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Forum Games / Corrupt a wish: Dominion edition
« on: July 17, 2014, 05:18:27 am »
This is a pretty common forum game, so maybe a few of you already know what it is.

Basically, the first person makes a wish, then the next person grants the wish, but with some kind of loophole. Then the second person makes their own wish, and the next person corrupts it, and so on.

Poster 1: "I wish scout was action-victory worth 1vp!"
Poster 2: "Granted, but now it's also terminal."

I will start:

I wish for the 9th expansion.

I start with Pocahontas:

-Governor (Radcliffe)
-Native village (Obviously
-Workshop (I guess there's one in Jamestown)
-Haven (In London)
-Explorer (John Smith)
-Farmland (Indians' cornfields)
-Workers village (Jamestown)
-Rabble (People in Jamestown)

Actually looks like a pretty balanced set: villages, drawers, trashers. Although, in this case it would make more sense that Explorer would give you a Platinum if you revealed a Colony.

Variants and Fan Cards / Idea for a new reaction card
« on: September 05, 2011, 04:16:08 am »
I've been thinking this one few days and came up with this.

Because of reaction part being pretty long, nothing special for the action part. I've been thinking:

Trash 1 card
or maybe even mini-militia:
1$, everyone discards down to 4 cards
Making it first Reaction - Attack.

For the reaction part:

When another player plays an attack card, you may reveal this from hand. If you do, you discard or cain in hand a card costing up to $2. You cannot reveal more reactions against current attack after this.

The last part is because otherwise you would be able to empty any <2$ pile you like. Of course you can reveal another reactions before this.

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