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Goko Dominion Online / Something I Found Interesting
« on: February 19, 2013, 10:32:08 pm »
Apparently Flash is needed to view my avatar on '' but not in the games themselves. My laptop currently doesn't have Flash enabled, and instead of the avatar I see a small paper 'image' that means that I can't view the image.

Just thought I would share, and I found it interesting since they are all about html5 :)

Game Reports / One Draw Nets The Win
« on: February 15, 2013, 05:07:49 pm »

My very last turn won me this game... barely.
---------- ^_^_^_^: turn 23 ---------- ^_^_^_^ - plays Market ^_^_^_^ - shuffles deck ^_^_^_^ - draws Province ^_^_^_^ - plays 3 Copper, 1 Silver ^_^_^_^ - buys Estate ^_^_^_^ - gains Estate ^_^_^_^ - buys Estate ^_^_^_^ - gains Estate ^_^_^_^ - draws Province, Silver, Gold, Gold, CopperNote: enough to buy the last Province myself! :3

Game Reports / Is Remodel Pretty Good With Gardens and BM After All?
« on: February 14, 2013, 08:24:17 pm »


Remodel doesn't work well with BM. What about Remodel/BM with Estates turned into Gardens into Gold? :3

Pretty fun game, albeit with a bot. Not sure how well this works vs human players.


Obviously, The Cave of Wonders is a player I shall keep out of my games from now on due to his small insult, and I am posting this here so that other players know as well...

(followed by his leaving)

Discuss. (Also is there a way in the server to keep him out of my games without having to look at his user first?)

Game Reports / How did I win?!?
« on: February 12, 2013, 06:37:30 pm »
I used the line of "Hey! You broke the rules! Cheater! I wanted that Province!" When the PPR was broken. :P
Also said PLZ DO NOT HAVE $5! ... NOT $5!... PLZ... PLZ BE $4... PLZ!" in the suspense of the last turn with the last province, last duchy, and 2 Estates on the board.
I had 51 cards vs my opponent's 44 cards in deck at the end of the game.

How did I win?!? Did my extra Coppers and Golds win it?!? I had smaller turns and tons of turns with bad Village luck and I lost the curse split 6-4.

One turn I hated:
^_^_^_^ - plays Cellar ^_^_^_^ - discards Curse ^_^_^_^ - discards Province ^_^_^_^ - discards Duchy ^_^_^_^ - draws Gold, Copper, Estate ^_^_^_^ - plays Smithy ^_^_^_^ - draws Curse, Village, Village [VILLAGES CURSED ME!] ^_^_^_^ - plays 1 Gold, 1 Copper ^_^_^_^ - buys Estate ^_^_^_^ - gains Estate

Game Reports / I blame Donald for this loss.
« on: February 10, 2013, 10:50:34 pm »
This is what I get for watching AdamH's game vs Donald. A loss by 1 Duchy.

Game Reports / Bankering on the Banker becoming Broke!
« on: February 09, 2013, 07:01:00 am »

I started off with Chapel/Village. "WTF is he getting a village for this early... and with Chapel?!?" is what I would most likely think if I was my opponent... wait... umm... try to read that right?  :o

K so then I eventually get 2 silvers, some villages, and 2 Thieves. MWUAHAHAHAHAAA ALL YOUR GOLD IS MINE!

Next in line, 2 Witches because I can!

Banker Bot: Draw Buy Draw Buy Draw Buy Fricking Curse Draw Buy Draw Buy Draw Buy Their growing ;o Draw Buy Draw Buy NOOO NOT THE LAST PROV.....................

My first game against a bot in 2player mode on Goko, and a fun one at that. :3

Banker Bot: 3 Silver, 1 Gold, 1 Copper.

What are some general things you wish you knew when you started Dominion?

I thought we could make a list of everything we wish we knew when we began our journey into this wondorous game of medieval strategy.

I wish I understood/knew how the reshuffle worked.
I wish I knew that I should focus on making engines, not Big Money, in most of my games.

Game Reports / What did my Opponent do wrong that lead to my win?
« on: December 06, 2012, 05:30:14 pm »
I'm rather confused about what it was that my opponent did wrong that lead to my win. Was it just that the available actions were just that weak that my BM-focused deck was just strong enough to win?

