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Other Games / Breath of the Wild
« on: April 20, 2017, 11:17:33 am »
Ok, so there's a Switch thread where this game has been discussed a little bit, but this really needs it's own thread. I know several people here are playing this, so let's discuss it! Please use spoiler tags for spoilers; preferably with a non-spoilered note that lets people know if that spoiler is safe for them or not.

I'll start by saying I'm really blown away by this game. I'm a big fan of all Zelda games; and I had some reservations when I heard about the open-world nature of this game. I like to "100%" Zelda games, so I was worried that this game wouldn't allow that, and would be more about playing as much as you wanted until you had enough. But that doesn't seem to be the case; there's at least a few different ways in which you can consider the game to be "100%" done eventually.

But everything from the game play to the story; it's just so fantastic. Every time I play, it's so hard to put it down for the night. There's always just one more thing I want to do before quitting. I find myself spending the days thinking about what I'm going to get to do that night when I play next.

So my own progress... some minor post-Hateno but before-any-dungeon spoilers:

I recovered my first memory, and just love the way the story is playing out. Slowly learning about the past the way you do is probably the best storytelling that's been in a Zelda game so far. And the fact that you can (presumably) get these memories in any order, says a lot about the nature of the storytelling. Started taking pictures of everything I can find; I love filling out the compendium. Though I do really wish there was a way to add a picture to the compendium without saving the photo in the album... periodically having to go through and delete all your useless photos, while avoiding accidentally deleting the ancient photos, is annoying.   But still spending more time just exploring than furthering the actual game. I love going to just random areas just to see what I find. Get so excited when I spot a new shrine, or activate a new tower.

Negatives.... hardly any. As mentioned before, the Wii U has a very annoying thing where the gamepad screen flashes the whole time; we literally had to cover it with post-it notes to stop the annoyance. And if you play with the pro-controller for increased comfort, you lose the motion controls. It annoys me that they would have made both the Wii U and Switch pro controllers compatible with both;  so it would just be "pro-controller" and "pro-controller+ with motion controls". Why do they need to be non-compatible??

Um, I don't like that outside chests respawn. Clearing all enemy camps could have been a fun 100% challenge. Then again, with the limited nature of weapons; they had to make sure that you couldn't end up in a theoretical state of weapons all being gone.

Not a fan of having to choose between hearts and stamina with each upgrade. Also related to my "completionist" nature; I want to get all the upgrades; not have to choose between them.

But hey, those are all minor complaints compared to the positives.

Other Games / Fabled Fruit
« on: April 04, 2017, 02:38:41 pm »
Has anyone played this? It's a really neat game that takes the concepts of Pandemic/Risk Legacy, but simplifies it down a bunch, and doesn't cause permanent changes to the set.

Basically, it's a super-simple set-collection / worker placement game, where you start out with 4 each of 6 different cards available. When someone "purchases" a card (which is the game winning condition, to be the first to purchase a certain number of cards), it is replaced by the next card from the "legacy" deck.

So you start out playing with cards #1-6. Each time you play, you are playing with higher and higher numbers, up to #60 (I think). And, the further you go into the deck, you get new and more complex mechanics. The actual rules of the game never change, but the new cards provide their own new rules.

So it's kind of like playing a bunch of Dominion games, where you start with the recommended first game set from the base game; and then every time you play, you replace a few older cards with newer cards from later sets; until eventually you are playing a complex game of Adventures and Empires.

I've played a few games; but haven't done a "full campaign".

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Tutorial?
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:54:00 pm »
I just noticed that there doesn't seem to be a tutorial. Is this something that's planned / in the works? Seems like an important feature for trying to get new players.

I generally look through the Secret Histories, but not necessarily read them carefully. Well I was just randomly looking through the secret history of second edition cards, and came across what is probably the greatest Donald X joke I've seen on this forum. Under the entry for Tribute:

I'll say it for everyone: it wasn't the greatest card in the world; it was just Tribute.

 ;D ;D ;D

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Kingdom randomization
« on: February 18, 2017, 10:32:00 pm »
Has anyone else noticed the Kingdoms seem very un-random? I own just base and prosperity for now (Prosperity was copied from Goko). I play a lot of 1 on 1 against the bot. When I don't like a Kingdom, I'll resign immediately and then click "ready" to start a new game. Well I just did that several dozen times, and noticed a few things that I can't believe are just coincidence....

- The games were heavily biased towards base instead of Prosperity. I never saw a Kingdom with more than 2 Prosperity cards on any board, when it should be about half and half on average.

