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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion Achievements
« on: October 23, 2014, 04:07:00 pm »
Time Travel: Put a Doctor on top of your deck with Secret Chamber.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: silverspawn's card list
« on: October 22, 2014, 10:10:58 am »
WW's power rankings
the one where forager was above fishing village?

Hey, I only ranked them by design, not by correctness.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: silverspawn's card list
« on: October 20, 2014, 10:59:55 am »
Oh, this is tedious. I'm not so much interested in the bottom of this list, because well, most of us know about the flaws some of the cards have, there won't be many surprises. I'm much more interested in the top part of this list - which cards are best designed? That's a discussion I look forward to. But that's still a long way to go.

I'd be interesting in your ranking of how well designed the various ranking lists are.

9. Goko Casual Ranking List
8. Goko Pro Ranking List
7. silverspawn's overpowered/underpowered ranking
6. JSH's art rankings
5. silverspawn's card list
4. WW's power rankings
3. Qvist's Dominion Card List
2. Isotropish rankings

1. SirPeebles' Dominion Top Ten: Facial Hair

Dominion General Discussion / Re: silverspawn's card list
« on: October 20, 2014, 04:51:53 am »
Oh, this is tedious. I'm not so much interested in the bottom of this list, because well, most of us know about the flaws some of the cards have, there won't be many surprises. I'm much more interested in the top part of this list - which cards are best designed? That's a discussion I look forward to. But that's still a long way to go.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: silverspawn's Design Rankings
« on: October 16, 2014, 11:26:41 am »
In this thread, heavily inspired by jsh's art rankings, I will rate all official Kingdom cards by their design. This is most closely related to how fun I find them to play with, and may or may not include other aspects as well. The purpose of this thread is to spawn discussion, promote good cards, and generally as an excuse to talk about dominion. And, of course, this is all just my personal opinion, and it's even more subjective than power level.

I won't do ruins, individual knights, and prizes, because they're really impossible to rank. Is ruined library a better card than followers? Well yea, probably. But that's silly. Oh and, I will of course start with the worst cards, so there'll be a lot of negativity, but only in the beginning.

Onto the list.

Spawn discussion, ha ha.

Carry on.

Game Reports / Re: A Scout board (kind of)
« on: September 24, 2014, 05:36:52 am »
Yeah, I think when I bought that last Minion, it was still too early for Remodel (there wouldn't have been any targets).

Game Reports / A Scout board (kind of)
« on: September 23, 2014, 02:55:25 pm »
I had a game where I actually bought Scout! These are rare enough to share it here:

Code: [Select]
Pearl Diver, Stonemason, Feast, Remodel, Scout, Catacombs, Counterfeit, Margrave, Minion, Rabble
Strategy is pretty simple: A Minion rush with Counterfeit support. There are no villages, so any terminal will slow me down. When I get to $9 and buy the last Minion, I'm wondering what to do with my $4. And I actually go for Scout. There is a lot to support this: Counterfeit clears the Coppers, but leaves the green cards in the deck, Minion lets you make use of the filtered top of your deck immediately, and Pearl Diver can put these green cards on top of your deck for Scout to pick them up (there's an awesome combo, someone should write an article about: Pearl Diver/Scout. Completely overpowered.). I actually have one glorious moment that I will tell my children and grandchildren about when my Scout flips over four green cards.

The end game was probably bad on my part, should have gone for Remodel earlier to pile out those Provinces.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Wartorn Province
« on: August 04, 2014, 05:04:31 am »
Yeah as is, it sounds really strong. In no trashing games, you're getting a 5vp card for $5. And in engine type games you can just rebuy your estates near end game and you still get a 5vp card for $5. I think you need to limit how reliably you can actually get that value. Maybe if it trashes either two estates or one of any other victory card?

If it is too strong, I would suggest bumping it down to 5 VP before adding more complex clauses. Or maybe bumping the price up to $6. If the "counts as a Province" clause is removed, the card has the advantage of being super-simple.

