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Author Topic: Losers' Bracket Rules  (Read 1119 times)

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Losers' Bracket Rules
« on: August 26, 2015, 04:09:43 pm »

Losers' Bracket Rules
  • Signups for round L1 will open when the main tournament signups end. This round will be open to anyone who missed the main tournament or who loses in round 1.
  • Signups for round L1 will close approximately 2 days after the round 1 deadline.
  • Signups for subsequent rounds will roughly correspond to the time frames of their main tournament counterparts (+2 days). These signups are only open to those players who lost in the corresponding round in the main tournament.
  • Each round of the Losers' Bracket will be reseeded so that top half (by seed) remaining faces the bottom half (by seed) - the bottom half will be randomized, with the constraint that players will not be paired if they already played in the main tournament.
  • If an odd number of players are in a given round, a bye will be given to the highest seed amongst players who have been in the Losers' Bracket the longest, have not already received a bye, and have played at least one match in either bracket.
  • Seeding for players who missed main tournament signups will be estimated based on their position on the isotropish leaderboard at the time seeds were determined.
  • If you are unable to contact your opponent in a round, let me know so that I can remind them. If a match still doesn't happen despite one of the players making an effort, that player will be awarded a bye and the other will be eliminated. If both players flake, it will be a double elimination.
  • Match structure and settings will be the same as in the main tournament.
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