- Certain cards repeatedly showed up. To make sure it wasn't just in my head, I just recorded the last 8 Kingdoms I got... well, I recorded the occurrence of 5 particular cards that I noticed a lot. Here's part of the last 8 Kingdoms:

1. Chapel, Village, Smithy, Festival, Witch
2. Chapel, Village, Festival, Witch
3. Chapel, Festival, Witch
4. Chapel, Smithy, Festival, Witch
5. Chapel, Smithy, Festival, Witch
6. Chapel, Smithy, Festival, Witch
7. Village, Festival, Witch
8. Chapel, Village, Smithy, Festival, Witch

As you can see, 7/8 Kingdoms had Chapel, 8/8 had Witch and Festival, 5/8 had Smithy, and 3/8 had Village. And this pattern had existed long before I started recording those 8 Kingdoms.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

General Discussion / Go pats!!!!!!
« on: February 05, 2017, 11:44:01 pm »
Boston forever!!!!!!


Other Games / Oracle of Delphi (and other games)
« on: January 30, 2017, 02:49:55 pm »
Went to a local board game convention this past week, spent all Thursday evening through Sunday evening playing non-stop board games.

Ok, so I actually stopped for sleep on Thursday and Friday nights. But not Saturday night; that was literally non-stop.

Anyway, of all the things (old and new) that I played, I was pretty enamored with Oracle of Delphi; played it 3 times. It's Stephen Feld's newest game, and for those of you who don't like Feld because you don't like point salad...

It's a Feld game with no victory points!!

See you get "prestige points" instead; totally different! Ok, no, I'm kidding, there literally are no points; no score.

The game is a race to complete 12 tasks before your opponents. Felt like Temporum in that way. So it's still a Feld game, and you can tell if you know his stuff. It takes some mechanics from Castles of Burgundy in terms of dice usage and action selection. But it's definitely not just a clone of anything.

So it has a variable map/board setup that gives a lot of different options. Not just like Catan where you change which type of hex goes where; but the actual shape/layout is varied and random. You could have a game where the map is a long skinny corridor if you wanted. The basic idea is that you are sailing around this world, fighting monsters, picking up and delivering goods; discovering new islands, etc. Somewhat minimal player interaction; though by taking a good you are depriving your opponents of that good.

Other games I played include a bunch of Dominion games that went from about 2:30am until 6:00am on Saturday night. A mix of Base (2nd), Intrigue (2nd), and Empires. Each game had a Landmark, and I lost or tied instead of won 3 out of 4 games due to not paying enough attention to it. Landmarks are important.

I also finally learned/played Merchants of Venus. It was the original edition from way back when; I hear that the newer publishing messes a lot of stuff up. It was fun, but long.

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Do bot games affect ranking?
« on: January 25, 2017, 04:02:37 pm »
Especially bot games where you resigned? I've resigned dozens of games against the bot at the very beginning because I didn't want to play that particular kingdom. If bot games count, I'm going to have a terrible ranking.

Game Reports / Fast game madness
« on: January 20, 2017, 01:29:10 pm »
Played this randomly-generated kingdom last night, IRL, 3 player.

So we know right away it was going to be a ridiculous and fast game. Jonts opened Nomad Camp / Masquerade / Haven, while I pulled 3/4 and opened Masquerade/Ironworks. The 3rd player opened Nomad Camp / Haven / Haven.

I thought getting a bunch of Ironworks was important for pile control and to be able to get the most Fortreses and Masquerades quickly, but I forgot that money was important too. So while I was thinning and gaining cheap cards faster than the others, they were able to hit for King's Court while I couldn't get there. Jonts put his + token on Fortress and managed to get just 4 of them before the pile ran out (I had 4 also, player 3 had the other 2).

So while I was struggling to get actual economy, we began to see after only a few turns that Jonts had built a deck that should be able to 3 pile with a couple points pretty quickly. Player 3 and I got a Duchy instead of building anything, and while Masquerades were still getting played plenty, I started holding onto every Estate I could find. I even twice used Ironworks to grab an Estate.

So Jonts has everything he needs for a great turn. Fortresses are gone; and there's just 1 Haven and 4 Ironworks left. He uses KC-Fortress to get money and cards and actions; then KC-Ironworks + another Ironworks to drain all Ironworks. He produces money, and buys a Province and the last Haven for what he's pretty sure is the win.

