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Dominion General Discussion / Most unique cards amongst each set?
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:58:02 am »
List 1 to 3 cards from each big box and small box that you think are quite unique, "break the mold", or "just plain different", and how so!  From my perspective some of the uniques were noted as the expansions were coming out, so if there was a card later on that also covered similar ground, that wouldn't be taken into consideration.

base + 1E
Chapel - excellent trasher, and THE trasher until 2E came along
Mine - card gained goes directly to hand
Witch - The only way to dole out Curses!

base + 2E
Sentry - another way to trash ANY card

Intrigue + 1E
Conspirator - card that looks at how many other cards were played (Action in this case)
Masquerade - a means to transfer cards from one player's deck to another
Saboteur - the card that hits nearly everything and wreaks havoc in its own, special way

Intrigue + 2E
Courtier - looks # of "keywords"/types a card has
Lurker - Only way to trash Action cards from Supply

Embargo - can try to force opponents to take Curses through "non-curser cards"
Island - remove cards from your deck, but you still get to count them as part of your deck at game's end

Possession - take control of a player's turn!

Contraband - you get to directly prohibit your opponents from buying certain cards
Grand Market - "hidden cost" of not allowing Coppers to be in play
Peddler - variable cost card

Young Witch - Bane card is a special defense card tied to it, but also the only time you'd have an 11-card Kingdom
Tournament - First card to use Non-Supply cards

Crossroads - first card to give +3 actions, but branch actions in limited quantities (since only the 1st one played does that)
Highway - reducing card cost DURING the action phase.  (Bridge and Peddler were only during Buy phase)
Ill-Gotten Gains - Curser that can't be blocked, and can't be repeated (playing it doesn't dole out more Curses).  Also, often ends in 2 piles empty on its own (since there's typically a 1:1 correlation with Curses and IGG being empty)

Dark Ages
Poor House - the first (and only) 1-cost card in the Supply
Knights - deck that's random/not-uniform (consists of 10 differently named cards)
Fortress - the only card that should NEVER be in the Trash

Baker - due to starting with a Coin Token, the first time that the 3/4 and 2/5 split can be "disrupted".. E.g. 4/4, 3/5, and 2/6
Taxman - can force a player to discard a specific card from hand

Distant Land - the scoring component of it requires it to be "activated", by playing it (onto your Tavern)
Hireling - Champion too, but this one you can buy... permanent Duration card
Relic - first Treasure that's also an Attack card

Fortune - first "doubler effect"
Bustling Village - first "village" that consistently grants +3 actions per play
Villa - lets you return to your Action phase from Buy phase

Fool - Lost In The Woods is not only the only positive State, but a whacky and controversial one at that!
Cursed Gold - you start off with it, and provides a lovely $3, but Cursing you is its stiff tradeoff
Changeling - for better and for worse, all cards that cost $3 or more interact with this

Black Market - 1st instance of letting you play Treasures before the Buy phase, but also creates a "random market"/"Center Row"/"Dungeon Deck"/"whatever DBG term you'd like to use" mechanic/"supply" of cards for you to buy from

Prince - A true, 8-cost action card, but also in function, as it's a "perpetual effect" that's applied to other cards

Stash - triggers every shuffle.  Also, its back is non-standard.  Displaying the Spiel De Jahres aware/logo to boot

Dominion General Discussion / Poor Scout
« on: February 08, 2018, 12:50:08 am »
I hear it's now a meme.  Has it really been buried away to all but the most nostalgic of Dominion players?

Do folks at least donate their Scout piles to others?  Do the potential recipients even accept them?

Do you at least use them as proxy cards?  If you lost a few Curses?

Otherwise, if you want to handicap good players, I suppose you can always require them to buy Scouts, else, they automatically can't win, regardless of their score  :P  As part of the "teaching game" newbies automatically LOSE if THEY buy them :D

Dominion General Discussion / will you miss small box expansions?
« on: January 18, 2018, 03:44:50 am »
Only had 3 of them...
Alchemy had some nice stuff and rated not badly at all, but the worst of them (unless you counted Dominion Online :p )
Corn. and Guilds got combined into a big box.

I myself liked all 3 of them.