I think a relatively simple fix for the "Estate problem" would be adding a clause "In games using this, always use Shelters instead of Estates".

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Wonder
« on: July 21, 2014, 09:32:38 am »
I think my main issues with the penalty as it is are:

1. It's super swingy. Unless you're able to draw your hand, whether or not you have that Province in hand comes down to luck.
2. I think the purpose of alt-VP cards is to provide an alternative strategy to the usual Province race. This card does not do that, instead it even enforces a Province race (because without getting Provinces, this card is useless).

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Wonder
« on: July 21, 2014, 08:00:46 am »
Technical things first: I think you want this to say "worth 0 VP" somewhere; it's a VP card after all. Also, in order not to get a ridiculous stacking effect (unless that's what you want), you could maybe change the wording to: "At the end of the game, count the VP of all your VP card that are not Wonder. This is worth the amount of VP you counted."

As for the card: I think the on-gain effect is too harsh. That way, this card basically costs $16 (a Province + $8 from this), and you have to have the Province in hand in order to be able to gain it. And you're right, Swindler is a big problem.

One alternative penalty I can think of is "when you gain this, trash all cards you have in play". This makes Swindler less of a problem (there's an interaction with duration cards, but that's not too bad). It also has an effect that once you get your Wonder, your deck is crap, so it's only a good buy as a finisher. It also mimics sacrifices, maybe even better. Megaturns might be a problem, but not really a bigger problem than a megaturn piling out the Provinces.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion oxymorons.
« on: June 24, 2014, 08:16:05 am »
Embargoed Contraband.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Really bad card ideas
« on: June 16, 2014, 06:10:57 am »
Iron Throne
Cost: $5

You may play an Action card from your hand twice.  If you do, each other player chooses to either discard two cards or gain a Curse.


Setup:  Each player who loses this game dies.

Iron Throne
$5 Action

You may play a card from your hand twice. If you do, if it's an...
Action card, +1 action
Treasure card, +$1
Victory card, +1 card

Iron Bank
$10 Action/Treasure

+1$ per Treasure card you have in play
+1 action per Action card you have in play
+1 card per Victory card you have in play

Iron Prize
$0* Action - Prize

Each opponent reveals the top 2 cards of their deck and trashes one of the revealed cards costing up to $6 that you choose. Gain a card costing up to $6 that shares a type with one of the trashed cards. If it is an
Action card, +2 Actions
Treasure card, +2 coins
Victory card, +2 cards

(This is not in the supply)

Help! / Re: How would you approach this board?
« on: June 10, 2014, 03:09:21 am »
The key cards here I think are Menagerie, Border Village, Outpost.

I think you want to trash down quickly the the beginning. So a standard Chapel/Silver opening. Add a second Silver and a Poor House to get to six coins, grab Border Village/Outpost ASAP for the +buy. Then Menageries and a single Gold. Maybe add Masquerade. For opponents Masquerades, it might be best to hold onto some junk cards. With all the trashing and passing going on, IGGs can and should be ignored. Along the way, a single Bishop should be added. Once your deck has 1 Silver/1 Gold/1 Platinum and a Poor House as payload (getting to $11), and enough Menageries to consistently draw your deck (and at least two BVs), you can buy and trash two Colonies/turn.

Help! / Re: What
« on: May 22, 2014, 07:12:48 am »
Colliding your opening buys on turn 5 is extremely bad no matter what they are.

Edge case: Curse/Curse.

You're not doing it right. If oyu collide your opening buys Curse/Curse T5, your opening buys were Curse/Curse, and that's also extremely bad for you.

