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Author Topic: What could I have done here??  (Read 799 times)

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What could I have done here??
« on: December 20, 2011, 02:33:21 pm »

I'm curious for feedback on this game.  What could I have done here in this game?

I get that Blooki is a clear step (or two) ahead of me in terms of skill, but I feel like I am winning this game around turn 7, when I have 3-1 alchemist lead, and we both have almost identical cards (2 potions, masquerade).  I then go Platinum, Alchemist and he gets 2 more alchemists.  He also embargoes the Colonies.

The key move here seemed to be having to pass him my potion on a masq.  Was this a mistake (hand was Alchemist x3, Platinum, potion).  From there it pretty much unravels and I felt dead in the water.

Curious what thoughts are on this game.



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Re: What could I have done here??
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2011, 03:20:23 pm »

Okay, so on Blooki's turn 11, he forces you to give him a Masquerade, and I think that's the turning point.  You've got 2 Colonies and 2 Curses in your deck at that point, and next turn you break your Alchemist stack, and then have a turn where you are buying just the one Masquerade, and it's generally not the most wonderful situation.  I think that was just mainly bad luck.

Alchemist/Masquerade is a tough situation, since the Alchemist ability can leave you prone to bad situations of having hands dense with good cards that you have to trade away.

Since this was almost an exact mirror match, I'm not really sure that there was much you could've done differently.  You were ahead at turn 7 due basically to dumb luck, and you were behind at turn 12 due basically to dumb luck.  Not really a reflection on either of your play.  The only really interesting thing that happens there is when Blooki Embargos Colonies in an attempt to catch up.

It might've been interesting for you to try similar efforts to regain your lead once you lost it.  Embargo Colonies again and let him wade through more Curses if he wants to end the game while he's ahead?
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