IIRC, they weren't doing as well in sales vs. "regular"/"standard sized" sets.  Deemed overall "not as much value" so we won't be seeing anymore of them (although promos will still be a thing!)

Which ones?  Obviously, assume you haven't retired Thief to the 1E bin  ::)

Dominion General Discussion / The only good Scout...
« on: October 26, 2017, 03:41:07 am »
Is in Scouting Party.  That is all.

Dominion General Discussion / Reminder tokens?
« on: October 24, 2017, 12:12:59 am »
Played a 4p game, and completely forgot to cue my opponents if they wanted to trash any Fools Gold in hand when I bought Province.  :-[  And then a 2nd time.  :-[  They never bought one themselves (game with Colony).  There was Wall, so that would've been net 0, but with Tomb, it's +1 VP.  The Gold probably would've been more useful given deck dilution (we had 25 to 37 cards in our deck by game's end).  Regardless, it wasn't something we could rewind since they don't remember if they had any FG in their hand at time of purchases.  At least we remembered to trigger Inn's "Upon gain" ability, and Chancellor's "flip deck" one.

I'm thinking a token on top of the Province pile would've did the trick.  Ideally, a mini dry-erase board so that we could write "Fool's Gold", or abbreviate it "FG" if it can't fit that much text.  Separate tokens for each instance of reminder would be sweet, but too costly.  Otherwise, a generic token would at least be a visual reminder that we were supposed to do SOMETHING seems to be in order

Your experiences?

Dominion General Discussion / Teaching Dominion to young children?
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:25:18 am »
Wondering what others' experiences are with this.  We're talking 4yo to 10yo.

I'm guessing with 4yo to 7yo range, may want to do a "First Journey" type deal where you remove Provinces and Gold, and only use 4 to 6 Kingdom cards.  Even then, that should be curated for cards that would be too complex.  Duchies being gone ends the game.

AFAIK, it seems like folks are more on the extremes with the 1st Edition cards....
You like them as they are and wouldn't want to give them up, even if they aren't that great.
Good riddance, nothing to see, move along.

Wondering if there's any revitalized interest when you place Player tokens on them (from Adventures.. like +1 card, +1 coin, -2 cost), etc.  I asked about Adventurer, but the general consensus was "too little, too late".  And even then, you're probably better off putting them tokens on any other better action card anyways (of which there will likely be).

The designer diary mentions that it was always a 1-shot thing, even if not originally an event card....
Inheritance: Another one that was initially a one-shot Kingdom card. The big thing to muck with here was what exactly you could put the counter on. At one point Treasures worked; I tried letting it go on VP cards. VP cards were too automatic, and then it was simpler not to allow Treasures. There was also the question of when exactly the Estates were yours; some versions didn't work for when-buy abilities.

As you're allowed to assign the other player tokens (barring any restrictions like Seaway), would it have been that bad to remove the once per game clause from this?  I'm thinking if you do, then simply return the card set aside on the Inheritance token, and swap in the new card that you want to be the Inheritance

BSW, a player plays Cellar to discard his 4 Provinces to mulligan into better cards.  However, instead of his 4 Provinces getting "swept aside", they go flying off screen!  To that player's horror, he didn't play a Cellar.  He played a Chapel instead!

Use the "Play All Treasure" button on your Buy phase
... !! I can't undo, and I can't buy a Grand Market now!

I once announced I was buying an Ironworks.  A couple of players asked if I was sure, b/c I said "Ironworks", but grabbed a "Coppersmith" instead.  Double checking, I did grab a Copppersmith  ???  The art on the 2 looked similar enough that I got mistaken.  Unless a digital implementation could let me undo, I would've been stuck with the CS.

I've avoided buying cards, or having those cards in my hand that required excessive clicking, like Hamlet's "do you want to discard for +1 Action?"  "what about +1 buy?"

You hear someone say "Thief", "Militia", "Witch", "Spy", or "Bureaucrat", and reflexively respond with "moat!"

"Duration" has become an even more positive word
No offense to other games, but you're a bit apalled when their tokens aren't metal
When a board for 6 players is suggested, you feel like perhaps we should play two 3 player games instead?

