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 on: May 23, 2018, 09:48:07 pm 
Started by samath - Last post by pacheo username: pacheo
timezone: America/New York
discord username: @pacheo#1812

 on: May 23, 2018, 08:41:00 pm 
Started by Gazbag - Last post by Gazbag
Been a while since I've had any time to work on this! I have a few potential new cards ideas for the set:


I was struggling to have a Remodel variant in the set with the Ice token version of Rediscover not working out and the Remodel-from-play Reserve versions being busted. So why not Remodel from discard? It looks at hand or discard as to not suck if you're drawing deck every turn. Gatherer is already a Reserve looking at the discard, but maybe having 2 doing that is fine, it did strike me as a pretty big thing missing from the official Reserves. I could also just decide which one I like best and cut the other. Or maybe this is a little lackluster for $5 so I merge the 2 and make this topdeck the gained card.


I wouldn't be surprised if this is a massive dud but a Miser for Estates could be cool? It's like a really bad trasher that can be a cheap Duchy later, or more if you invest in more Estates.


This is another take on Barbarian as I wasn't too happy with its current form. I thought a card that "Save" itself could be neat and maybe making it also give +1 Coffers when you save it could make the attack more obtainable. I imagine the numbers on this would need a lot of testing and tweaking and perhaps the whole saving mechanic here is just broken. I think it'd be cool if it works out though?

 on: May 23, 2018, 07:53:45 pm 
Started by Gazbag - Last post by Gazbag
Thanks for all the comments! Sellsword was my favourite of the bunch so it was nice to see that one be popular! It's funny to see such varying opinions on things, like with Scrounger some saying it's too good, others too weak.

Thanks to Thanar for pointing out formatting/grammatical errors, unfortunately some of the bolding things can't be fixed because it's just how the card image generator works.

Thanks to Jack Rudd for pointing out the bad wording on Reallocate, you're supposed to gain the Curse if you trash a Copper/Curse with it yeah. I updated with new wording, but I'm sure there's much nicer/corrector wording that it should have.

I seem to have messed up Spider because it isn't supposed to give out a Web if it trashes a Web, but I think I'll just change Web to costing $0 to avoid the potential to trash entire decks with Kings Court or something. I also changed Web to gain a card when it's discarded from play so it hurts deck drawing engines more. Oh and it isn't in the supply, I missed that out too, oops!

Here is new Webbing, I also updated the OP:

I feel like explaining the idea behind Giant Spider more, I can see how it looks like Rouge what with the trashing attack and Webbing gaining from the trash, but really it's more like a Rabble type thing that's essentially removing a card from a shuffle and replacing it with a Webbing temporarily, using the trash is just kind of a mechanism for that and opens up certain interactions which could be cool. It could totally use a Spider mat instead of the trash to avoid those interactions but personally I prefer the trashing version. Does that make any sense? I think Holunder gets what I was trying to go for with it.

 on: May 23, 2018, 07:45:23 pm 
Started by theory - Last post by Donald X.
Can you share any other news about the next expansion (which may show up too early for some people on BGG)?
I like to leave announcements to the publisher.

 on: May 23, 2018, 07:23:36 pm 
Started by Kudasai - Last post by Kudasai
Here is a recent test I did using Village, Smithy and Market. For brevity I've omitted some unnecessary details. 

Turn 6 - First Army, Turn 7 - Placed Village on Army mat, Turn 8 - Second Army, Turn 10 - Placed Smithy on Army mat, Turn 12 - First Army Play for Village+Smithy; Province, Turn 13 - Placed Market on Army mat, Turn 14 - Province, Turn 15 - Province x2, Turn 16 - Province x2.
Did you try this without using Army? It would be interesting to see if it adds any definite impact; 16 turns seems about average, and the same deck without Army could do the same? Also, if I understand correctly, you don't need to put Village on Army for its actions, as 1 Market by itself makes Army nonterminal ('playing' all the cards won't use actions).
As worded, playing all the cards on the Army mat leaving them there, is confusing with Reserve cards; if they don't go to the Tavern mat, they can't be called.
As there are already good, established baselines for Smithy+Big Money and straight Big Money, I only tried various versions of Army play against one another. This was to try and establish baselines using some of Dominions more straight forward cards. So in this instance without trashing or any kind of reliability, a normal Smith+Big Money would have won. Of coarse games are generally more complicated than this and I think Army can be built faster or slower depending on the Kingdom. Militia for instance seems to destroy any kind of Army play (unintentional card flavor for the win!).

