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Author Topic: Online tournament scavenger(might be delayed)  (Read 6566 times)

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Re: Online tournament scavenger(might be delayed)
« Reply #50 on: August 11, 2016, 07:16:45 pm »

And here we have it, the games of the final, only 6 months after the first call for signups.

Game 1:
Some Magpie with Ill-Gotten Gains with Masquerade thrown in for good measure. We were probably too hesitant with IGG, but the lack of a village made it relevant. I got a little too worried about Sir Michael (once again ignoring the lack of village) and so could not keep up with the curses. Two unfortunate masquerade hits put me too far behind to at least keep up greening, and LaLight bought out the IGGs for the victory.

Game 2:
LaLight tried to build up into an engine, but I would have none of that with Sea Hag, Silk Road, and Alms on the same board and so went for a fairly standard slog. My 7 Silk Roads with some other green thrown in was too much to overcome with any sort of speed and I was able to get Estate and Curse empty before the otherwise powerful engine was able to get going.

Game 3:
A Black Market game in which I pulled exactly one card out of it - a curser, early - and one could say that that was the game. On the other hand, not messing around too much there ended up being the correct move, as a strategy best described as Stables money with some goodies was able to outpace the deck which had to be pulled out of the unknown. Simply accepting that a Province each turn would have to be good enough and getting to it allowed me to take this game.

Game 4:
I knew about Jack/Bonfire and LaLight didn't. An ugly first reshuffle put me a turn off normal pace, but even a turn late with that money strategy is still very fast, and I was able to hold on for the win.

Game 5:
Possibly the most interesting game if you like engines. LaLight went for an early Torturer and in this case my panic defense buy payed off, with me being protected by Lighthouse nearly the entire game. Losing the Magpie split 1-9 did not help, but I was able to make up for it by thinning down quickly with Doctor and with some fortunate Lighthouse draws. LaLight took a Swamp Hag and I managed not to have a Lighthouse in play on the correct turn and was able to pile out curses for the match and tournament.
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