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Author Topic: Titandrake records a few games  (Read 512 times)

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Titandrake records a few games
« on: November 13, 2016, 05:01:17 am »

I decided to try recording a few games, with the goal of explaining my thought process as I play. That falls through pretty quickly but maybe it'll still be helpful to people.

I have a blog! It's called Sorta Insightful. Check it out?


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Re: Titandrake records a few games
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2016, 06:07:57 pm »

These games look suspect as you are matched to quite poor players. Here are my comments.

game 1: tmorgify-rats is thing. Trick is to get more rats and start convert 2 rats into tmorgrifies as cantrip before changing them to payload. Start with tmorgify to turn shelter into hamlet. Also you could get third witch and turn it to gold on collision. You could do that one turn to get province. Otherwise I don't like villages here much as its bmish game.

In second I would get second library sooner and get labs instead of markets.

In third you should get gold on turn 3 as you could easily get embassy with it and not help opponent much. Second emb was correct, depending on when you hit 5 you may even want third. It is about maximizing chances of starting with embassy, 5 cards make collision less problematic than other terminal draw.  Bishop is definite no here as game demonstrated. Finally you had terrible luck in that game, two embassies which collided on every shuffle.

Fourth, I don't like squires here especially early but picking them later for buy or when mistrels are out is good. Minstrel gives you enough actions and they will find squires instead of torturers. Mystic isn't that good as payload due to no trashing minstrel followed by mystic is bit unlikely. Similar merchant guld as you couldn't draw deck. As payload bank is much better to generate big income.

Fifth was obviously bm as only way to increase handsize is golem hitting oracle+university but its too weak.

Last game is definite fishing village/jack opening. You still want to build fv-margrave engine but 3 estates turned into silvers give you better economy than baron as well as possibility of using jack to draw after oponents margrawe.
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