Yes, Market and Smithy alone would create a +4 Cards, +1 Action, +1 Buy, +1 Coin card. Village was more there for other testing purposes.

For Reserve cards I'm using Necromancers language. Reserve cards can be put on the Army mat, but once they are played they remove themselves to the Tavern mat and are no longer playable with Army. So you can do it, but there doesn't really seem to be a point.

A little thing I note with Royal Decree that's probably only rules errata, but you play Treasures from opponents' hands, then buy Mandarin or Bonfire. Even though they are now on your deck or trashed, they still would get returned? Certainly snatching some Heirlooms away could get a bit unpleasant.
Sound your air horns for the wombo combo! This is pretty interesting, but was totally unintentional. I have removed it in (v0.2) I would love to see a balanced card that had some kind of interaction like this.

Moon Shrine - so this version has competition to get the bonus coffers, and it encourages spreading the VP around a bit more. Did you try raising the cost of the first version, or is $3 cost necessary to you? I just feel it would play better, but it's only a feeling.
Yeah, Moon Shrine would have to be about a cost $5 with an unconditional +2 Coffers, which for what I wanted out of the card was too high. Testing against Big Money is about the only thing I can do without computer simulations. It only really gives me a baseline for a card, so I don't quite know how strong Moon Shrine will be on some boards, but this is the best I can do. :)

Crane - this is probably a $5 cost card. It's a more flexible Lab. The setback is a bit questionable since if you make this the last Action you play it'll do nothing, and with multiple Cranes that won't be hard to do. Also, something I learned from a card I tried is that having leftover actions is something of a punishment in itself, your investments in the nonterminal Actions are less effective.
Agreed. I had it at cost $5 for a long time and changed it last minute along with the -1 Card token addition hoping that would offset the lower cost, but it likely will not. It has been changed back to cost $5 as of (v0.2).

Difficult to call with Mimic, I've never played Alchemy. It could have the power to persuade players to buy potions? It first looks like a better Overlord for less cost, but comes at a different time so would play differently, and also can't be the card it was under as the would-be empty pile has now left the Supply. They slow down a 3 pile ending and encourage an engine instead. It feels like it will either be interesting, or make games annoyingly slow.
Yeah this one is different for sure. 3-Piles are pretty much out of the question. Mimic itself is incredibly strong and probably can't be balanced, so I thought sticking them under each Action pile would be interesting. Probably not for everyone, but I think it will play fine. The "This is that card until it leaves play' was omitted for brevity. I believe this merely leaves it open to being gained through cards like Changling and Disciple, which seems like an edge case to me.

Thanks for all your comments and catches. It helps a lot getting thoughtful feedback.

 on: May 23, 2018, 07:21:41 pm 
Started by teamlyle - Last post by ConMan
I played a game with Engineer and Orchard, and that provided some interesting play - finding the balance between trashing the Engineers to get copies of key cards versus keeping them for the points. I don't remember the exact kingdom but there were a few $3 and $4 Action cards and most of them wound up being split quite closely by the end of the game.

 on: May 23, 2018, 07:16:10 pm 
Started by ackmondual - Last post by Doom_Shark
I know I'm in the minority, but I would love an Alchemy II. Honestly, I just want more use for the potions, since as the card pool continues to expand, the potion is worth less and less. The value of debt cards won't change because the value of is intrinsically tied to , which is obv. in every set. The value of coin tokens won't change, because they basically ARE . But the more the card pool expands without adding new potion cards, the more likely it is that buying a potion will just be you going out of your way to get that one -cost card in the kingdom. You wouldn't even necessarily require having Alchemy I, because you can easily use the card slots that went to things like Hexes and Boons and States and Heirlooms to just give people an extra set of potions.

Something more likely to happen that I would like to see is a Guilds sequel. I love the coin tokens (+Coffers now I guess? I never new about the change until I saw it on variants and fan cards.) and I would love to see it put together with some durations (since those are evergreen now?) or other newer concepts

 on: May 23, 2018, 06:39:33 pm 
Started by theory - Last post by Gazbag
Can you share any other news about the next expansion (which may show up too early for some people on BGG)?

Where are you getting the information that there is a next expansion?


 on: May 23, 2018, 06:20:15 pm 
Started by theory - Last post by J Reggie
Can you share any other news about the next expansion (which may show up too early for some people on BGG)?

Where are you getting the information that there is a next expansion?

 on: May 23, 2018, 06:13:20 pm 
Started by theory - Last post by Cave-o-sapien
Can you share any other news about the next expansion (which may show up too early for some people on BGG)?

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