The real edge case of course is:

Board with Baker and Doctor. T1, use coin token, buy Doctor, overpay with 3, thrash 3 Estates. T2, have 5 Coppers, buy Bandit Camp. T3, have 2 Coppers, Doctor, (reshuffle) Bandit Camp, Copper. Play Bandit Camp, draw Copper, play Doctor, trash 3 Coppers, buy Masquerade. T4, draw Copper, (reshuffle) Spoils, Bandit Camp, 2 Coppers. Play Bandit Camp, draw Doctor, play Doctor, trash 1 Copper, buy Goons. T5, collide Bandit Camp/Doctor with Masquerade, Spoils, Goons. Play Bandit Camp, draw Copper, play Goons, play Masquerade, draw Copper, Copper, pass Doctor. Buy King's Court. That wasn't so bad, was it?

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 7 Discussion Thread
« on: April 13, 2014, 12:38:42 pm »
faust vs Jimmmmm

Game 1 Jimmmmm wins

Code: [Select]
Vineyard, Great Hall, Sage, Shanty Town, Urchin, Baron, Fortress, Moneylender, Treasure Map, Witch
The key cards in the first match are obvious: Vineyard and Urchin/Mercenary, supported by Baron (for +buy) and Fortress. Our strategies diverge in only one point: Do you want a Witch or not? I think no, because it gives the opponent's Mercenaries fodder. Jimmmmm goes for it, and I'm still not sure what's the better move here. In the end, I think I'm behind even though I'm ahead (no VP counter), and trash a Province in a desperate attempt to get to the win (there's only one Estate left for the three-pile), and I lose (looking at Jimmmm's next hand, I guess I would have won otherwise).

Game 2 faust wins

Code: [Select]
Embargo, Smugglers, Conspirator, Treasure Map, Library, Minion, Mountebank, Rebuild, Soothsayer, Fairgrounds
A Rebuild game, but one of the more interesting ones. Just Rebuild isn't enough, there's Mountebank, Minion and Smugglers which all go well with Rebuild games. There's also Fairgrounds as a viable source of Alt-VP, and a compensation if you lose the Duchy split. In the end, I think what helped me here was getting the Smugglers in the first shuffle over a Silver (I take this more risky approach because I'm second player). It also felt as if I was having more luck with my Smuggling.

Game 3 Jimmmmm wins

Code: [Select]
Cellar, Haven, Oasis, Warehouse, Throne Room, Treasure Map, Butcher, Harvest, Highway, Fairgrounds
Key cards: Warehouse, Treasure Map, Butcher. Butcher is just so good for BM, and Treasure Map/Warehouse is a decent BM enabler. I think Jimmmmm's 5/2 opening is superior to my 4/3 here, he gets the Butcher first and then collides his Treasure Maps before me. From there, I pretty much never have a shot at winning this.

Game 4 faust wins

Code: [Select]
Doctor, Fishing Village, Forager, Loan, Oasis, Warehouse, Treasure Map, Butcher, Ghost Ship, Mountebank
Interestingly, this game has the same Warehouse/Butcher/Treasure Map combo as the previous one, but it's no longer as dominant. While my opponent goes for it again, I opt for the engine with a double Forager opening Ghost Ship is just such a strong counter to BM, and Forager helps me get rid of the junk from the Mountebanks. Jimmmmm tries to go for the engine as well after his Treasure Maps collided, but it's already too late, and I hit him with Ghost Ships almost every turn. When I can, I end the game on piles.

Game 5 faust wins

Code: [Select]
Duchess, Stonemason, Apothecary, Fortune Teller, Lookout, Nomad Camp, Sea Hag, Cartographer, Merchant Ship, Goons
The Sea Hag/Lookout opening is pretty obvious here (I wondered, could the Hag actually be skippable here?), but from there, we go different routes. Jimmmmm tries a more BM-y approach with Cartographers, I choose the Apothecary deck. Stonemason helps me get those Apothecaries faster, but the game is quite tense for a long time. In the end, I feel confident enough to focus on running piles out rather than getting more points, and it works.

