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Author Topic: empires: vp for gaining a bunch of stuff events (triumph, conquest)  (Read 4288 times)

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Re: empires: vp for gaining a bunch of stuff events
« Reply #25 on: October 02, 2018, 12:44:49 pm »

I think Triumph is really powerful.  It only takes one additional gain for it to be (generally) superior to buying a Duchy.  With most engines that aren't buy-limited, it should be comparable to Province in VP with the following advantages:
  • It doesn't deplete the Province pile, and so fares better against faster Province-buying strategies.
  • It costs debt, so you can add an additional engine piece before greening.
  • It costs less than Province.
  • The Estates can be trashed for a VP loss of only one.
  • On your last turn, you can use extra buys to grab a bunch of Copper and multiple Triumphs.  For instance, with 15 coins and 8 buys, you could buy 4 Coppers and 4 Triumphs for 30 VP (and more with other gains)!

now imagine you add in the renaissance cards, and IG, stone mason, port etc, artificer, sculptor.  You could probably now mump this ti somewhere near 50-60 VP without too much difficulty (especially in a wharf, grand market/market/capital or even CSM game where buys are not so limited.  Even that 4 coust +buy gainer would be amazing there at an early cost of 4,
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