Dominion Strategy Wiki Feedback / A quiz feature? :D
« on: December 02, 2012, 05:01:50 pm »
Referring to:

Can we have a quiz feature on the Wiki? So that way if someone wants to test their knowledge of Dominion they can? Possibly generate 5 different questions randomly out of at least 20 or so questions? :)  This makes great use of Qvist ;)


In this game I won via 3 pile of Market(Opponent's favorite card next to silver and gold), Curse(Witches o.o), and Throne Room(My creative way to get +Actions).

Things to note otherwise:
-New player, Lelouch vi Britannia, that I went on and gave a few tips like Penultimate Province. I also introduced him to
-Owns Dominion and lives in England. Hopefully he shall join us here at the forum, and those of you living in England can play w/ him irl.
-This isn't so much about the game itself as much as it is about the possibility that we may have just gotten a new victim member to our site.
-Also, I am back, although I am significantly more inactive than in the past. I shall be playing more online from now on, starting December 25th.

In this game I started off 5/2 versus my opponent's 4/3. I went 5/2 Market/Chapel Figuring that my opponent wasn't a player I knew for loving Ambass/Ambass (Or knew at all for that matter). I saw that if he didn't go for Ambass he may try Trade Route or a weird combo of both. However, it was obvious that Market and Caravan would play a big roll anyways so centering my whole game around Markets wouldn't be a bad idea since, at least in theory, someone mass buying $5 cards should do better than someone mass buying $4 cards. (assuming cantrips)

My opponent went Caravan/Gold/Silver for the most part. Focusing on Gold towards the end. His deck however wasn't well made to handle green cards unlike mine made so as to draw more than the whole deck before even buying my greens, as well as having extra markets. Basically I built up an advantage just before going for greens. I then made sure that my plan would work as I finished the market pile after he finished the caravan pile. One pile left. Greens to go for... need a low pile.... he went Ambass... Hmm... wonder what pile.... I have no idea... Maybe... Oh, Estates? I guessed Pearl Divers, dang...

So, basically my plan was to slowly dwindle the Estates down but keeping them around 4-5. This way only I could buy them all in 1 turn easily and I could make sure I had more VP when I did. Sun unexpectedly used his last turn (although he didn't know it then obviously) to buy 2 estates. He put himself just 2 points above me, but I bought the last 3 estates with $4 to spare(would've ended it without his help  8) ), ending the game on a 3-pile Markets, Caravans, Estates and 1 point ahead.  ;D GG Sun!

Dominion General Discussion / Speculating Alt VP Hell
« on: August 28, 2012, 03:28:24 am »
I read the Alt VP article, then this happened...

Okay so, Iso decided to fit every alt VP card (Except Tunnel) into 1 game in a proposed game with Silk Road in it. I call it Alt VP Hell. You can probably see why.

cards in supply: Apprentice, Duke, Fairgrounds, Farming Village, Farmland, Gardens, Goons, Horn of Plenty, Potion, Silk Road, and Vineyard

Okay so let's say you had to play this set up, what is the best opening? I started 5/2 , my opponent 4/3. (I lost :S)
What's the fastest rush for this?
What is the best way to get more points than that rush by the last turn in the rush?
What's the best strategy overall? Apprentice/Goons/FV/? ???

I have a suggestion if at all possible. Can we have a way that we can just click something next to the post that will send us to the same page but made such that it sends us straight to that post and we can just copy+paste the URL to send it to someone to reference that exact post?

Example: Note: Take the #14 out(14th post) and you are left with the topic instead of that exact post.

The reasoning behind this is that it improves many things like if you want to link to exactly where someone said (example) "Wharf doesn't clash as often as Smithy in a BM deck, here are simulation results for proof that Wharf is better than Smithy in this case."
In a topic where there are lots of large wall of text messages then you are going to have some trouble. Plus, it just makes life more convenient overall. 

Game Reports / Tribute/Consp/Scheme/Lookout wins?!? HUH?!?!?
« on: August 15, 2012, 03:39:54 pm »
5/2 5/2 both start out with Tribute, I decide to try basing my deck off the card combined with consp and lookout to trash non actions(so his tributes just become +4actions)
How did I win?!? :o Is tribute actually pretty good? ??? Does it suddenly like me because I made it my avatar?!?  ;D

I've never played a game until now where my deck was based off of Tribute, usually got 1-2, but never this many. 4 Tributes, making up the biggest #of 1 card in my deck.