When playing other DBG, you make sure you have enough actions to play cards, and buys to buy extra cards, even when it ain't relevant

You automatically count for 10 cards when picking up your typical pile.. on the table, taking it from the box, or returning it to the box

You've memorized all the cards for the next set/release/promos!
If not, you'll know them way before you know it!

You look forward to telling people why "big money equals instant win" isn't true by a long shot

You read all articles on
You read all articles on
You read all of the designer diaries

The 3/4 split, 4/3 split, 5/2 split, and 2/5 split mean something to you
You work out case scenarios for each of those opening hands

You look at random Kingdom cards and setups... online, at your FLGS, at game groups, at cons, etc., and wonder how YOU would go about that set

One set of cards has the wear marks of heavy usage, in sharp contrast to your brand new cards in other cards
You know a bit too much about card sleeves
You know the differences between brands, and thicknesses of them

You spend a good deal of time researching and devising storage and carry solutions

Seeing 2 empty piles in any board game puts you on high alert

When watching the Olympics, you have to take a moment to wonder why the bronze medal isn't the copper medal
You wonder why there's no platinum medal

You forget that Dominion is also the name of a titling company, power company, windows company, an alien race... a gazillion other things really

baklava, Chihuahua, gold clinking in your hands, lead into gold (or anything better than lead), the eggs are on the plate, making your grandparents proud (but not to worry what your parents think)

While you're still playing the beginning of a game, you're already thinking how great the next game will be (proof positive that there's not much difference between Dominion and crack!  :o )
"Just one more game!"
"Let's try the same setup!  I want to go a different path this time!"
If you're not going to win, you make sure you sit to the right of the player you think who WILL win the game
It's easier to just leave the game out for the next time you play

You nod in agreement with a tournament organizer modding Dominion games that randomizing kingdom cards for multiple tables, from just one complete series of sets of Dominion (from base game to whatever the latest expansion is) is kind of a "ghetto" way of doing it; as opposed to each table having their own complete set.

"The Donald" of course refers to Donald X  :-X

Dominion General Discussion / How many Events and Landmarks do you use?
« on: September 13, 2017, 02:57:28 am »
If one is familiar with the game, you could easily use something like 5, or 10 of each.

Do you have any set number?  Of each or combined?

Do you prefer to keep them within the confines of their own set?  Some of them require special components, but you can always break out Debt tokens if you have no Empire cards, but an Event/Landmark that uses them.

Do you cater for variety, like ensuring a player token one is available, or that there's going to be a cheap and expensive one?  Remove the meaningless ones, like Tomb if there's no way to Trash cards whatsoever?

I'm told that the 2-man team is now down to 1!  With software development, doesn't necessarily mean things will now take twice as long, but still sad to hear the news!

From the ones I can recall:
--It's very similar to Magic: The Gathering
Inspiration has been drawn from it, but otherwise, the way it sells is quite different

--There's also a 'D' in "ABCD"
Action phase, check!
Buy phase, check!
Cleanup phase, check!
Draw phase, NOPE!
Never mind that this isn't in the rules (Cleanup consists of the "draw 5 cards), but it's been pointed out that if it were true, this would've mucked with Outpost from Seaside

--The vertical strip label strip for the box insert wasn't originally included
That was actually thought up of by some user.  He uploaded the file so others could print it out, but the publisher ended up including that in later copies.

--the booklet that gives an illustrated, step-by step directions of several sample turns (including how actions work) was also included later on.

-- +1 action means playing an action
-- cards are played into your discard

The six from Adventurers.. +1 action/buy/coin/card, and Trashing and Ferry tokens.

I've done it on a couple of occasions:
1) When I ended up buying more of another action card, although admittedly, with better planning, I should've put it on the other action pile in the first place
2) When I ended up no longer having a use for that card in the first place

Similar deal here though, doesn't seem like it's worth spending the turn doing so in the first place (unless you have extra buys), and even then the $6 and $8 ones have to compete with Gold and Province.

Recall Ferry is a $3 event, place your -2 cost token an on action pile
No specific Kingdom.  More so an overall question given the vast, various situations that could be encountered

I'm thinking.. not really.  Adventurer cycles your deck quicker, it doesn't compete with Gold anymore, and $4 makes it more affordable it.  However, it should still net you $2 unless you can strip out enough of your Coppers.  This makes it on par with Silver, but does eat up an action.

