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Rulers and Empires - Board game going for PC


Hello players! I am Jerry from Poland.

My main hobby since I was little was creating board games to compete with friends years before PC online gaming was introduced. My best achievement in such game creation took me 14 years to complete, and I made huge board game - strategy one, with full campaign where player is managing his country aswell as full scale battles on tactical maps. This way each player not only moves his armies on strategy map, but can participate in huge battles with man force on tactical map.

Game requires PC program to run smoothly when it comes to battles them self, but beside that everything is based on magnetic-board with switchable graphics. Over 10000 items were made, including wooden panels for army (70 pcs), 500 wooden pawns along with over 1200 military icons (switchable), 1000 flags, 300 city icons (including Capital City, villages, small towns ect.) and much, much more.

Each military pawn holds army of 1500 men, and this number can go down in battle by 1/3 each time unit suffer losses. This way battles can contain even 30000 men on battle field.

At current stage, we can play this strategy game even with 20-30 players smoothly, but it all depends on room we have, because... game is big!

Here are some photos from last game and game itself:

Main Map

Pawn with Unit icon (rotating), ammunition (indicates loaded or not guns), and colour of army

Wooden army panel (each panel can hold 9 Pawns). You can see additional General Panel, which can be located onto Army Panel. There is also experience indicator for General and General's Pawn, which can eventualy move along main map.

Complete Army Panel (those are used in preparing land battle on Tactical map)

Map used tor Tactical battles, where palyers deploy their units from Army Panel

Almost complete game in one big roome ready to be "moved" :)

Magnetic pulpit used to managing Empire. Player can build here, train units, add Great People (who will evenutually become specialist). each Turn player will change things here, depend what he is planning to do.

Like this :)

And some Unit Graphics from game.

This project is unique, home made. But I am plannign to transfer it onto PC platform - because game mechanics and all systems I have developed during those 14 years allow me to create first massive multiplayer online real time startegy game (MMORTSG format) for up to 560 players total fighting for world dominatoin.

Project is named Rulers and Empires, and I lunched recently Polish?English information site to present game functions and information about my progress in reaching goal: under

I hope you like this little show. If you have quetoins, fire up!


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