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 on: Today at 04:38:44 pm 
Started by amalloy - Last post by trivialknot
I was looking at Prismata on Steam for a while, and I finally got it while it was free.  So far, I've only played the episode 1 campaign, and some of the other single-player content.  I'm not sure I'm really interested in playing against randos, but I told a couple friends to get it too, so maybe I'll play with them at some point.  Here are some impressions so far.

Compared to Dominion, this seems far more optimized for digital/online play.  It's relatively easy to visually parse.  There aren't any mechanics like shuffling, which I think is far easier to track and understand when you're doing the shuffling physically.  It's designed for timed play, which solves the slow-rolling problem.  And it seems much more amenable to AI.

I couple things I'm less fond of: It's very math-y.  And I tend to prefer games that are about parallel building up, rather than direct confrontation.

I don't have a great understanding of the strategy, but this morning I had the realization that it's sort of like Temporum, where everything has a "par" value.  In Temporum the expected value of a turn is $8, with cards = crowns = $4, but you might make more or less depending on tactics.  In Prismata, there's a "par" interest rate of 33% a turn, so that 3 of anything this turn is worth 4 next turn.  We also have Gaussite ~ Replicase ~ $1, Behemium ~ $2, and a single point of damage/defense is worth a bit more than $2.  I tried calculating the values of a few basic units, and it seems that Gauss Cannons are about par, Tarsiers are above par, Walls are only better than par if they absorb damage.  Rhinos just seem weak...

 on: Today at 04:23:23 pm 
Started by samath - Last post by goudenband
Please sign up for League

username: goudenband
timezone: America/Denver
no Discord account

 on: Today at 04:05:34 pm 
Started by samath - Last post by JeffLocke123 username: JeffLocke123
timezone: America/Los_Angeles
discord: @JeffLocke123#3687

 on: Today at 04:03:15 pm 
Started by samath - Last post by rwilson955

I'm new to the league

Username: rwilson
Time Zone:  GMT-8
Discord Username: @rwilson955 #1189

 on: Today at 03:55:41 pm 
Started by samath - Last post by Stecrys

Username: Stecrys
Time Zone: GMT-5 (will change to GMT+2 in Mid-June)


 on: Today at 03:14:11 pm 
Started by samath - Last post by Sirenita username: Dihan.eira
timezone: Europe/Athens
discord username: @Dihan.eira#5215

I'd love to join the League! It'd be my 1st time, but I'm not new on playing dominion! You may see my rating is low on the client, but it's just that I don't play much or mostly with a friend that wins me always! So, I believe I should be in a more advanced division. Happy to play a game to prove myself!

You're doing great stuff here guys!  8)

 on: Today at 03:04:24 pm 
Started by samath - Last post by Ares

I'm a new player in Dominion League.

Username Ares
Timezone Europe/Berlin
Discord @DominionAres#8572

 on: Today at 02:56:08 pm 
Started by Kudasai - Last post by Kudasai
I don't think that you always necessarily gift a VP to the other player. Early you can pick Province if you don't want to make Moon Shrines attractive and in the endgame you can always pick Duchy or Estate.
But even if you did, the other player would do the same for you. So the net effect is that the card can come with some VPs on gain and that it provides 2 Coin tokens on play which is too strong (even though it is like Merchant Guild, i.e. you cannot use the Coin tokens this turn). It is hard to play around with this though, one Coin token is too weak and a conditional amount of Coin tokens, like with Stadium, would make the card too complicated.

I have my doubts. Assuming that you don't green early buying a Victory card implies that you will have 11 extra dead cards in your deck once you start to green. That's a pretty harsh discontinuity and even good trashers might have a hard time to deal with that.
Again, I think that the idea is brilliant but I would follow the usual rule of not putting an Attack on a non-terminal or cantrip unless there are very good reasons for it (like Urchin being a weak Attack, Familiar being gained late, Relic not-stacking or Idol just being a "half-Attack"). I think it would be "safer" to test it with ordinary vanilla stuff like terminal Silver or putting it on a $5 Silver+ like Relic/Idol.

I'll be testing both of these soon and post the results. I can only do basic play testing, but it should help shed some light on whether they are just strong or broken. :)

 on: Today at 02:53:02 pm 
Started by Kudasai - Last post by Kudasai
Stadium - Just a nitpick, but Stadium should either say "you may reveal a card..." or replace "this for +$1 per Coin token" with "this. If you do, +$1 per Coin token" to be consistent with official cards. This is because the [condition] for [reward] wording always starts the condition with "you may." I recommend the "you may" wording, because otherwise, we have the no accountability problem that Throne Room used to have.
I guess I assumed there would never be a situation where you could have money and not reveal a card to take it. Maybe some weird Storyteller situation where you don't want to draw? Perhaps a card will one day come along where this will matter more. But you're right, best to be official. It's been updated per your recommendation. Thanks for the input!

 on: Today at 01:57:02 pm 
Started by samath - Last post by FirstTimePlayer
Username: Mediocre
Timezone: West Coast USA

A Division please if possible. Current rating 62

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