I'll leave it to the community if they want to separate them into categories like below (benefits player, penalty, misc., whatever), or just lump them all together.

+1 action (from Lost Arts $6)
+1 card (Pathfinder $8)
+1 buy (From Seaway $5, Teacher)
+1 coin (from Training $6)

-2 coin cost (from Ferry $3)
Trashing token (from Plan $3)

Inheritance token (from Inheritance $7)
Journey token (multiple)

-1 coin (multiple)
-1 card draw (multiple)

Dominion General Discussion / Fond Dominion memories?
« on: March 06, 2017, 03:10:44 am »
These that stand out for me:
1) The year when Dominion came out at medium sized convention (about few hundred attendees).  I spent all day busy with other games that even though I added trying out Dominion on my "to play list", I never got around it.  I wondered if there were any copies for public use, and anybody left at 2am to teach the game.  Looking and asking around... there were 2 tables forming up, and I was able to join one of them!  8)  Did the First Game and Big Money presets!

2) As the expansions were coming out (from Intrigue to Prosperity), me and 1 to 2 others in a gaming group that normally gets 3 to 7 tables going at once (average 4 tables) would be the ones remaining into the night.  The guy who owned the sets of Dominion was also entrusted with the key to the venue, so we were able to stick around on account of being able to lockup the place.  We'd wind down the night with back, to back, to back, to back, to back games of Dominion, just going full random, and trying out various Kingdom card setups.  On more than one occasion, the sun was back up by the time we called it a "night".

As a bonus, I failed to buy some stuff from Trader Joe's the day before since they closed at 9pm.  However, it was now 8am, and I can now shop there now.  As a bonus, since I'm going straight home, I can now buy perishables, like milk and meat  :-*

3) Even though I realized this game would be so insanely popular that I wouldn't need to get my own copy (I could just play someone else's copy), I ended up getting the base game to introduce to a group of non gamers.  I sleeved the cards in standard thickness sleeves, and was able to improvise 5p games by proxying the cards with slips of paper.  We had less Coppers than usual, and we couldn't play with Curses, but it worked out pretty well.  They at least requested it 2 more times (with one of them introducing it to another person who they thought would like it), and even considered the lower price to be a good thing... cheaper than Ticket To Ride, even though it was $50, a mere $5 more, and has other types of components and a whole board to boot  ???  FWIW, they ended up getting Ticket To Ride instead of this (or if they did get Dom. it was after I left the group, so I wouldn't have known).

Dominion General Discussion / Rules mess ups you've seen?
« on: March 06, 2017, 02:57:38 am »
Nice thing about playing with a variety of groups... older/younger people, new to Dom. or vets of years, casual gamers or heavy gamers... you run into numerous rules errors encountered.  These are some I've noticed that stand out:

  • Cellar - Discard 2 cards to draw 2 more, then discard 2 more cards to discard 2 more...
If you want to discard 4 cards, they have to be at once
  • TR or Kings Court on Goons, thinking the gaining of VP tokens is also "multiplied"
  • playing cards into your discard - "what difference does it make?"
Are you drawing more cards?
Then you'll see

  • Contraband
Plays Contraband, then reveals entire hand to player on left... "What can't I buy"

  • "It's a shame I didn't have enough actions left to play my Loan"
  • Procession - "Now for my favorite trick, trash a $5 card, and get a Gold"
The card you're processioning into has to be an Action card
  • Using University to gain Duchies

Dominion General Discussion / Your fond memories with the 1e cards?
« on: March 04, 2017, 05:41:02 pm »
They were removed for a reason or two.  And while those reasons do make sense (overall too few usages, "forced usage", un-fun, etc.), that still doesn't mean I and my groups had fun with them.  What did you guys enjoy out of them?

Somebody managed to hit a Gold, and then go past 6 dead cards (Victory and Curses) to hit a Platinum.  Was just what was needed to buy a Colony, and get a turn back from NOT having a turn with 5 useless cards in hand for his next hand.

