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Author Topic: Band of Misfits as Herbalist  (Read 569 times)

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Band of Misfits as Herbalist
« on: May 15, 2015, 08:56:26 am »

Yet another BoM question...

I'm wondering about the clauses
  • "This is that card until it leaves play."
  • "When you discard this from play..."
on the BoM and Herbalist cards, respectively.  Goko says (1) happens first, i.e. a BoM as an Herbalist does not trigger the Treasure top-decking event.  Why can't it happen the other way around?  That is, the "When you discard this from play" event occurs in the real world at some single point in time t, at which point the BoM is still an Herbalist -- so the top-decking is triggered, because you're in the process of discarding an Herbalist.

Why not handle this similar to when multiple reactions are being triggered on "when x happens"?  E.g. if you have a Secret Chamber and a Moat in hand, and opponent plays an attack, you get to choose which one to react first, right?  (I could be wrong here, not sure.)  By this reasoning, I would think when multiple "when you discard this from play" triggers are fired, you should be able to choose the order in which they're resolved.

Or am I over thinking this?
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Bomb, Cannon, and many of the Gunpowder cards can strongly effect gameplay, particularly in a destructive way

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