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Power Grid General Discussion / Re: starting builds: the fundamentals
« on: September 16, 2014, 05:23:15 am »
I have also searched some online for a discussion about starting builds and choosing cities. You guys have brought up a lot of interesting strats and thoughts when it comes to the different plants (the maninmotion plant summary is awesome btw), but regarding city builds there is still need for some discussion. So Im trying to revive this thread a bit!

I think this might be the harder part of the game. It has been mentioned that turn order is key and so on, and we all know how the plants work as turn order tiebrakers. But since the amount of cities is the main determiner of turn order, it has an even bigger impact if you change up you build and double or triple build on the first turn.

My friends and I usually play 5-6 player games. In general I preferr to start with the 03/04, grab a city in a cheap area and then try to land a big plant on the second turn. This has put me in a great position most of the times, but it seems like as our power grid skills has increased this does not work out as good anymore. Lately there has been more "battling" on the map in our games, blocking and stalling has been more common.

Funkdoc, you touched on some interesting things that I have been thinking about. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to try these things in actual power grid games. But I have been thinking about...
- If the future market looks a little slow (in a 5-6p game), maybe it is a good idea to still grab the 03/04 but still triple build on the first turn in a cheap area. Then try to settle for a market mover on the second turn, Im thinking 15/16/18 or 09/10/12 as backups (11 is probably taken...)
- If you decide to double or triple build on the first turn, is it best to try to block off a decently cheap area which you then can expand into? Or is it worth going for cities with no or low connection costs? Im thinking about maybe the Essen area on the Germany map or maybe Savannah on the US map.

It is hard to simplify these kind of strategy thoughts into just a few examples, but thats what makes power grid such a good game... Maybe some kind of city list focusing on the early game (like the plant list on maninmotion...) is needed?  :D

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