The groups I play with tend to either discover their fair share of strategies before me, or at the same time.  I was the first to combine this with Thief to set up Silver and Gold for the taking.  People were initially shocked that I told them to leave their Silver and Gold on top.  One of them even discarded it because that's the "default thing" that we've been doing, but I had to tell him to leave it on top, as I have a Thief coming up so I'm going to be nabbing the Gold soon!

Because it takes ANY treasure, it does create even more tension when you have Treasures that are more "exotic" than Silver and Gold (as opposed to Noble Brigand, even though it's regarded as better).  Venture and Platinum can also be yours for the taking.  Admittedly, other Treasures like Quarry and Loan aren't so great when you've utilized them to effect, so it is welcome to go away. 

Bandit, its 2e replacement still goes after those other "exotic" Treasures, but it just trashes them.  You don't get to nab them for yourself.  I suppose that nabbing it for yourself isn't as great midgame and on since you'll get much less uses out of them due to taking longer to reshuffle, but for our early games, it still contributed some part in not buying Gold or Silver, especially early on.

It's fun to TR or Kings Court this.  Otherwise, we did use it as a way around Embargo tokens for one game

I've seen games where this kicked ass.  I will confess they were most certainly the exception than the norm.  The one that stands out the most is when I played in a 4p tourney of this game...
4p game with P/C (plat. Colony)
The relevant cards (as I can't recall everyone of them)...
Venture, Loan, Quarry, Grand Market (GM)

I decided to get into Grand Markets by going Quarries.  It proved too difficult to get 2 of them together to get a guaranteed Grand Market (GM), and Silver wasn't that useful

p2 did Loans to trim his deck of Coppers
p3 Ventured her way to compete with the rest of us
p4 got a Chancellor early, and IIRC, sometime later flipped his deck as soon as he got a good card (Gold?  Grand Market?  probably Gold...) while his draw deck was full

I was hurtin'  :'(

At roughly 40% of the way through the game, p4 got his first Colony
p2 and p3 got theirs sometime later.  I wouldn't get my first Colony until about 80% of the way through the game.

p4 did well enough that he was getting a decent amount of Gold, GM, and Platinum.  He even apologized for taking so long for a few turns, but to be fair, I don't blame him... one case, it was roughly mid game and it was a bit of an important decision to decide if he wanted to do more on the engine side, or the green side.  For another turn, he had $18 and multiple buys, with no Copper in play (so GM were an option)

me: 35
p2: 50ish
p3: 50ish
p4: 80-something

Pretty much the feeling of "Just when you thought you were playing Dominion... nope!  THIS is Dominion!".

Tournament games had us play 2 games in a 1.5 hour time slot (we usually pounded out 2 within 45 minutes). For our 2nd game, we also had Chancellor. Also had Witch, Gardens, and the rest I can't remember (other than p4 from last game won on Gardens). After studying this game's Setup, he says that nope... Chancellor isn't worth bothering with on this Setup.

No major memories here.  It definitely got used in games where we were paying $18 for a Province, so this being the only source of +Buys helped with that.

Secret Chamber
Ditto here.. nothing major here, other than it was the 2nd Reaction card we've seen.  It was more tailored towards Attacks that have you flip up the top card or cards of your deck to swap something you'd like reveal instead.  So Silver into Silver instead of Copper into Curse vs. Swindler, or for Saboteur, may as well cycle through my Coppers.  Also to swap out inferior cards for better ones to be able to do better stuff on your turn.  I did manage to get a Province or Gold I otherwise wouldn't have been able to.

Great Hall
Peeps did like Upgrading Estates into this.  Otherwise, amongst groups that tend to rush towards these alternative Victory cards, this accelerated the game since the game would sort of "begin" with 1 empty pile already

The better someone's deck was, the better for you this was.  Again, my groups liked to go for the alt-Victory cards, but also the multi-type ones, which made that choice an interesting decision with this.  Also, fun when 2 Curses are flipped up (hey, you did Curse him :p), or Throne Room on Tribute to get 2 Copper, and then 2 Silver (so only $4 out of all of that :p)

Akin to Thief Trashing Treasures that normally wouldn't happen, this shares a bond with Bandit where it also got good Treasures into the Trash for other interactive purposes (see Thief above).  Here, you get more variety since it also goes after non-Treasures.  Folks losing Fairground was quite painful one game since they were worth 6pts to them!
Bandit (from base 2e) does go after the specialty/power treasures, so at least it creates a more diverse Trash pile there (for cards like Forager, Graverobber, Lurker, etc.)

