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Dominion General Discussion / Engine with no extra cards per turn?
« on: March 23, 2018, 03:19:07 pm »
Hello, I've been lurking here for awhile, but decided to register today to ask what a couple questions.

1. Is it ever correct to attempt to build an engine (ie attempt a deck that can draw itself and/or play all of its actions) when there is no way to gain more than one card per turn?  So no +buy, no gainers, no remodel-type cards, no digging in the trash, etc.  In this scenario, what could make an engine any faster/better than a money-focused deck?

2. Same question, but ease the restriction.  Is an engine the right move if there is no way to gain more than one victory card per turn (other than Estate), so allow something like Lurker with no action-victory cads, or Workshop and no Gardens/Silk Roads/etc / cost reducers.

I know there is probably not a super-broad answer, but I'm interested in what people thintk can make an engine strong in the absence of multiple gains in a turn, if anything.  I'm guessing there might be some cases where playing an attack every turn, even if it doesn't start happening until mid-game, might be worth it?  Oh, and some sort of limitless Victory Token scenario like King's Courts and Monuments, but this feels more edge-case-y to me than the requirements of my question to begin with.  But maybe it really isn't - I'm guessing my question only applies to a relatively small fraction of kingdoms.  But I'm still curious to see if experts think an engine can be viable if it can't gain things any faster than money.

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