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 on: Today at 04:47:11 pm 
Started by Seprix - Last post by gbay
I'm available quite freely particularly on weekday nights other than Thursday.
Discord is the best way to reach me: gbay #2509

 on: Today at 04:43:00 pm 
Started by Doom_Shark - Last post by Chappy7

 on: Today at 04:34:44 pm 
Started by silvern - Last post by Kirian
I liked Artifacts though I've only played with it the once.  I also grabbed the deluxe edition on KS.  It looks great but convincing people to play with multiple expansions is tough.

 on: Today at 04:08:01 pm 
Started by Seprix - Last post by ospond
Hi everyone,

I will try to be active in the Discord Division D4 ( ) and I prefer Discord for scheduling matches. I have posted my general availability there.

Just shoot me a message if you want to play our 6 games.


 on: Today at 03:52:57 pm 
Started by Seprix - Last post by crlundy
Hi, all! I'm way better at remembering to check Discord, but I figure I'll leave this here anyway:

Weekdays: after 7PM PT
Weekends: any time
Unavailable: 10/19-20, 11/3-4
(I am also more available around Thanksgiving/Christmas, since I have some days off work)

 on: Today at 03:44:41 pm 
Started by Doom_Shark - Last post by Gamer3000
Type: Treasure
Cost: $6*
+1 Buy
While this is in play, when you buy a card, +1 Villager.
This costs $1 more per Villager on your mat.

 on: Today at 03:15:31 pm 
Started by kru5h - Last post by Kudasai
Here's a challenge. Design a card where you get to pick a number.

Example: Pick a number. Reveal the top card of your deck. If it costs that many coins, put it into your hand.

Not quite as simple as picking a number, but I made this card awhile ago and is very similar:

Cool challenge though. I'm going to have to think of some more cards along these lines. Excited to see what others come up with.

As for your card idea, I like it. A cantrip version would be interesting, but maybe too similar to Wishing Well.

 on: Today at 02:58:15 pm 
Started by Umadin - Last post by vishwathg
I heard 10/28 somewhere...

 on: Today at 02:54:40 pm 
Started by Umadin - Last post by LastFootnote
I don't know if there's an exact date, but last I heard it was supposed to be in stores near the very end of October.

 on: Today at 02:51:11 pm 
Started by Umadin - Last post by Umadin
For anyone in the know  ;) it feels like we're getting close to shipping...

Any idea on the dates when this glory will be spread amongst the people?

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