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 on: Today at 04:21:27 pm 
Started by JacquesTheBard - Last post by jomini
possession doesn't work as donate is much better to glass your deck Once you could play multiple possessions per turn just use donate to trash all treasures with debt opponent couldn't buy copper while possessing you

Depends on the opportunity cost. Buying a Donate means you are sacrificing a Province buy. Using a TfB, like say Forager, allows you to both deny provinces next turn and gain one this turn. Likewise, I can do something like both gain Possession and nuke my hand the same turn. Delaying a turn means you can have a shot at getting VP off my hand.

Take a simple setup - Kc/Possession/Forager/Iw/draw. Iw gives you a mostly free Forager. That in turn can let you trash a silver, hit $6P, and then when I Kc/Possess you, I can at best hit $4P (assuming Silver, Copper, and Pot were already in the trash). With Donate you face the choice of getting a Possession or Donating. With a TfB, you can do both.

If you get the TfB I get 3 Estates. If you Donate, you cannot Possesses me. Sounds like a classic edge case.

 on: Today at 03:57:11 pm 
Started by ashersky - Last post by markusin
What could have been a very frustrating loss for me was dispelled by how marvelous the win actually was.

I am playing against Token Druid with my Elemental Shaman. I've been holding off my opponent rather well, even managing to hex a Bittertide Hydra. My opponent goes all out on a final push, with a Finja proc, Bloodsail Corsair + Patches, a Second Bittertide Hydra, and Mark of the Lotus. My opponent is left with one card after this.

My turn, I have the option of playing Kalimos or Al'Akir (thanks, Discover), among a few other cards. I have to play Kalimos to clear the board, leaving a 9/6 Bittertide Hydra. I have only 5 more damage on the board, so I cannot kill the Hydra.

Opponent's turn. Draws a card, empties two card hand with Savage Roar -> Savage Roar -> Hero Power for exact lethal.

Thing is, my opponent needed EXACTLY Bittertide Hydra to pull this off. If Hydra didn't have at least 8 health, I coul trade it off the board. If Hydra didn't have at least 8 attack, my opponent would miss lethal and I could maybe bounce back to win the game with Al'Akir. If Bittertide Hydra costed more, my opponent would not be able to build as big of a board to force my Kalimos.

All that considered, this win for my opponent was pretty epic (get it, because Bittertide Hydra is an epic).

 on: Today at 03:47:07 pm 
Started by The73rdvirgin - Last post by Chappy7
Madman's Shanty would be crazy if you can get it to be the last card in your hand.  Too crazy.  +5 cards, +3 actions, +$1 That almost makes me want two torturers to be played against me! Maybe it needs to say that you are limited to one of the rewards.

I think this set could be really fun though.  I think imbalance sounds like a lot of fun if it ends up working.  I also really like fork in the road!

 on: Today at 03:12:21 pm 
Started by The73rdvirgin - Last post by Aquila
The potential in this set looks good, I like the idea of having 2 hands to use.

A good start for improvement would be to clarify the best rules for the reserve hand passively, what a player could do with it besides the Actions that affect it. It would feel right to me that at the start of your turn, before playing your first Action, you could choose to swap hands then (the word 'exchange' is already used to describe changing a Traveller for its next stage, may or may not be misleading). I look at Army, for instance, and think this should be the case. In the theoretical game with only it from Realms and 9 other cards, it would only be Militia for $5.

 on: Today at 02:38:51 pm 
Started by Awaclus - Last post by Deadlock39

 on: Today at 01:39:13 pm 
Started by Thisisnotasmile - Last post by Sharajat
Dear my opponent: I'm sorry you got $2P three times in a row in a familiar game where I got $3P every time.  That's just not fair.  Thank you for conceding before closing the browser in disgust.

 on: Today at 12:12:40 pm 
Started by Kuildeous - Last post by Eevee
Episode 1 of the leftovers is finished, when's the "I'm hooked" episode? Lost takes pilot part 1/2 and episode 2 then your in. I am expecting a similar timeline for this.
I watched two episodes of Lost a few years back and never got around to watching more. I wasn't hating it by any means, but stopped seeing the girl I was watching it with and apparently wasn't invested enough to keep going. I feel I should watch it just so I could bombard Robz with questions and thoughts about it.

I'm going to finally watch The Leftovers as well once I'm done rewatching The Wire. Unless I just hop straight back to the wire from the beginning again, which I might. It's so good.

 on: Today at 12:09:33 pm 
Started by AdamH - Last post by luser

Get rid of those pesky Estates while you pick up your three Gears.

I've been playing around with this lately.  It's really strong as a standalone money strategy (if there aren't crippling attacks or good engine Alt VP).  It's extraordinarily consistent - more so than any money strategy I've played.

I am not sure if this beats triple gear. It could win in 60% by having extra turn/estate vp to offset 40% of bad luck.

 on: Today at 12:05:17 pm 
Started by The73rdvirgin - Last post by The73rdvirgin
Thanks for your comment Faust. I realized the same thing when I was designing the cards. I am pretty sure with the exceptions of Mosque, Museum Collection, and Hunter's Hideout all cards theoretically could stand alone. Some like supply line, storm or royal census may be weak though.

 on: Today at 11:57:19 am 
Started by Kuildeous - Last post by mcmcsalot
Episode 1 of the leftovers is finished, when's the "I'm hooked" episode? Lost takes pilot part 1/2 and episode 2 then your in. I am expecting a similar timeline for this.

Keep at it! Nah, I think Lost's hook episode is "Walkabout," which is hour four. The John Locke equivalent character in Leftovers, Rev. Matt Jamison, has his big episode in hour three.

Let me be clear I'm in already, it's the wife who was feeling a little bit "why do I care about these people", I'm sure as we develop the characters she will get into it.

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