It's hard, but fun to get this and Coppers when you've played multiple ones of them.
Otherwise, I've seen a few games where players managed to get 4 Copper and a CS to nab a Province

The discovery of this being good with the multi-types (e.g. Harem, Nobles, Great Hall), is kind of neat, even though it's another card that got deemed to be not so great.  Oh... drawing a whole bunch of even just plain Victory cards (no function on their own) paired up nicely with Secret Chamber or Cellar.

Oh.. putting cards in order was fun too.  With a Moat coming up and no actions, I could leave the what would've been a  dead card beyond my draw, and just draw the Victory and Treasures instead, leaving the action card for next turn.

Or with a Smithy, just put the Copper and Silver on top within the first 3, and leave the Gold out of Smithy's reach at #4 from the top of the deck.  The Silver and Copper will be enough to buy a Province (and no extra buys anyways), leaving the Gold for next turn.

I'm guessing First Game is the most popular since it often gets used as the intro game to the series, whether if it's just base game, or even if expansions happen to be available.
Cellar, Moat
Village, Woodcutter, Workshop
Militia, Remodel, Smithy
Market, Mine

Followed by Big Money as an immediately follow up to First Game.
Chapel, Chancellor
Bureaucrat, Feat, Moneylender, Throne Room
Laboratory, Market, Mine, Adventurer

I know many do full random to explore even more combos, but I'm interested in the ones as curated in the rulebooks.

Any cards, mechanics, and ideas that would work great in digital format, but would be impractical to do IRL?  This can include too much bookkeeping, stuff that would be too cost prohibitive, or otherwise impossible with the physical version.

Oh, one thing we actually did have was unverifiable claims.  Namely, Throne Room that says you need need to play an action card from your hand, but didn't have to reveal your hand to prove otherwise.  IIRC, another card was like this, probably also touched up with the 2nd edition wording.

As for other stuff...
1) cards that are assigned variable attributes and text on variable factors.  For example, what turn # you purchased them, how many Provinces have been purchased, are left, how many empty piles are left (City and Poacher deal with memory issues by just going with how many current empty supply piles there are, not when it was purchased), how many coins you paid to buy them, how many +Buys or +Actions you had, how many cards you had left in hand.

The card text can be written with the appropriate text at the time of purchase.

2) Specific cards that do extra things.  In an IRL game, you could take a sharpie and mark a card (making this change permanent, but work with me), or slip in a piece of paper if you sleeve your cards.  These cards have extra bonuses or penalties based on some other ruleset governing them.

Dominion General Discussion / Thematic presets?
« on: May 25, 2016, 02:20:02 am »
The presets in the rulebooks not only show off some interesting interactions of cards, combinations, and mechanics (new and old), but some of are well named, if not thematic.  Do folks have their own themes they try to set up?  "Gameplay balance" and "fun factor" not necessarily primary factors.  I've thought up of...

Chess board
Pawn, Page
Knights, Tournament
Kings Court, Throne Room
Fortress, Walled Village

Militia, Apprentice, Goons, Mystic, Cultist
Rats, Giant, Bridge Troll
Amulet, Gear

Page, Peasant, Guide
Rats, Giant, Golem
Amulet, Gear, Relic, Dungeon

Settlers of Catan
City, Farming Village, Highway
Thief, Market, Monument
Conspirator, Swindler
2 more random

Seafarers of Catan
City, Highway, Fishing Village
Thief, Market, Monument
Pirate Ship, Wharf, Merchant Ship, Cache

Cities & Knights of Catan
Knights, Fortress
Festival, Swindler, Merchant Guild
Alchemist, Saboteur, Doctor, Bishop, Spy
use Shelters

Puerto Rico
Governor, Quarry, Mine, Tunnel, Inn, Spice Merchant
Market, Grand Market, Wine Merchant, Merchant Guild

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