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Hi guys,
Apologies if this has already been addressed, however I've looked around and haven't found anything that confirms whether or not this is possible. So, in a recent game I used a Throne Room with a duration card (which was Wharf, not that it really matters), which I looked online to confirm if it gives the next-turn effect or not - which it does, as per the below excerpt from the wiki:

"If you play or modify a Duration card with another card, that other card also stays in your play area until it is no longer doing anything. For example if you play Throne Room on Merchant Ship, both cards stay in play until the Clean-up phase of your next turn. The Throne Room stays in play to remind you that you are getting the effect of Merchant Ship twice on that next turn."

Now what I want to know is, what if you also use a Scheme during your turn? Will you be allowed to top-deck your Throne Room (as it is 'in play') or is it forbidden to remove it until the duration card itself has been removed from play? And the important bit is, if you can top-deck the Throne Room with Scheme, does the duration card still retain its double-effect?


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