see my sucky template making skills...
If you have a fan card you want to be created, just post about it here! I'd love to take a look at it.
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