Then I look through my deck, and I've managed to amass my Duchy and 4 Estates. With all the Masquerades flying around, there's no way he could have tracked that I had that many Estates. So I win, 7-6-3.

The ironic thing is that in the previous game (a much more boring drawn out slog), I bought the last Province to end it and give him the win.

Other Games / Weird Kingdom Builder stuff
« on: December 09, 2016, 05:52:53 pm »
So I bought Kingdom Builder finally recently. Just opened it last night. It had some weird contents; in terms of internationalization; wondering if anyone knows about this.

So normally the game comes with 25 land cards, and 10 distinct scoring cards. That's what was listed for the contents on the box and in the rulebook.

My copy had 2 separate "packs" of cards each wrapped separately. Pack A had the 25 land cards and 10 scoring cards, but the scoring cards were in German. Pack B had 5 separate sets of the 10 scoring cards, in 5 different languages... including German!

So all in all I have 60 scoring cards instead of 10; and 20 of them are double-copies of the German ones.

So while including multiple languages of cards could make sense for making it international... there was only 1 rulebook, in English! A lot of games include multiple rulebooks for different languages; but I've never seen multiple sets of cards for different languages.

On top of all that, it includes 4 HUGE ziplock bags. No idea why. At first I thought they were just extra large bags for the player components... but the player components were already each inside their own appropriately sized ziplock bags. And those 4 ziplock bags were also together in another giant ziplock bag. So many bags.

Other Games / New (and old) games at BGG.CON
« on: November 21, 2016, 06:31:46 pm »
Played so many games! Brief reviews/descriptions:

Love Letter - Started out  with this while waiting at 5:30 am in the line, waiting for them to open.

No Thanks! - Great short filler, also while waiting in line.

Sushi Go - My first new game, last of the waiting in line games. Fun and simple drafting game. I wouldn't want to play it all the time, but I liked it.

Dominion: Empires - You guys might have heard of this one. It's the latest expansion to this deckbuilder called "Dominion". Anyway, 4 player game; played the first recommended Empires-only set. I won with some mish-mash engine of Patrician/Emporium, Forum, and a bit of Sacrifice. I should have had more Villa, because I had too much money and no +buy.

Code Names Pictures - Just what you think it would be. Can't say if it's better or worse than the original. Just a different take on the same thing.

Crokinole - Flicking/dexterity game. Always play a bit when I go. Want to get a board some day.

Fuse - Great stuff, though the novelty has worn off a bit compared to when it was new.

Machi Koro: Bright Lights Big City - I didn't know there was a new version of Machi Koro. Not until we started to set up and I realized that most of the cards were different. I'm not a fan of rotating supply in general; Dominion is so great partly because everyone has equal access to the cards. But this definitely had a bit more depth and strategy than the original Machi Koro. Only problem is that it's a bit longer; and that's the type of game that I want to be short.

Jungle Speed - Already knew this one; a fun neat reflexes /dexterity game.

Castles of Burgundy - Taught this one; always good.

Deep Sea Adventure - Really fun silly/short game. Want to get.

Temporum - Taught it twice.

Snitch - An unpublished game that I played with the guy who created it. Neat real-time deduction/memory game.

T.I.M.E. Stories - Best new game I played! So very good. A controversial game it turns out, as a lot of people HATE it. But I absolutely loved it. Like a legacy game, you can't really play it more than once... but unlike a legacy game, you REALLY can't play it more than once. At least not the base set. There's other expansions, which are additional stories to play though. It's basically like an escape-the-room puzzle, but with actual board-game play elements. It does what Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective does, except so much better. I really, really liked it. I actually did play the base set a second time, so that I could introduce it to my friends... who hated it.

Strike - A super-light short game where you throw dice at other dice.

Tzolk'in - Learned this and played it twice. Great game; now on my wish list.

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk expansion - Everything Betrayal is, and more. Except it turns out that the rules STILL haven't managed to clarify questions that come up in the scenarios. At least not for the scenario we got. I was the traitor; it appeared I was going to win within 1-2 turns of the haunt beginning, but ended up losing through a long series of bad luck.

Jolly Roger - Ugh, I actually had some fun while playing this, but I wouldn't play it again... it's basically Munchkin.

Star Trek Panic - This was great! I haven't played Castle Panic (or Munchkin Panic obviously). But this is a neat game; on my wishlist. Only problem is that it takes a little too long for what it is; and the missions aren't all that varied. An expansion would actually be nice.

Terra Mystica (with Fire & Ice expansion) - Hadn't played this in a long time; even longer since I used the new races. I won with the Yetis. I think we played all the latest expansion errata correctly.

