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I know that decisions have been made and all, but I would personally enjoy a solitaire-only version of Isotropic, because that is really one of two reasons why I am any good at this game at all. Not sure if anyone else feels the same about this.

I would like an offline solitaire version, maybe with a bot (rudimentary, advanced, whatever).  I play Androminion way more than I should.

By the way, congrats on your new blue star. :)
Dunno what dougz is going to do with the code, but if he removes the card names I can totally see you/us playing solitaire isotropic on a local server in a few months, or see GendoIkari playing with his wife in a local network.
If he could be convinced to remove all the card-names from the game and release the code, you'd be 100% laughing.  Unfortunately, I think he is tied in some way to the developers (Donald et al) and the distributors (Jay et al), so I doubt he will do that. 

The mechanics of games are not protectable by copyright, so the game could simply be brought back to life with a new name, and all new card names.   Oh, how sweet that would be. 

This ship has sailed, iso is going away, stop making threads like this.  Seriously.  Donald X has signed with Goko, there's nothing that really can be done about that, even if he wanted to.
Buying FunSockets could change it, but the price tag for that would be fairly large. :P
Yes, I am sure of that.  I believe Funsockets to be created almost ENTIRELY as a company designed to be sold.  I would be  very surprised if they aren't sold to Zynga or some other online behemoth within the year. 

They have done everything to indicate this.  Minimal development costs (hey, who needs project managers?!?!)  .  Minimal licensing costs with maximum license names.  And unbelievable app costs, all based on the very waste-creating "coins" system.  THey have been designed from the ground-up, simply to be sold. 

From Donald himself.

It is not up to any rulebook to say that you can't use a memory aid; rather it is up to the rulebook to specifically allow it, or else you can't use one. It doesn't matter how much the game for you is not about this memorization, how much the memory thing seems tangential to whatever fun the game provides; you do not get to use anything other than your brain to handle that memorization, unless of course you are explicitly playing a variant. You also do not get to - and this is important - scrawl notes to yourself on your belly using your own blood.
Funny, you know, I wasn't really raising it as an issue, really just trying to identify who the "Invincible Overlord" was.   Have I identified him correctly?   

As to the playmat / scorepads in play...  They didn't really bother me, although I prefer to play against people who don't use them, so I'm good with the whole ruling here.  I do see where these things come from -- it's absolutely rife in Isotropic.

On another related note, I think it's a great sign for the Official online Dominion that counters are not supported.   :)    We all knew that bots were in use at Isotropic, so when they implemented an official counter, it wasn't unexpected, and actually just added some transparency to a process that we already knew existed.    I'm not sure how they stop bots from the Online Dominion (maybe, quite possibly they just can't), but at least it won't be "in the open", like it is at Isotropic, because that's really what's happened there -- the official counter has led to many people thinking this is an official way to play the game.   

Cheers for the clarification all.   


I actually did the Village/Smithy/Library combo and spun through my deck quite effectively, much to the chagrin of Ednever... However I thought I had card-counted his deck to 48 cards, and not 50. Hence he won 50 points that round to my 47. That and I only had 29 cards with my 3 gardens in my deck...  :o

Had I counted correctly, I would have tried to end the game by expiring a 3rd pile earlier...

It was a great experience, and 4 out of my 5 games were very close. Back to the grindstone...
Didn't you have some sort of custom play-mat, along with some intimidatingly large multi-sided dice for counting?   I wasn't convinced you were counting (although my daughter insisted you were), but that you were just trying to intimidate...  :)    I guess it worked, congrats on the win. 

I was there, and was one of the 4-1 players going into the Semis.  I played against Robz, who I believe was also 4-1, so I'm not sure about the equal distribution of the 4-1 players.   Our semi was a total fiasco from my point of view.  I got behind, and felt like I had to Saboteur.  It was a slow game, so I thought I could take out his golds almost as quick as he bought them.   THe other player did the same, so it's basically us (behind) trying to take stuff away from Rob.    But shockingly, we were unable to hit a single Province (as he bought them), and only one gold.  We basically saboteured every single SILVER out of his hand for him, as he upgraded to Gold!    So that game Rob won handily - 40something to 20something, and me heading home with my tail between my legs. 

That being said, the tournament was a load of fun.   I played against Matt A twice in the regular games, who I got the feeling was a really competent player from the Detroit region.  I lost once, and he lost once.   I thought he was 4-1 going into the semis too, but maybe not.

It was a great time, and Shiloh did a great job organizing.  There were glitches, but nothing that didn't get handled smoothly.   And I ended up with a set of the "Base Cards" from the raffle.     

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