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Help! / My First Game Where I Go For Vineyards.
« on: March 04, 2012, 04:36:57 pm »
I think I only made 2 mistakes towards this strategy in that I bought 1 too many actions for the 4 point vineyards. The 2nd isn't really a mistake so much as a loss due to luck in that I didn't draw my potion during the last turn. I immediately went "No!" as I knew from my counting that I was going to lose without it. Unfortunately, Plague Zombie's buying of the last province proved my suspicions to be correct. Very gg.

Basically, I just want to know whether I made any other mistakes or if I should've gone for provinces with another combo or gone dukes. Very interesting board overall.

Game Reports / What happens when the Pope is also a Tactician?
« on: March 04, 2012, 09:46:03 am »
This happens, continuously.

^_^_^_^'s turn 15
(^_^_^_^ reshuffles.)
^_^_^_^ draws 5 cards and gets +1 action and +1 buy from the Tactician.
^_^_^_^ plays a Copper, 2 Golds, and 3 Platinums.
^_^_^_^ buys a Colony.
^_^_^_^ buys a Colony.
(^_^_^_^ reshuffles.)

My opponent was "Quick Kid smiles and". This was both hilarious and pretty fun. He went overboard on actions though and his Council Room helped me draw my Tactician a turn earlier a couple times. He was done for as soon as I chapeled my coppers away successfully. I also went against my usual tendency to always buy a silver. Well, good game.

Game Reports / The Golden Hunting Party/Ambassador Deck
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:00:45 am »

Today I played a game that was just plain awesome. It really shows off how when Ambassador is used well it can turn an entire game around.

My opponent and I fought an early Ambassador war that by turn 8 it was apparent my opponent had lost due to I playing Ambassador to give estates and coppers every single turn(and get rid of my own).

I expected to get 4-5 Provinces and so I had as many Hunting Parties as Provinces to prevent losing the search-draw ability due to each one doing the first draw on a Province. I created an idea for an equation of: 1Ambassador+XHunting Parties+1Silver+2Gold+XProvinces=Win, however, expecting myself to make a crucial mistake and be unable to pull that off, I was astounded when I actually did.

I considered getting a HoP but went against it deciding that it wouldn't contribute to my total $ and may end up just getting in the way. However, I saw that it would be able to get to exactly $5 each time it was played if I did buy it, so it was probably better to get one for the last 2 Hunting Parties and later on some Farming Villages(For finding my precious :3).

Generally it is basically a chapel deck with more trashing ability, the "chapel" not getting in the way nearly as much, the ability to always get those $8, and being able to fight cursers even more easily with the "chapel" being played once each turn. It is also faster but I would be interested in knowing which wins in the simulator when played against this: the classic chapel deck and the "Golden Deck". I would expect it to be either this deck or the "Golden Deck".

Golden Deck is a deck of just Gold and a Bishop in which you buy provinces and trash them with the bishop each turn for about half the vp but twice the efficiency you might otherwise have.

Dominion Isotropic / Bug: Isotropic Point Counter fails to count.
« on: January 28, 2012, 06:53:54 pm »
The point counter during this entire game kept saying only my score had changed, not my opponents. I went for IGG rush... The counter also miss counted my points and kept saying my opponents had 3 score, and at one point, 9, then back to 3 for one of them. I checked each turn. Any possible cause for this bug?

Game Reports / Pwning with Pawns.
« on: January 25, 2012, 06:14:55 am »

I played this game with the idea of a Pawn/Crossroads/Village engine, and thats what I ended up with. Since there were Islands and my opponent decided to go for Pirate Ship I knew I would end up with a thin deck and the Pawns together with 1-2 silvers and possibly a Gold if my opponent couldn't trash that would be enough for the duchies and islands and sea hag would get rid of the curses. It wouldn't be a fast game, that is for sure as you can't rush that many cards easily, but it would be faster than my opponent's strategy in terms of who gets VP first.

Not only that but my opponent let me buy all the Islands I would need early on. Actually, he let me buy more. With an army of Pawns I pwned the enemy. Ironically, he ended it himself without looking at the VP counter and let me win much more easily than I might've. If he had bought a few pawns however, he could've been buying about 2 duchies a turn with his Pirate Ships @$5.
Good game Gandi.

Game Reports / 2 Horns of Provinces. Was it the right strategy to go for?
« on: January 17, 2012, 07:23:55 pm »
Consider these cards in supply: Bazaar, Caravan, Fishing Village, Haggler, Hamlet, Horn of Plenty, Margrave, Merchant Ship, Noble Brigand, and Nomad Camp.

