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 on: Today at 06:59:28 pm 
Started by aku_chi - Last post by werothegreat
This is the third year in a row that Farming Village's rank has gone up by +3.

 on: Today at 06:53:00 pm 
Started by UmbrageOfSnow - Last post by EFHW
ari and Debatepro are scummy as heck, but they are new and therefore hard to read. Debatepro is probably town.

If it was a role in this game, I would say Joseph seems like a survivor. He doesn't seem to care one bit who is scummy or who gets lynched. Since it isn't, I'd say that attitude is more consistent with scum.

That leaves Eddie, faust and silver. Eddie and silver have very clean games. faust has done some outrageous stuff, but he has such good explanations, I think of him as having a clean game as well. I have nothing to pin on any of them.

My worry is that we have a faust/silver/X team.

So I'll go with ari/Joseph/silver, keeping options open on faust.

 on: Today at 06:44:11 pm 
Started by faust - Last post by jotheonah
Good point.

 on: Today at 06:27:35 pm 
Started by Doom_Shark - Last post by Shard of Honor

A delayed throne room. It takes some time to travel there, but that tent hall is not as expensive as the original one built from stone.

 on: Today at 06:01:51 pm 
Started by Seprix - Last post by aku_chi
*All stats are from those collected by markus

Major deviations (8+) from my personal list
61: Harbinger (53) - There's a lot of Harbinger hate out there, but I still find myself playing turns in Dominion where there are good cards in my discard pile.  Harbinger isn't great, but it becomes better than Silver pretty quickly in most decks.  Harbinger is gained slightly less often (49% by the winner) than Sage and Caravan Guard, but those two cards appear to be more overgained (gained significantly more often by the loser).
55: Secret Cave (34) - Wow was this card underrated.  Disregarding Magic Lamp for now, Secret Cave has a more powerful effect than Oasis.  Secret Cave can be used to spike $6+ early, works well with draw-to-X, and helps spike $8 in junked up decks.  But Secret Cave is especially strong because of how it helps activate Magic Lamp.  Activating Magic Lamp is something you should do ASAP in almost every game.  Secret Cave is a perfect card to be one of your uniques: cheap, cantrip, duration.  Secret Cave is gained by the winner in a whopping 81% of the time; it's a travesty to be rated so low.
45: City Gate (54) - I believe I underrated this Project.  It's a pretty minor effect, but it can help smooth money in the early turns, and make your good cards less likely to miss the shuffle.  It's bought by the winner in 83% of games.
42: Workshop (52) - I like the good $4 Workshop variants as much as the next guy, but I'm down on vanilla Workshop.  Too often, it's hard to fit Workshop into a build if you also want $5+ cards.  The winner gains Workshop in only 47% of games.  Workshop is decent, but so are its peers (Farmers' Market and Leprechaun in my list).
39: Expedition (30) - Drawing cards is good.  Expedition can be used tactically to make sure you see your key card early or avoid a dud late.  The winner buys Expedition in 77% of the games it's in - significantly more than the loser.  I think it's every bit as good as Experiment.
38: Loan (46) - To me, Loan is a trasher of nearly last resort.  It's fine if you aren't getting early Silvers, but often awkward.  It's gained by the winner 49% of the time, and seems to be overgained.  It's not a bad card, but there aren't many bad $3s.

 on: Today at 05:21:32 pm 
Started by Doom_Shark - Last post by spiralstaircase
It needs a better peripheral benefit than a delayed Ruined Village though; as it is now it's too weak.

I think it's a delayed Necropolis, but yes, it is weak.  I wanted there to be something, but for a $4 card that could net you 8VP, it had to be something weak.

 on: Today at 04:54:49 pm 
Started by aku_chi - Last post by crj
A pair of priests is great if you ever need to hit a high price point for something like king's court, pathfinding, or platinum.

If you want to play a village of some kind then two Priests, you have to have two junk cards in hand, and once you've done that you're left with just one card in hand and no remaining actions. That's only hitting $6, which won't buy you any of the cards you mention.

Yes, you can achieve cute tricks if you also introduce other stuff the Kingdom makes available, but then the question arises: how cute is that cute stuff if you focus on it and ignore Priest?

That's not to say Priest is a bad card, but it seems reasonable that such concerns drop it from the top ten down to #21.

 on: Today at 04:39:46 pm 
Started by UmbrageOfSnow - Last post by raerae
Itís Rae, EFHW, and Shrae right?  It would be good to get the reads by EOD today US. Itís got to be getting late for anyone in a euro time zone. Xoxoxo

Sorry, didn't realize I was up.

Scum: EFHW, Uncle, increasingly faust, still don't love Joseph

Everybody falls vaguely under town-esque or scum-lite.

 on: Today at 04:13:24 pm 
Started by UmbrageOfSnow - Last post by faust
Lack of understanding doesn't equate to scumminess. 

It's still worth it to discuss the PR and your thoughts.  Right now, people are left flipping a coin on whether it's willful ignorance or honest ignorance.  Why not lay out your thoughts and help people see that it's honest, if it is in fact honest?
But what benefit does EFHW draw from this claim?

If she were scum and made the above play, she would pass as Town?
A while, but questions would start to pop up the longer she stayed alive. The big problem with these kinds of claims is you're expected to die.

So why did she claim? She wasn't under pressure and the question was simply, "Why no Uncle?" It wasn't a natural claim.
Well, the IC was throwing his weight behind a lynch of a player she had good reason to believe to be town. Combined with the fact that Motion Detector is not generally a very useful role... I mean I can see it.

 on: Today at 03:46:59 pm 
Started by faust - Last post by 2.71828.....
Eagerness to push a lynch through in MyLo is not a good look, IMO.

Also, if we go to actual lylo and I am around means that I own the lynch with my hated-iser.

You want that?  I mean, I am willing to accept that responsibility if you want to give it to me.

Whatís the alternative? We donít have the luxury of getting rid of you unless youíre scum.

The alternative is lynching today.  You give me all the power with the no lynch

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