Hanabi - Played a bunch of rounds with this with 3 other people who are super good at Hanabi. I'm just ok at it. It's scary how these guys were on a different level... playing cards correctly where I never would have figured out how they knew it was a safe play, etc.

Caverna - Second time playing this; really good. Better than Agricola I think. Just so very expensive.

Fuji Flush - Fun light quick card game. A bit like Linko, except Linko had a bit more strategy.

Amis Cube - A build-the-structure style puzzle game. Good, but not great.

Saturn - I play this every year; a great balance/dexterity game. Super rare; can't find it for under $200 used.

Pix - The only type of Pictionary I'll play.

Dr. Eureka - A bit like Dimension if you know that one... a make your thing look like the other thing puzzle; but with a bit of dexterity too.

When I dream - This was interesting. A cool party game with a neat concept. One play with his eyes closed is trying to guess what's on a card; other players are giving him one-word hints one at a time, but certain players are trying to get him to guess wrong. So Code Names with Cylons.

The Golden Sails - A Russian game that's not published in America. Interesting 7 Wonders-like drafting stuff. Wasn't a huge fan.

One Night - Always good. Less good when there's 1 drunk guy who just claims to be the werewolf at the start of each discussion.

Kingdomino - A neat city-builder type thing; way simpler than Between Two Cities; but for a 15 minute game it's great.

Kana Gawa - Kind of like Coloretto if you know that one. Really nice production design.

Potion Explosion - Basically Candy Crush, the board game. Somewhat neat, but too gimmicky.

Innovation - First time playing anything but 2 player. It's quite different with 4 players. I got Mathematics early, and though that meant I was going to do great... but yeah that just doesn't work in 4 player.

Coloretto - Second time playing this one. Neat short game, a bit like No Thanks! but more involved.

So there you go, that's what I've been doing the last 5 days. Today is the worst day of the year, as it is the longest I have to go until BGG.CON starts again.

Dominion General Discussion / Second edition set icons
« on: November 21, 2016, 02:19:13 pm »
I'm a bit slow here, I just now saw that the second editions of Intrigue and Dominion have different set icons. Dominion slightly altered; Intrigue completely different.

I'm just wondering, what's the reason for this? Is it because "Intrigue Second Edition" should be considered a different set than "Intrigue First Edition"? Or just because Donald or Rio Grande was unhappy with the original icon and wanted a new one? It seems weird for the cards that are in both editions; having multiple set icons. Though I suppose if we think of it in MTG terms, many cards have multiple versions with different icons from different sets (and often even different artwork).

Other Games / Designers and home made sets
« on: November 20, 2016, 05:54:02 pm »
Did you set them straight or let them have a go at teaching you the game?
Neither; something like, "I have played that a lot actually, but I have other stuff to do tonight."

For a while I preferred not to advertise that I was that guy. Someone would say, oh it's your own homemade Dominion expansion, and I would say, yes, yes it is. And someone at the table would laugh, and maybe the person would find out the deal, maybe they wouldn't. Certainly other people would sometimes helplessly blurt it out, or point me out if someone brought up Dominion at another table.

But then one evening a couple that was leaving said "huh you made your own homemade copy of Kingdom Builder," and seemed disgusted as they left. So now I just say I'm the guy. I don't lead with it but when it comes up, yes, this is my own homemade Dominion expansion, pause for chuckles, but we are playtesting it for publication, I am the Dominion guy.

So I'm at BGG.con, and I see some guys playing Roll for the Galaxy. In addition to the normal stuff and the expansion stuff, they're using some dice with little paper taped to the faces with do different icons. I ask "is this a home made expansion or something?" One of he guys points to another guy who was teaching the game and says "he's the designer". I look up at the name badge, and there's Wei-Hwa Huang. I geeked out a bit.

Dominion General Discussion / Lurker
« on: September 29, 2016, 03:47:21 pm »
I want to talk about Lurker, because it seems awesome.

In a Solitaire game, Lurker sounds like it becomes ridiculously strong. Like, there's not very many Kingdoms where I wouldn't open double-Lurker.

So in a 2 player game, it becomes a weird thing where if you open one, your opponent almost has to also open one. But you almost never want to be the first person to play it, so what do you do if you draw it before your opponent? You can trash a Ruins with it, that sounds like fun.

So as long as your opponent has a Lurker remaining in his shuffle, it sounds like the right play is to treat it as a Treasure Map; never play one unless you have 2. I'm assuming of course a situation where there's not currently an action card in the trash.

