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Interesting idea but a slight flaw there:
Island will be hit by the Golem. At least it is inconsistent to assume it won't be hit and at the same time can be brought back by inn...

You're right.  Darn.

Building on this idea:

Village, Chancellor, University (gain inn -> shuffle islands), Scrying pool, Crossroads x3 is still 7 cards.

Yeah, that's what I started with.  Alternatively, use Trusty Steed in place of the Village and Chancellor, but then the 4 Silvers give you three more cards than three Crossroads can reliably grab.  Even using the Inn to trade out two Silvers leaves one pesky card.  (I guess that's why Trusty Steed gives you four Silvers.)  I needed either a fourth Crossroads or a Watchtower to close, and that puts me back up at 7.

6 No Colony

Crossroads, Crossroads, Golem, Scrying Pool, University, University

Play University, gain Counting House
Play Golem; reveal Counting House; play Counting House; put 12 coppers in hand. All other cards are now in discard.
Play University; gain Inn; move 12 Islands, 1 Inn from discard to draw deck.
Play Scrying Pool; draw 12 Islands, 1 Inn, 1 curse.
Play Crossroads; reveal 12 Islands; draw 11 curses, 1 estate.
Play Crossroads, reveal 12 Islands, 1 estate, gain 11 estates.

GokoDom / Re: Kirian's Bracket, Week 2
« on: March 30, 2012, 04:15:31 pm »
--I win the Tournament battle but lose the province split because I didn't buy baron or courtyard.

His Followers attacks missed and I squeaked by.

--Go-broke-for-swindler game. I get more golds, he gets more silvers. He tries to go Duke, which is usually a mistake with swindler on the board (accelerated game if it hits province + swindle a duchy for lots of VP)

Swindlers are liars and jerks.  Dukes are pillars of the community.

--He swindlered my swindler  >:( Later luck doesn't help me overcome.

Ghost Ships are also jerks.  You all died of scurvy, OK, get over it.

Coppersmith IGG sneaks by upgrade IGG-> Fairgrounds. If he bought one more variety card before I threepiled i'd have a hard time coming back from the 6VP Fairgrounds. I won the IGG split handily, which helped.

I really, really wished for IGG->Upgrade->Fairgrounds to be better than IGG->Duchy.  But there were no 3s, so Upgrade wasn't that useful in increasing variety, and my Fairgrounds died on 14.

Hands down the best comeback of my tournament so far. My Courtyard-Baron doesn't fare well against silver-Baron (he doesn't miss), then my goons hits the reshuffle. Dghunter has a clear lead and starts trying to 3pile when I buy a second goons out of desperation (its not really a goons engine game, or at least my engine wasn't set up). Turn 15 I'm 12 VP down. Turn 16 I hit goons-Province for 8VP, returning goons with scheme. Turn 17 I hit double goons with exactly the right amount of cash to 3pile out with a 2 VP lead.

This was annoying.  I started trying for the 3-pile a little early, and he hit a nice hand.


His Ironworks-Hunting Party beats my Coppersmith-Hunting Party because he can use the Ironworks to gain a tiebreaker.

I'd never seen a board like this before -- Hunting Party with no attacks, no +buy, and no trashing.  Ironworks seemed like the only card that granted any kind of an edge in the Province race, but I still wasn't sure if I should open with it.  Being able to Ironworks Silvers was more useful then I would have guessed, and I got the better of the HP split.


I get an extra gold over his market in Masquerade-BM and win the province split.

I bought the penultimate province.  Shut up, that's why.

GokoDom / Re: IsoDom Challenge Sign-up
« on: March 17, 2012, 04:00:57 pm »
Dghunter79 of Los Angeles (pst). Not an elite player.

My favorite is Fortune Teller. The first time you ask for your fortune, guy's gotta send his consciousness sailing through the astral plane. But if he's told you once, and you ask him a second time -- boom, it's right there on the top of the deck.  He's just reminding you of what you both already know. Because your future is written.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: In which Sarah king's courts a golem
« on: January 04, 2012, 03:57:46 pm »

I thought of Possession right away, but the puzzle does say that she played the King's Court "out of habit." This means that she's the one who chose to play it.

Disagree.  Often when I play Possession I become aware of impulses and urges that I recognize are not my own.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: USE the CLUES to CRACK the CODE
« on: December 24, 2011, 03:55:37 pm »
To be honest, I kept myself from looking at the blacked-out cards that weren't purchased. Thus, I had considered Moneylender as an option for a little while, as it was within the viability range between Jester and Nomad Camp.

However, assuming that 8) was indeed Saboteur, how would Black's Moneylender be trashed? After all, a ;D was in the bin. For that to happen, Manheim needed to have bought a Saboteur as well, but he didn't have one, nor was there a Sab in the trash. Therefore, Loan stuck out as the better option.


Black still has a ;D in the deck. My assumption was that Manheim bought a Moneylender as well, but it was Saboteured before it could be played. Maybe it was a late buy because of all the Copper coming in.


Yeah, I didn't want it to be too easy, but I shouldn't have blacked out Mandarin or the other cards, since that eliminates any distinction between Loan and Moneylender.  It's a delicate art form.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: USE the CLUES to CRACK the CODE
« on: December 24, 2011, 12:57:10 am »
Tejayes got all three.  It was kind of a weird board, and it snowballed into such an unusual outcome -- I wanted to turn it into something.  Sincere thanks for playing!

Puzzles and Challenges / USE the CLUES to CRACK the CODE
« on: December 23, 2011, 10:27:38 pm »

The following is from a game log from a game that was actually played between two basically okay players.  Three of the cards have been encoded.  It's your job to figure out what those three cards were.  Cards that went unpurchased have been hidden.

There may be more than one possible solution, but there's only one BEST answer, and that's the set of three cards that is most likely to produce the game log below, if two basically okay players are playing to win.

Manheim wins!
All Provinces are gone.

cards in supply: Fortune Teller, Harem,  :-*;D , Mandarin, Nomad Camp,  8) , Secret Chamber, Village, and Wishing Well
Default card selection was used.  The point tracker will be available.

#1 Manheim: 48 points (4 Provinces, 4 Duchies, 4 Harems, 5 Estates, and a Curse); 26 turns
            opening: Nomad Camp /  :-*
            [44 cards] 4 Harems, 2  :-* s, 2 Villages, 13 Coppers, 5 Silvers, 4 Golds, 5 Estates, 4 Duchies, 4 Provinces, 1 Curse

#2 Black: 39 points (4 Provinces, 3 Duchies, 4 Harems, 5 Estates, and 7 Curses); 27 turns
         opening:  ;D  / Silver
         [40 cards] 4 Harems, 4  :-* s, 3 Villages, 1  ;D , 1  8) , 2 Coppers, 2 Silvers, 4 Golds, 5 Estates, 3 Duchies, 4 Provinces, 7 Curses


trash: 5 Coppers, a  ;D , a Silver, and a Nomad Camp

2011 / Re: 2011 Championships Registration
« on: November 23, 2011, 06:48:04 am »
Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8)

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