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Author Topic: Movies: Any movie buffs?  (Read 98222 times)

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Re: Movies: Any movie buffs?
« Reply #1350 on: November 18, 2017, 05:16:45 pm »

I went to see The Unknown Soldier (2017) today. It was very good, definitely one of the better war movies I've seen and the best Finnish movie I've ever seen. I think it captured the perspective of an individual soldier incredibly well, especially in the context of a lost war. I was also pretty happy about the level of accuracy in the details I actually didn't notice anything weird at all.
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Re: Movies: Any movie buffs?
« Reply #1351 on: December 08, 2017, 09:23:07 am »

I finally saw Get Out. I was afraid that I'd be let down by the hype, but that movie was really well done. I'm not afraid to say that it lived up to the hype for me. One reason it worked for me is that it all felt very natural. Not the weird people. That felt jarring and unnerving, which was exactly the point. The story starts off with such a mundane premise, and the veneer of normalcy flakes away after each disconcerting encounter. It also helps that I watched the movie knowing absolutely nothing about it with the exception that it involves race issues.

There was a point where the movie almost lost me because that's not how hypnotism works. But once I realized that Get Out is really a sci-fi movie, the exaggerated nature works.

It's interesting because there are some scenes that support the climax of the film. For example, while Rose's indignation at the cop asking for Chris's ID seems in line with the characters social championing, it's really a ploy to ensure the police can't trace his disappearance to the house. Also, the family's strong condemnation of his smoking really makes sense. It also explains the blind man's fascination with him, but since he was played by Stephen Root, you knew his character would be important.

Sadly, not everything can be roses in this movie. I had a few problems with it, which are not enough to detract from my enjoyment of the movie, but they're there. I'm not sure how Stephen Root's blind character was supposed to follow along in the mute auction. I'm just going to have to assume that someone nearby conveyed the hand signals to him, but that wasn't made clear. Also, the revelation that Rose lied about bringing black men to the house didn't seem to fully click with Chris. He still kept trusting in her to find the keys. I suppose this could be chalked up to shock and irrational denial that the woman he loves couldn't betray him. But the one thing I can't find a rationale for is why he chose to carry around a deer head as a weapon. Surely he could have found something better than that. It felt like they shoehorned that in because they wanted a cool death involving a deer head. I could've done without that.

But great movie. My wife hasn't seen it yet, and I think I may rewatch it so I can see what other hints I may have missed.
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