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 on: Today at 05:01:58 am 
Started by majiponi - Last post by Dominionaer
i think i understand the reasoning but need to clarify why i have a doubt here:

The general rule is, when during resolving an effect due to a trigger an effect get added to the list of effects applicable for that specific trigger, the added effect is usable to the actual triggering already. Correct so far?

So under Innovation there is one effect lingering to "when a card is gained". Gaining Livery and playing it with Innovation adds another effect to the same trigger and due to the general rule gets resolved immediatly; the Livery provides a Horse for its own gaining. Still correct?

I understand GendoIkari's answer to the Priest played during resolving Catacomb's trashing effect adds Priest's bonus effect for trashing to the list of effects usable to trashing Catacomb and so gives $2 for trashing that Catacomb. Correct?

If so, my doubt is in Priest's "For the rest of this turn". For me that translate to "from now on (and not applicable to previous occurences)". Catacomb got trashed before Priest changing conditions. Although a trigger opens a "window" in which multiple things can happen seemingly "simultanously", the phrase in question indicates a timing, dividing before versus after. Furthermore: if Priest would not have that phrase, it would just work as said by Gendolkari. But since it have it, …

 on: Today at 04:21:20 am 
Started by EFHW - Last post by Jimmmmm

 on: Today at 03:59:37 am 
Started by X-tra - Last post by Udzu
Lovely expansion!

Random question: is there a tool or template for making expansion boxes like the one you made for Heroes?

 on: Today at 03:58:10 am 
Started by Udzu - Last post by Udzu
(i.e. the type of landscapes that can be shuffled into the randomizer deck)

For the official expansions there's WELPs (Ways, Events, Landscapes, Projects), but this doesn't cover e.g. Asper's Edicts, and various other fan card mechanics.

So far the best I can come up with is LUWAKs (Landscapes Usable With Any Kingdom).

 on: Today at 03:42:47 am 
Started by scott_pilgrim - Last post by Dubdubdubdub
Why (for me) it's busted is that all you have to do is play Guildmaster in order to be able to pile out both Coppers and Estates into your hand. (Each time you use a Favor to gain a card, Guildmaster gives you another Favor). Now we're talking 2 empty piles, +8VP, and +$46 (less in multiplayer games). There are a lot of scenarios where that's a guaranteed win, from playing a single card.

You can fix the Guildmaster problem by changing the wording to something like, "At the start of your Buy phase, spend any number of Favors. For each Favor spent, gain to your hand a Copper or an Estate." To the extent it's still busted for the reasons faust said, this doesn't help.

Ah, failed to consider Guildmaster again. Not my first time!

Thanks for your thoughts on this one! I agree the card(-shaped thing) needs some limit. I originally found it interesting that this could piledrive the Estates. In a mirror, it might not be a big issue - it's about who bites the bullet when, kind of like a Gathering pile. But outside of a mirror, I'm afraid it's a bit too much.

I'll update my submission now to limit the effect to 3 times per turn. This might seem arbitrary, but I think it's just right. +3 coppers to hand is just the amount of kick a player can use for a big move, and 3 per turn should still be enough for to be useful in any situation where you might want lots of Coppers or Estates.

 on: Today at 03:25:58 am 
Started by emtzalex - Last post by emtzalex
Note: There haven't been many responses on the question of whether we would do Set Expansion Contests for the new 2nd Editions or go back to the Fan Card Mechanics contests. I was team 2E, but since that doesn't seem to be happening I don't want to hold up the FCMC any longer. If there's a big outcry to go back to the Set Expansion contest, I'm fine to pause this one, but absent that, let's go.

For Week 42, I have chosen LastFootnote's Activation cards. Activation cards are playable cards which, in addition to any on-play effect, have a second effect which can be activated later. Once an Activation card is put into play, it will stay in play until the player "activates" it. This is done by spending an Action during your Action phase (as if to play an Action card from your hand). An Activation card can only be activated once per time in play, even if the card itself is played multiple times (i.e. with a throne varient).

Here is LastFootnote's original description:

So I had an idea the other day for a new type of card: Activation. I even wrote a quick blurb:

These cards say “Activation” on the bottom line, i.e. "Action – Activation.” In addition to any effects these cards have when played or while in play, an Activation card has another effect that you can use by spending an Action. During your Action phase, instead of spending an Action to play an Action card from your hand, you may spend an Action to get the activation effect of an Activation card you already have in play.

Activation cards in play that have not yet been activated are not discarded during your Clean-up phase. They stay in play until activated and are discarded from play during the Clean-up phase of that turn.

Activation cards can only be activated once per time they are played. Once activated, they cannot be activated again until they have been removed from play and played again. Even if another card plays a single Activation card more than once, the activation effect can only be used once before the Activation card leaves play. Hence, if an Activation card is played twice by Throne Room, the Throne Room will be discarded from play normally during the Clean-up phase of that turn, whether or not the card it played has been activated.

In order to keep track of which Activation cards have been activated and which ones haven’t, when you play an Activation card from your hand, turn it 90° to the right. When you activate an Activation card, turn it right-side up. During your Clean-up phase, remember to only discard cards from play which are right-side up.

And here are some examples LastFootnote designed:

Activation cards don't have to be Actions. They can be any card type, as long as it has the potential to get into play (so it can be activated). For your convenience I made templates in the fan card generator for Activation - Action, as well as Activation - Treasure, and Activation - Night (but feel free to combine it with other types).

The assignment is simple. Design at least one Activation card. Feel free to use any official or fan mechanics (including split piles, Traveller lines, etc.) and any kind and number of supporting cards or landscapes (although if you go overboard with either it will likely count against you in the simplicity category). The design should also be limited to a single randomizer worth of card(s)/landscape(s).