Also, worst lookout ever last turn :'( :

 ^_^_^_^'s turn 20 
   ^_^_^_^ plays a Lookout.   ... getting +1 action. 
 ... (^_^_^_^ reshuffles.)   ... drawing 3 cards.   
... trashing a Province.   ... discarding a Province.   
... putting a card back on the deck. (province)

Note: 12:50AM game, really bad time to play but I couldn't sleep :P
In this game I went for Silver/Wishing Well/Remake/Highway/Gold
At first, I wasn't sure what strategy was good on this board, then I saw Remake and went "hey, why not!" Then I saw Wishing Well, Then I remade a WW into a Remake and a Remake into a Highway. Then I knew the best strategy for this board would be this 4 card combo. Later I realized I needed a +buy so I got Horse Traders.

Now what's amazing is the first few(3rd-6th) turns with WW. Look at this:

 ^_^_^_^'s turn 5 
^_^_^_^ plays a Wishing Well.
... drawing 1 card and getting +1 action.
... wishing for a Remake and finding one.
^_^_^_^ plays a Remake.
... trashing an Estate.
... gaining a Wishing Well.
... trashing a Silver.
... gaining a Remake.
^_^_^_^ plays 3 Coppers.
^_^_^_^ buys a Wishing Well.
(^_^_^_^ draws: a Wishing Well, a Silver, and 3 Coppers.)
Every time I was right on my guess due to 'controlling my deck' ;)
What was my opponent doing during all of this? Well... I'm not too sure, but I think he was trying to Scout out some Crossroads and Highways to report back to his contacts that included 1 group of Smugglers and 2 groups of Horse Traders.
(his actions) 5 Crossroads, 4 Highways, 2 Horse Traders, 1 Remake, 1 Scout, 1 Smugglers

Big Mistakes I made:
 ^_^_^_^'s turn 14 
^_^_^_^ plays a Wishing Well.
... drawing 1 card and getting +1 action.
... wishing for a Highway but finding a Gold instead.
^_^_^_^ plays a Wishing Well.
... drawing 1 card and getting +1 action.
... wishing for a Highway but finding a Wishing Well instead.
^_^_^_^ plays a Horse Traders.
... getting +1 buy and +$3.
... discarding 2 cards. (gold, province instead of province, province ._. fail.
^_^_^_^ plays a Gold.
^_^_^_^ buys a Wishing Well.
^_^_^_^ buys a Wishing Well.
(^_^_^_^ draws: 3 Highways and 2 Wishing Wells.)

I waited way too long before buying the HT. Also, at times I should've stuck with 1 wish instead of switching between 2. Anyways, this was still a really nice WW game and I'm surprised I did so well since I haven't used WW or Remake in many months (how long was I gone before returning?)

Game Reports / Gardens Versus Bishop Counter
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:40:24 am »
(Will replace with CR link when it comes up)
In this game my opponent, roucoulade(weird name o.O), went for the Bishop counter to Gardens. This was, somewhat surprisingly, my first time playing against the Bishop Counter. I went for a Workshop/Gardens deck going Workshop/Gardens/Estate 3 pile. I got to the point of having only 6 Workshops and an Estate, when I paused. I could tell his deck was about to climax. I rushed to end the game, hoping for some miracle to work itself. At the last turn I was down by 3 points, he just bought a province. I said to myself "Oh THIS BETTER WORK!!!!" Used workshop to get the last workshop and bought a copper.

#1 ^_^_^_^: 35 points (6 Gardens [40 cards] and 11 Estates); 18 turns

#2 roucoulade: 32 points (26 ▼ and a Province); 17 turns

^_^_^_^ wins!
Estates, Workshops, and Gardens are all gone.

I was shocked for a second, expecting to have lost. :o I barely reached the 40card mark to end it, 3 points ahead. Then I read the confirming two letters, "gg". I hesitated, then typed gg as well. My opponent returned to the lobby.

Game Reports / Archetype vs ^_^_^_^ (For Fun) Best Of 5
« on: August 13, 2012, 12:01:56 pm »
The Ambassadors and Governors Discuss In The Throne Room With Embargo All Around.
Very fun game. 6 Embargo's bot, 4 used. Governor and Ambass both on the board as well making for a hilarious game overall. I opened Ambass/Ambass while he opted for the inferior(in my opinion!) opening Ambass/Silver. We joked throughout the games as I called Ambass/Ambass 'the ultimate opening'.

then I got a TR and Embargo. The idea being that if I TR Embargo I get 2x the curses on 1 pile or 1 curse on 2  ;D . I also could give him lots of cards through Ambass. All while making my deck smaller and more effective.

