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Nearly all cards are implemented now, including DarkAges, Guilds and Adventures with events and tokens. Still missing are things on discard (like Page, Tunnel) and cards that change types (Band of Misfits and Inheritance) and Prince.

Still debating how to edit brains. The code is nice, but lots of work to implement and isn't totally scaling ( "PlaceMinusTwoCoinsCostToken Baker;" is a bit awkward).

Gain Knights; doesn't work yet.

Give it a shot:

I am trying to run your simulator and it won't work.  I got it to pop up saying that windows protected me so I chose run anyway and nothing happened.  After that when I try to run it nothing happens.  I'm on Windows 10 64-bit.

It is a useful thing for the reader. To admit that it is new knowledge for me.


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