My main judging criteria is whether I would be excited to see the design in a Kingdom. Important factors for me are:
  • balance -- is the card useful, but not overpowering (both in general and in a variety of Kingdoms)
  • playability -- the card is fun to play and works in more than one type of deck
  • simplicity -- this doesn't always mean fewer words; a card with lots of text that, once you understand it, can be easily and intuitively be played is better than one with four lines of text that is hard to understand
  • topicality -- the card (or cards) uses the mechanic in an interesting way
The deadline for submissions will be 14:00 UTC / 10:00 a.m. Eastern/Forum time on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. Please let me know if you have any questions.

 on: Today at 03:10:31 am 
Started by scott_pilgrim - Last post by NoMoreFun
Expert Polishers
When you gain a Silver, you may spend a Favor to exchange it for a Gold

 on: Today at 03:06:13 am 
Started by emtzalex - Last post by emtzalex
Thanks to everyone for participating. There were a ton of submissions that covered a lot of different ideas and design spaces. I took a minute to look back over the submissions. Here are the numbers of submissions by set:

Dark Ages3

I was a little surprised no one attempted a Prosperity card. I also looked back at the list of set-specific mechanics from the 2nd post. The ones crossed out were used by at least one submission.

  • From...
  • Alchemy: Potion costs
  • Prosperity: VP tokens
  • Dark Ages: Ruins, Spoils
  • Guilds: Coffers
  • Adventures: Events, Reserve cards, Travellers, player-specific pile & penalty tokens
  • Empires: Events, VP tokens, split piles, Gathering cards, Debt, Landmarks
  • Renaissance: Coffers, Villagers, Projects, Artifacts
  • Menagerie: Events, Horses, Exile, Ways
  • Allies: Rotator piles, Allies, and Liaisons

You all entirely avoided using any landscapes. That's understandable, since you'd have still had to design a Night card to go with it (but an Artifact could fit pretty easily into a Night card's design). The only other obvious exclusions were VP tokens / Gathering cards, and Debt tokens.

Before the contest started I designed cards for each of the mechanics. Here are a handful of them:


Askleipion • 5 Debt • Night
Choose one: trash up to 3 cards from your hand; or trash up to 3 Coppers you have in play.


Nun • $4 • Night
Trash a card from your hand or a Copper you have in play. If you trashed an…
Action card, +1 Villager
Treasure card, +1 Coffers
Victory card, take the Icon

Icon • Artifact


Illicit Experiments • P • Night - Duration
At the start of your next turn, choose one: gain a Potion to your hand; or you may trash a Potion from your hand for +3 Cards.

Dark Ages:

Tomb Raider • $5 • Night - Looter
Choose one: gain up to 2 Ruins; or set aside a Ruins you have in play.

In games using this, at the start of each of your turns, play each Ruins you set aside with this, leaving them there.


Animated Servant • $2 • Action - Night - Liaison
Choose two different options: +1 Card; or +1 Action; or +1 Favor; or you may discard a card costing more than this for +1 Favor.

 on: Today at 02:55:46 am 
Started by emtzalex - Last post by emtzalex
I can't figure out how to post the Generated Card, so I will just post the following:

To post an image from the generator, you have to save it, then upload it to a site like imgur. Once you do, you can copy and paste the image's URL and post it using this code:

Code: [Select]
You can modify the code by setting the image's height or width:

Code: [Select]
[img width=250][/img]
I tend to like a width of 250 for posting my regular cards (as opposed to landscapes, which I set at a height of 250).

Wow. well, I guess I actually have to get into the judge's head to win these sorts of things, huh. When I originally created this card, it seemed the consensus was that Last Watch was fine as-is, but your comments are going to be taken into consideration. I hope my other two cards weren't as op as you think this one is.

The other cards don't appear to be as OP. Caravaneer may be borderline (I haven't had a ton of time to think about it). It's a similar concept. Setting aside any other Reserve cards you might have, a player can call all of their copies of Caravaneer from the Reserve mat, then if they have one more in their deck, play it to put them all back on the Reserve mat. Getting +2 Cards from your Reserve mat is like getting +3 from your hand, making these more like double Labs. But (importantly) it costs $5, and to keep it going you consistently need another copy each time you want to replay your existing set. The cards will eventually run out, and you will have other things you want to buy instead. By contrast, you can potentially play every copy of LW every turn. But, even after it falls apart, you may be able to start getting the Caravaneers back pretty quickly, and start chaining them thereafter.

Black Gold is relatively strong with Alt-VP cards like Mill, but even there you still have to forego any benefit if you want to turn it into a Gold.

The notion that Horselord would be weak if it gained 2 Horses on average is ridiculous. There is first of all the on-gain Horse-gaining and second of all, Horses are more similar in power level than immediate draw.

I didn't say it would be weak if it gained 2 Horses on average, I said it would be weak if it almost always gained one Horse, and sometimes gained 2 (which would be the case if you bought it for a deck with a single gainer/remodeler and no +Buy). I think that, or decks where players only ever gain 1 card (not counting Horse gaining) per turn are fairly common.

@emtzalex the level of detail you went into for judging each card was impressive. Thank-you

You're welcome.

 on: August 15, 2022, 07:44:18 pm 
Started by scott_pilgrim - Last post by spineflu

Sprite • $4 • Action - Attack - Duration
Each other player may discard a Silver from their hand, revealed; if they do not, they gain a Copper to their hand.

At the start of your next turn, you may trash a Treasure from your hand to gain a Gold.

This doesn't need the "revealed," that's only necessary when multiple cards can be discarded at once. Discarding a single card is public information, otherwise e.g. Cutpurse would need to say "revealed."

i figured there'd be griping if i included it or if i didn't, so, its there. it doesn't hurt anything, its fine.

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