And hey, what do you do when you draw King's Court + Lurker? Of course you pretty much always play it, because worst-case you're just breaking even. Unless you think your opponent also has a King's Court + Lurker.

So anyway, I'm guessing that Lurker looks a lot stronger than it is, simply because it's its own "bane". But the fact that you have to buy one if your opponent does means that it is strong in that way at least.

Or, am I wrong about everything, and a simple journey-token version where you gain an action every-other-play isn't as strong as it sounds? Of course I'm assuming the presence of good action cards also. Especially with things like King's Court, Goons, and Grand Market. But even for good s, it still sounds great.

Dominion General Discussion / Treasure Chest kingdoms
« on: September 28, 2016, 03:36:10 pm »
Maybe this has been done before... but with 11 sets now (let's ignore Promo's for this purpose), we can make Kingdoms that have no more than 1 card from each set. So, what are some good Kingdoms that have no duplicates? Bonus points for having cards that represent their expansion.

Feedback / Firefox Add-on for f.ds!
« on: September 28, 2016, 01:33:21 pm »
Current version: 1.31

You heard right! After only 15 months, the F.DS Chrome extension has been fully ported to Firefox! They apparently made some update recently to how add-ons works, and it suddenly went from a confusing mess than I couldn't get to work no matter what, to a really simple matter of just submitting the exact same files that I use for the Chrome add-on. They also have to manually approve the code of add-ons before they can be used.

So here's the link:

It has all the identical features from the Chrome thread, and whenever I update one, I'll update both; though because of the approval process, updates for Firefox won't be available as quickly.

Kirian, Seprix, market squire; enjoy!

Dominion General Discussion / New first game engine?
« on: September 27, 2016, 03:39:16 pm »
So the "first game" setup has changed; it has Merchant instead of Woodcutter. The first game engine strategy ignores Woodcutter. But with Merchant available, could there be a stronger strategy?

My guess is no, because the first game engine only buys a single Silver I think. Merchant is a Peddler whenever it collides with Silver, but you'd probably have to buy more Silver than you want to make it worth it.

So has anyone taken the time to actually compare old and new cards to see what else changed, other than "they" instead of "he"? I just now found out that Library is different, and recently saw that Cellar was different. I could just look through the rulebook and check 1 by 1, but I figured someone has probably already done that. So... what other cards besides Cellar and Library got new wordings?

Rules Questions / New shuffling rule
« on: September 26, 2016, 02:10:11 pm »
While Stash is the only thing affected by this change, it's leaving me with some questions about how drawing actually works. So the new rules says that when you play a Smithy, if you have 2 cards in your draw pile left, you don't draw any cards before shuffling. But is this clarified in the rules? I've read the new section under "Shuffling", and it still seems like there's 2 valid interpretations:

1) I need to "do something with my deck" that requires 3 cards. I only have 2 cards. So I'll shuffle first.

2) Drawing is 1 at a time by nature. So at the moment I play Smithy, I need to do something with my deck that requires 1 card, so I draw that card. Then I do that again. Then I still need to do something with my deck that requires 1 card, but I have 0, so I'll shuffle first.

Now obviously the first options is what's intended, because otherwise "put it under your deck" makes no sense. So I guess my question is; is there a general rule about when drawing cards is considered all 1 atomic action? What about "draw up to X" cards? Are those drawn one at a time, checking after each if you've drawn enough?

I think that that was the ruling on "discard down to 3"; that you can discard a Tunnel, then reveal Watchtower to put the Gold on top of your deck, then discard Watchtower as the second card.. but I don't remember for sure.

For Library, it would *have* to be one at a time, because you don't know how many cards you will draw ahead of time. But if you know you are going to have to draw at least 4 cards, (but you might be going through 5 or 6), do you shuffle before beginning if you have less than 4 cards in your draw pile?

Dominion General Discussion / What's the current/new fasted strategy?
« on: August 22, 2016, 04:01:09 pm »
This has been discussed before, but not since pre-Adventures I think....

Given a game where EVERY Kingdom card is available in the supply, what do you go for? I assume it's different than the "empty the supply on turn 2" strategy, since that requires perfect shuffle luck. So what strategy do you go with if you can buy any cards in the game?

Oh, and I'd say this includes every Event being available, but no Landmarks, since Landmarks aren't a strategy, they're rule changes that change what the strategy should be.

