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Author Topic: Initial thoughts about da new Cities  (Read 883 times)

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Initial thoughts about da new Cities
« on: May 16, 2014, 05:17:32 pm »

Initial thoughs about the cities(NON-AGGRESSIVE version):

1. The cities mechanics is independent of your dogma, of course there are endorse action but think about it twice, you DO NOT need endorse to execute the same dogma(just activate that card will do). Though the endorse action can make something fancy happen but this is what it supposed to do, otherwise an endorse action is not necessary;

2. The cities mechanics is now highly centered to the meld action and your drawing. Since drawing do not really involve any skills(its all about probability...or luck), the only mechanics it alters is about melding a card from your hand;

3. The cities version is not liked by me as it doesn't really have anything to do with my dogma. Innovation the game should be centered by dogma instead of melding a card, where you can simply meld a card to get an achievement(Splay left, right or top or a flag simply because you got the right city card on time). I would rather favor the aggressive version where cities can be attacked by those attack cards, though the mechanics of that thing is extremely annoying and hard to master, it is possible to renovate and improve it;

4. Another issue of these cities thing is that there are simply no drawbacks or upkeeps or liabilities or whatsoever. Melding a city AT LEAST gives you icons of a full card(3 icons on a card), meld benefits which you will get immediately and no loss afterwards. The game mechanics becomes shifted towards drawing the appropriate card instead of setting up some sort of score drive/dogma chain/board setup as you can keep moving ages and getting cities card if you can get the splay cards and plus cards on good timing which simply nothing can stops (cards like Lisboa and New York simply destroy the original game - moving from age 4 to age 5/age 6 to age 7 is not that easy since there is a lack of develop cards in these ages). IF someone moves to age 4 quickly, got Lisboa, get a pair of age 5 cards which are usually potent, you have simply nothing to stop this from happening EXCEPT hand robbing cards(Archery, Machinery). If the current mechanics must stand there must be something like cost or upkeep being posted on these cities thing;

5. In another view is that when you compare cities to figures, it simply outdo figures completely with generally more icons, less risk of failure(some figure may actually backfoot your plan while cities wont really fail in most of the time), and no cost or upkeep(figure got the procedure of fading). They both enhance your dogma by some sort of ways;

Things like "need to return a card of the same value in-order to meld the city" may slow it a bit but I still prefer to get the AGGRESSIVE version of cities back, though that version is plagued with issues too.
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Re: Initial thoughts about da new Cities
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2014, 01:21:57 am »

Here's where I disagree with you.

Cities is not directly about melding. Indirectly it is, but to me it's all about not using dogmas in favor of getting something out of it later. It's kind of like foreshadowing. Except, yeah, you do it by melding and not by using a dogma.

Barring splayed stacks with echo effects, you also give up a dogma effect for each city you meld. But you get the option to use another dogma effect one extra time. Which is huge.

Cities have no effect except for when you meld them with a meld action. And that's something that you get once. Not like, say, Fermenting or Almanac. Although some of them can be stringed together for some rediculousness having 5 cities as top  cards is not that great.

I personally think that the biggest problem with Figures is how hard it is to get them. You either have to share an action, or you get them as a consolation when your opponent claims an achievement. And they fade and all that. So for me, No Place Like Home did this right.
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