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Author Topic: Played some games using various fan cards (LF, GwinnR, Tiller/Taskm from Guilds)  (Read 479 times)

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One game used four cards from Enterprise:
Kingdom: Courtyard, Native Village, Cellar, Auction, Mill Town, Coppersmith, Vendor (newest version), Mystic, Wheelwright, Hunting Grounds. Event: Inheritance.

Player 1 Inherited Courtyards, Player 2 Inherited Coppersmiths, I never got Inheritance because I didn't hit $7 until later on, and by then I didn't think it was worth it (and when I first saw Inheritance, I thought I would never pass on it).
...I'm trying to remember details but this game was a few weeks ago and I didn't take notes. Anyway, all four of the Enterprise cards were used and seemed to work well. Of course Mill Town and Wheelwright work very nicely together. I'm glad the 3 copper limit on Mill Town was removed (especially for this game*), and I made good use of Vendor's trade token ability. (*I actually didn't notice that I designed the kingdom with four $2 cost cards until the kingdom was layed out on the table.)

Just this evening I played two games with Incendiarist by GwinnR and Tiller from the Guilds contest (the card designers were never revealed for that one). I used modified versions of both cards, but I thought the designers might like to know that I liked their ideas even though I made tweaks. Here are the versions I used:
Cost 4 - Action - Attack - Looter
Trash a card from your hand. If it is anů Action card, each other player gains a Ruins; Treasure card, gain a Spoils from the Spoils pile; Victory card, each other player gains a Curse; Curse, +$1.
The only changes were cost (was $5) and adding a clause for trashing a curse. -well, and the name (renamed from Incendiarist -I figured Arsonist is a simpler / more common word for pretty much the same thing.)
Cost 3 - Action
+1 Action. Look at the top two cards of your deck. You may pay a coin token. If you do, put both cards into your hand. Otherwise you may put one of them into your hand, and discard the rest. If you didn't put either card into your hand, gain a coin token.
(I posted this suggestion for the card in the contest thread.)
Game 1 Kingdom: Poor House, Tiller, Oracle, Worker's Village, Quarry, Arsonist, Silk Road, Vault, Kingdom Restoration (from Resurgence), and Harem.  In the second game, I switched out Silk Road and Poor House for Ironworks and Steward. The first game had 2 players, the second game had 3.

Both Arsonist and Tiller worked very well in these games. I'm pretty sure I won the first game because of strategic use of Tiller. I lost the second game, partly because I waited too long to start buying duchies.

Also a while back, I played a few games with the Taskmaster card from the Guilds contest and liked it. It was also slightly modified:
Cost $4 - Action
Choose and turn sideways one unturned card on the Taskmaster mat. This is that card until it leaves play. Whenever there are 4 or more sideways cards on the mat, return them all to normal position. | Setup: Put the randomizers for 5 cards each costing up to $3* on the Taskmaster mat face-up.
We played one game with the Taskmaster cards costing up to $4, and after that decided it was too strong and made it 'costing up to $3' after that game.

I don't have detailed feedback obviously, but I thought people might like to know that I used their card ideas and had fun with them.
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