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Author Topic: FINALLY  (Read 2020 times)

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« on: August 26, 2015, 10:38:18 pm »

Special thanks to liopoil for actually bringing the cards.

I can't really say THAT much about the expansion since we only played three games (and they were all three-player), but this is what happened:

1. "Level Up" - I got off to a really slow start after foolishly spending my +$1 token on Market when I didn't have a plan for getting a lot of them. I also was the only person to get Miser, which collided with my other terminals a few too many times for comfort. But about halfway through I decided to switch my +$1 token to the Spy pile, which nobody bothered to deny me. I also got to the point where I had four Coppers in my Miser pile, which meant that a throned Miser guaranteed me a Province. My engine came together just as liopoil's fell apart, and I have a feeling I would have won if I had been counting the points... instead of snatching the last Spy and giving him an easy three-pile.

2. "Son of Size Distortion" - liopoil and I both went for Gardens with Amulet as one of our key cards. He got a Bureaucrat and Messengers early on while I got a Duplicate and a Treasure Trove... although none of that stuff showed up in our decks that much. I ended up winning the Gardens split and the game, probably because of a careless Messenger buy/Gardens passout by him and a well-timed Duplicate by me.

3. "Prince of Orange" - Ah, Champion. How I love thee. I was going to build a sort of Merchant Ship-based Double-Tac deck with Champion for unlimited MS plays, but then I saw liopoil doing an even smarter thing with Tactician and Mission (Tacmission?) and I wanted to switch to that but I couldn't do it cleanly and so I ended up stuck in the middle of two strategies with no way of catching up to him. Definitely should have gotten a Tac earlier on so I could have more buys, but ehh. My heart goes out to that poor woman who played with us - it can't have been fun to get pumped that full of curses.

Anyway, I WANT MOAR! I'm gonna keep looking for game nights and stuff where someone might have Adventures and I can't WAIT until it hits the online server.
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« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2015, 10:55:01 am »

I finally too now have an Adventures of my own.  My 7 year old son and I played 2 games using all Adventures cards.  Here are some things I noticed right away.

1.  Traveler cards.  They can be really strong!  In the first game there wasn't a village present, so a BM strategy seemed to be the way to go.  However, I really wanted to try out teacher, especially with a magpie and using a +action token on it.  My son kept buying pages and gaining a ton of silvers with treasure hunter and drawing them with warriors.  His strategy ended up beating my slower strategy 33-32.

2.  Behold the power of treasure trove.  Not much to say here, I went for fun interesting cards and my son went for the dagger(treasure trove). I got 2 provinces and he got 6.  Ouch!

All in all, I think Adventures is the best expansion yet.  So many options out there.  We had a blast.
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