He went for another silver and then a potion. Seeing this and also seeing that Golem was the only card he could buy with potion, I of course used TR Embargo on Golem. He however did buy it. He later Embargoed the Governor's but still bought himself 1. I bought 2 more for a total of 3.

I moved into an Ambass/TR/Governor strategy accompanied by Embargo when I got less than $4. I would like to see what Archetype's thinking was this game. Didn't really understand what he was going for. o.O At the end of it, the score was 41^_^_^_^-11Archetype 7prov for me, 1 prov for him. For exactly what Victory cards we had and how our turns played out, please refer to the log.

1 ^_^_^_^  - 0 Archetype

Bidding In The Grand Market.
It was my turn to get destroyed. The GM's loved him, hated me.  :'( I got 2/5 versus his 4/3. I went nothing/Embassy he went Steward/Silver. I have no idea whether I made the right choice, or if I should've gone with something like a Stables/Cache opening. My thinking was that I could discard all the coppers away to make room for GM, later I switched into a Stables strategy. Got 1 GM. 33 Archetype - 23 ^_^_^_^ 5prov-2prov

1 ^_^_^_^ - 1 Archetype

Counting The Money In The Bank, One Haven Copper at a time!
Now this had me looking like this after.  ??? Apparently Counting House/Bank is better than Haven/Bank. The log kinda says it all. We joked around, I was going "what is he doing O.O" when he opened Haven/Haven versus my Silver/Silver. I considered that I would go pure CH/Bank only getting a Gold when I had $6. I didn't give into  CH until I got $5 draws 3 times in a row. 31 ^_^_^_^ - 30 Archetype (1 Point!)

2 ^_^_^_^ - 1Archetype

I'll post the rest of the games along with my thoughts on them in a couple hours. GG's Archetype! That was fun! Hopefully you can give your own thoughts as well  :)

Game Reports / Ambass+Transmute+3players=Transmute wins.
« on: March 25, 2012, 05:37:48 am »
This game was crazy fun and I went for a pure-ambass attack in which I was hoping we would end up with decks that wouldn't be able to buy provinces and would 3-pile with curses for a hilarious ending of negative points etc. Unfortunately, that foolish plan didn't work.

What did work was using the time bought from ambass to go for Transmutes. My opponent got at least 6 gold from transmutes and won. Crazy, crazy game. What strategy would you have gone?

Dominion General Discussion / Best Card Sleeves for Dominion?
« on: March 17, 2012, 11:39:31 pm »
What are the best Euro card sleeves for Dominion?
edit; with a link if possible.


I had quite a few chances to start going for this but didn't until now when I went "you know what? I'm gonna 3 pile with curses!" My plan was 3 piling curses/villages/schemes/hamlets(whichever 3 emptied first). My opponent immediatelly resigned and left without even a gg. I wondered if he considered what I did rude.

Dominion General Discussion / How do you set up the game IRL?
« on: March 14, 2012, 04:24:47 pm »
How do you guys set up the game in real life games? Do you put it vertically like the image ver of Iso, horizontally like the text ver, or something totally different? I'm thinking of finally buying the base and 1-3 expansions some time between now and November. I will of course buy Cornucopia just in time for Thanksgiving :) . I want to think of some different ways to set it up.

edit: Also, what about the mats? What do you do with those? Island, Trade Route, NV, etc.

General Discussion / Static Shock Fans?!?
« on: March 13, 2012, 08:00:16 pm »
Are there any fans of the super hero comic Static Shock here? I was full of disappointment when DC announced they would stop the comics. Then I searched around on the internet and found a short that was being made of Static Shock, watched the trailer and music video, and went "Sweet...". I've heard of plans to release it at the end of March at the earliest on Youtube.
Music Video:
Their Site with Pics, Music Video, Awesome Home-Page art, etc.
I can't wait for this to get released on Youtube! They've been working on this for months and the special effects are awesome! The trailers make this look like it isn't really that good but they were made when it was still in a lot of production. It is almost ready to go on Youtube now and it looks amazing. =)

Game Reports / A Monumental Victory!
« on: March 12, 2012, 11:10:33 pm »
In this game I won due to copying my opponents strategy while getting 3 Monuments. My idea was to get extra VP from the Monuments then 3-pile with my opponent's +buy strategy. He basically causes his own loss due to forced help at 3-piling :).

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