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Author Topic: Movies: Any movie buffs?  (Read 121704 times)

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Re: Movies: Any movie buffs?
« Reply #1375 on: October 31, 2018, 12:21:59 pm »

A couple friends of mine were talking about Irreversible. Since he left midway through the movie, one guy was uncertain if he should classify it as a horror movie. I thought I'd share my response, considering how infamous this movie is.

I would not classify Irreversible as a horror movie. It does, however, qualify as a movie to endure. Most of that is due to how it was shot. Some good and some bad.

What makes this movie stand out—aside from its reversed chronology—is that I understand that each scene was filled with a single take. I haven't scrutinized it with a magnifying glass, but that sounds right to me. But that means that the improv scenes really stand out—and not in a good way. You can tell the points where the actors are just filling in gaps while waiting for something to happen. It was more awkward than horrifying.

The film opener is especially uncomfortable because of how they filmed it. They used subsonic pulses in the background that instigate nausea. Combined with shaky-cam in a twisting labyrinth, this scene is discombobulating and uncomfortable. There's also some FX that is sickening as well, even for gore aficionados. It wasn't the grossest thing to see, but combined with the lights and sounds of the movie, it was particularly nauseating. I'll give the director props on making this scene literally gut-wrenching.

The scene of infamy is also really uncomfortable. I mean, it's a terrible topic anyway, but the continuous take makes this even more uncomfortable to watch. But it wasn't just the act itself. There are a couple of things happening in the background which adds to the atrocity. Kudos to the cast and crew for being brave enough to tackle this, but I imagine they felt just as awful as the audience afterwards.

I'm not certain that it's a great movie, but it does take a vile and uncomfortable topic and shoves it in the audience's face. It forces us to look at it, and the fact that it's shown in reverse causes a huge sense of sorrow because it starts off really bad and then progresses to more innocent scenes. It reminds us that even on our best days we're only one tragic confluence of events away from being irreversibly damaged. It does make you think, but it is definitely a movie to endure.
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