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 on: Today at 04:22:18 am 
Started by faust - Last post by ashersky
Like someone else already said, maybe Space, it seems weird to me that Dylan thought ADK would be the best use of his power. Hoping we'll hear back from him soon.

It's only weird because we don't know what the power is.  If it is 3rd party specific, well, it's not weird at all to think ADK would be the best target.

 on: Today at 04:14:58 am 
Started by jotheonah - Last post by infangthief
The neighborhood has two more spots so I've invited Galzria and WestCoastDidds to confirm all this. Sorry, but I have to act fast since pubby himself can invite anyone he chooses, and as I said, there's limited spots.
Have you thought carefully about who you're inviting to your neighbourhood, or are these just two random names you came up with quickly so you can act fast?

@Brightgalrs, I'd like an answer to this please.
Galzria and Didds are both people pubby said (in the QT) he suspected as being scum. Awaclus was on that list too. Since I'm pretty sure pubby was trying to manipulate me, I've basically done the opposite of what he wants.

So pubby shared his scum reads with you in the neighbourhood. Did you share your scum reads with him too?

 on: Today at 04:12:37 am 
Started by jotheonah - Last post by infangthief
I missed that post, thanks.

I note that anytime anyone says something negative against Didds, you jump in, spam a bunch of "no u" and leave. Yesterday I thought didds, you and awaclus were scum. Today, I'm if questioning if you, didds, and swowl are the bad ones. The three of you voted jimmm, after all, with swowl starting it.

I strongly disagree. I think the only time Iíve ever really defended her was when her wagon shot up to X-1 early, and I called a bad wagon out for what it was. There was no case, there were bad arguments, and I thought it highly unlikely that wagon was on scum.

I didnít think the existence of the wagon was bad. It helped me form reads on other people - reads I posted and stood by. And even then, I was essentially the deciding vote on exiling Didds (with Jimmmmm) not on her until Swowl came in to corroborate her claim.

Whereas you... pushed either no logic cases (see post 156), or very flawed cases (see your entire, incorrect justification for the rest of the game Day), and then apparently, according to Bright, upon learning your case was flawed and bad... you continued to want to support the lie you had yesterday privately instead of coming out with it publicly.

So yeah. Thatís where Iím at with you.

What relevance did Swowl corroborating Didds claim have for you? (I bolded the part of your post that I'm referring to, but including the whole thing for context.)

 on: Today at 04:09:41 am 
Started by jotheonah - Last post by infangthief
Vote: Didds

Iím not convinced Didds is the better Exile here - and maybe Iím bias by volume - but Didds has more things that jump out as feeling off than Jimmmmm.

Hi Galzria, what things had Didds said that felt off?

 on: Today at 03:54:09 am 
Started by jotheonah - Last post by infangthief
I hope there's good chat happening in the neighbourhoods.

My neighborhood is day-only, and is a big enough game mechanic that makes me doubt there would be other neighborhoods in the game. I'm not saying there can't be a second one, but with what I know, a second neighborhood seems highly redundant from a game design point of view.

Hi Pubby, can you reveal any more about this big game mechanic and why you felt there couldn't be another neighbourhood? I mean, presumably at least 4 out of 10 people in the game know it now?

 on: Today at 02:05:30 am 
Started by faust - Last post by LaLight
i hope we'll exile today

 on: Today at 01:57:46 am 
Started by Seprix - Last post by mxdata
My opponent had played Gatekeeper on their turn.  On my turn, I had an empty discard pile, with $4 and 2 buys.  Fisherman was on the board.  I bought a Fisherman for $2, and since there was no Fisherman on my Exile mat, that went into Exile, meaning my discard pile was *still* empty, allowing me to buy a second Fisherman for $2, getting the first one out of Exile.  So, their Gatekeeper let me buy 2 Fisherman for just $4, ironically benefitting me

 on: Today at 01:10:46 am 
Started by mxdata - Last post by Ingix

The key fact to remember is that from a rules perspective, it is the Possessed player's turn. Do not EVER forget that.

If your opponent in their turn buys a Project, of course their cube is placed on the Project, not yours and not any other player's who may be playing. Absolutely the same if their turn is you Possessing them.

The only exceptions are stated on the card:
1) You gain the cards they would gain,
2) Their trashed cards are "rescued",
3) You gain the debt tokens they would gain.

 on: April 16, 2021, 11:33:14 pm 
Started by mxdata - Last post by mxdata
If I'm possessing my opponent, and I have them buy a Project, is it their cube or mine that's placed on the Project?  Likewise, if I have them buy an Event, who gets the effect?  For Events that gain cards, it's clearly the Possessing player that would get the card, but what about other effects, like moving tokens or Exiling cards?

My thought is that it's the Possessed player's tokens and cubes that would be moved, and for events that involve Exiling cards, they would go to the Possessed player's Exile mat.  Am I correct in that understanding?

 on: April 16, 2021, 11:30:01 pm 
Started by faust - Last post by EFHW
Like someone else already said, maybe Space, it seems weird to me that Dylan thought ADK would be the best use of his power. Hoping we'll hear back from him soon.

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