Other Games / Your gamer profile
« on: August 08, 2016, 02:54:57 pm »
This looks neat:

I haven't had a chance to fill it out yet; but I've seen results from a few of my friends.

Game Reports / When Treasure Map is like the Spanish Inquisition
« on: July 11, 2016, 12:43:27 pm »

3 player game, against a person who's played less than 10 games before, and a person who only plays very casually.

I opened Fishing Village / Island. I know Island is probably a weak opening, but I've always been a sucker for it. The others opened Fishing Village / Pirate Ship. One player got a couple more Pirate Ships, while the other stopped at 1. They both saw that Fishing Village was important, so they didn't last long at all. I won a 4-3-3 split by spending to grab the last one.

It wasn't long until I was down to 1 Copper left; having never bought any Silver/Gold. I got 4 Wharfs and 4 Markets; so before too long I was drawing my deck and producing every turn. A couple more Islands too; so I had no Estates left.

The heavy Pirate Ship player got 5 tokens and was using that to buy a Province about half the time. With time starting to run out, I use my to grab 2 Treasure Maps, to everyone's surprise. Next turn of course I activate them (and draw all the Golds immediately). I buy 2 Provinces and an Island 2 turns in a row. One of my Gold gets trashed by Pirate Ship; then I buy a Province and the last 4 Pearl Divers to end the game, 3 turns after having bought the Treasure Maps.

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion from scratch
« on: July 07, 2016, 03:04:08 pm »
The pin discussion got me thinking... What if you started with 0 cards instead of the usual 10? Obviously the beginning would be boring and tedious... But after the first turn Copper buy, there could be some interesting decisions. If  Poor House is available, that's almost definitely your turn 2 buy. Otherwise, you have to decide how much treasure to get. Reaching $5 would be much less luck-driven. Trashing becomes bad. The Engine vs Big money question would be different. But I'm not sure in which way.

Game Reports / Torturer or no?
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:28:42 am »
I played this Kingdom IRL last night with Jonts and a guy who has only played a few games of Dominion.

With no real villages other than Madman around, we all knew that Throne Room would be important. And of course Masquerade. But we couldn't decide if Torturer was worth it with Masquerade available. Jonts and I both opened / and got Haggler/nothing. Other guy got double Masquerade, which collided for him on turn 3.

Anyway, my turn 3 hand was exactly again with no Haggler, so I got another Haggler. Somehow, I managed to get 5 of the Throne Rooms, but got some sad draws that had things like 3 Throne Rooms and a Haggler. Jonts built up a scary engine by Throne Rooming Markets, and started getting Torturers. The Curses were definitely coming out a bit faster than Masquerade could handle.

At one point I had with Haggler and an extra buy, and should have bought a Province given that it was a 3 player game, but instead got Market + Throne Room, then Masquerade and was forced to take a ... so I reluctantly got a Secret Chamber.

So towards the end... At this point, other guy had 1 Provinces and a couple curses, I had 3 curses and a couple Estates because my Masquerades weren't getting played enough. And I have a hand that's not going to do much at all; Secret Chamber, Market, Masquerade; something like that. Jonts gets a particularly good turn that involved at least 3 Torturer plays, and generated for 2 Provinces, while 2 piles were already gone. He couldn't quite drain a third pile though.

But then it happens... I reveal Secret Chamber to his Torturer play. Draw 2 cards, including a Throne Room; put Secret Chamber and something else back. Now suddenly my crap hand is a potentially good hand. On my turn I Throne Room the Market, play Masquerade, then play my only Madman (that I didn't even want, but couldn't afford to buy anything the turn that I played Hermit). Everything kicks off. I end up playing Masq enough to get rid of all Curses; I generate with 2 Hagglers is play. Buy 2 Provinces and 2 Estates; easily draining another pile for the win.

So Secret Chamber won me the game.  ;D

My question is; is Torturer a thing here?

Dominion General Discussion / Kingdom probabilities
« on: June 28, 2016, 08:01:59 pm »
How do you determine the percentage of kingdoms that will have at least 1 of a given set of cards? Rough estimate is fine; ignoring things like Young Witch and Black Market.

Specifically, I'm curious what percentage of kingdoms will allow you to end the game with debt (not counting the situation of buying a debt-cost card for an immediate 3-pile).

Aside from forcing your opponent to do it via Possession, you would need to have a gainer in the Kingdom. So, aside from the task of listing out the gainers, I don't know the formula for determining the percentage of Kingdoms.

This comes from a discussion over here...

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