-Things I think I did wrong that come to mind is-
1) Noble Brigand isn't a strong attack, nor did it prove useful, more so just got it because I wanted another card for the Horns doubting whether it was worth it though.
 2) don't trash horns until the end of the game, just because u have $8 or more doesn't mean you HAVE to get a province. Get a Gold, Bazaar, another Horn, etc. instead. Something that improves your deck because the Horn will most likely get to $8 again in a mass draw deck prepared for its use.

We both opened 4/3 (him 3/4) with my opponent going first. He opted for a Fishing village/Caravan while I went for Caravan/Silver. The Nomad Camp looked shiny at first but then I realized that I wouldn't need it with all the other +buys unless I end up with 1 buy and $4 in which case it would strengthen my Horn of Province strategy I was planning on to ultimately win the game. I also didn't go for a Fishing Village because I felt like I could get them a lot when I would need them but this early a silver would be better and make my strategy faster than his.

I won the Caravan race but I think I may have been better off with skipping on 2-3 of the FV buys. I had too many actions at times and at others too many buys. More +draw is what I needed. Maybe more Hamlets? However, FV did help towards a 3 pile ending.

I got 1 more Margrave than my opponent and as such could cycle through my deck a LOT easier. Combine that with caravan and FV's +1 action +$1 and I had an awesome deck that would rarely draw dead actions.

2 Hagglers made it so that as the game went on my deck just became more and more powerful. I could mass buy duchies and estates without worrying about my deck becoming a mess of victory cards because I would have other cards to counteract them and balance out my deck. FV and copper gains here I do believe were the right choice. (Turn 18)

I ended up winning but we both made lots of mistakes, I am sure. How would you have played this set up? Would you ignore HoP entirely or gone for HoP?
Here is the game log:

Dominion General Discussion / The longest turn you've ever played?
« on: January 12, 2012, 05:22:05 pm »
I've been wondering what the longest turn ever played was after I decided to toy around with KC combinations through some solitaire games. Here is the longest 2 turns I churned out.
Turn 26 and 27. I find it hilarious that I end the game on 4 piles, and yet the provinces are still at 1 going "Lonely.... oh so lonely....." =p

what are some of the longest turns you've ever played?

Rules Questions / Peddler in Black Market. Costing... $8?!?!?!
« on: December 27, 2011, 08:53:09 am »

On turn 18 my opponent drew a peddler from the BM. He said it still costed $8. Is this supposed to be this way and why? It should've costed only $2 to get. Thanks in advance.

This question is aimed at those higher ranked players at Level 25+ @ Isotropic.

My question is if you were forced to restart right now at level 0 (for w/e reason) how long would it take you to get to your current level? Would it be faster or slower or just about the same pace? Why? How long would it be in relation to your original pace at climbing the levels?
edit: Ok, from now on state how much you might play too please. (I doubt anyone will play 24/7)

Game Reports / Epic Game of Lv 20s v Lv 10s v Lv0(me)
« on: December 17, 2011, 08:54:26 pm »
Justinj-Lv10s (I forget exact levels I think his was 13)
Adept42-Level 20s (think this was 24?)
Epic game in which the last person you would expect to be in 3rd place ends up in 3rd place. I used some tricks with my Apprentices to try to get a lead but it just wasn't enough. GG and Well played to either of you 2 that sees this. This took a while to play but the result was quite surprising.

Help! / Tips wanted on game. 3player
« on: December 16, 2011, 10:44:40 pm »

Thought I would post this here since there isn't the thread where noobs would post their games and get them reviewed anymore which was here when I first came to this forum(I can't find it through search :( ). So, basically in this game I won with Silk Roads since I couldn't get Border Villages and Provinces. My first game that I've won without using either gardens or a bunch of provinces. Also, I almost made 8 estates for piledriver :(

I and some people I play that are on around the same time as me are having this same bug in-game. Isotropic randomly stops responding to commands. Sometimes it will look normal other times the +$3 etc. buttons will be white-faded text instead of bold.

Also, any text I type and hit send for will disappear from where I typed it but will not show in my chat log. This has caused me to have to close the tab for isotropic in quite a few games(and as a result lose them). Only been happening after the add on of the new expansion. (as a side note I am returning to Dominion after a 4-7 (I'm too lazy to count) months break).
Occurred when:
-Buying a card for my deck
-Start of my turn
-Start of opponent's turn
-during 3/4 player games
-while using most updated versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
-while using slightly older versions of above.

I've found many players including myself to require help on isotropic on how to use the Require Card(s): option. If a explanation about how to use it and also the fact that it only works in proposed games would be incredibly helpful to those that toy with it and have no idea what they are doing. They ask in the lobby, no one knows. They ask in game, no one knows. They give up, for no one knows. This really needs to be added to the FAQ. Thoughts?

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