Game 6 faust wins

Code: [Select]
Fool's Gold, Sage, Bishop, Death Cart, Mining Village, Navigator, Ghost Ship, Horn of Plenty, Hunting Grounds, Nobles
The last game just screams for a Horn of Plenty megaturn. Jimmmmm goes for Fool's Golds, but I decide that with lack of +buy and Colonies, they should be skippable here. I am a little terrified when he starts amassing Platina, but then my engine gets running. Maybe I could have gotten a Bishop for trashing earlier, but I was afraidof helping his strategy. In the end, what I did worked well enough.

Thanks for the games, Jimmmm! The match was really tense most of the time, as I felt a game deciding who might make it to the playoffs should be.

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 7 Results ONLY
« on: April 12, 2014, 12:18:55 pm »
faust defeats Jimmmmm

Dominion General Discussion / Re: In Soviet Dominion...
« on: April 12, 2014, 08:43:29 am »
I think I understand how this works...

In Soviet Dominion, the Bureaucrat trashes the Bishop and the Chapel.

In Soviet Dominion, a Masquerade passes you (and then a card from your hand may trash you!)

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 6 Discussion Thread
« on: April 01, 2014, 05:00:32 pm »
Round 6 or how I embarrass myself playing with Ambassador...

My thoughts:

Game 1: I think Tactician is key here, and the fact that you never got one may have lost the game for you. During the game, I also wasn't sure about my Copper buys, but looking back, I think they helped me as well.

Game 2: I still think I would have won this had I gone Duchy/Duchy instead of Province/Duchy on my last turn. Well, that's why PPR is a thing...

Game 3: Still not sure which of us had the better opening here. I feel like I had some bad shuffle luck, but in general Uprgrade should be superior to Sea Hag. Maybe I'm wrong on this though.

Game 4: I think both Mystic and Outpost are a trap here. Without any kind of handsize increasing, this really needs to be played as a money deck. I also didn't understand you trashing Fool's Golds to Spice Merchant.

Game 5: I chose Urchin over Chapel because of two things: 1. It's a Wharf board, so quick thinning isn't that important. 2. Urchin/Mercenary slow down your ability to trash. This could have been much closer if your Chapel hadn't missed the shuffle though.

Game 6: I think both of us didn't play this very well. could be we just should have ignored Ambassador and gone for a BM-ish deck with Tunnel as reaction to Margrave/Militia. Transitioning into BM later in the game helped me win this. Though, if one of us could have gotten all the Heralds, he would also be in a good position, so I'm not sure...

Anyway, thanks for the games, and good luck in the last round!

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 6 Results ONLY
« on: March 31, 2014, 02:43:25 pm »
faust defeats Qvist

Game Reports / Re: money-less winning kingdoms
« on: March 26, 2014, 11:09:44 am »
I think a deck like this where by the end the deck isn't using coins at all is much more impressive and rarer. Any ideas that don't use HoP, monument/goons/bishop, highway, or fortress? (You can get coins as long as you don't use them)


GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 4 Discussion Thread
« on: March 20, 2014, 10:30:40 am »
My games against Lekkit. We had to restart the first game because I got kicked out - it was an interesting game where I went for a Native Village/Watchtower/Stonemason/Pirate Ship engine against his Big Money deck. Would have liked to see how that turned out.

Anyway, here are the games:

Game 1 - faust wins

Code: [Select]
Candlestick Maker, Remodel, Throne Room, Band of Misfits, Butcher, Festival, Junk Dealer, Market, Mystic, Altar
There are lots of engine components, but no draw at all. I decide to go for more of a Butcher/BM deck with some support cards while he tries to build the engine. He always gets Mystic or other 5s over Gold, which I think is a mistake here, both because Gold is just stronger than Mystic here and because you can't butcher Mystic -> Province. The fact that I got the Altar first helped me as well.

Game 2 - faust wins

Code: [Select]
Farming Village, Herald, Moneylender, Catacombs, Cultist, Festival, Jester, Venture, Possession, King's Court
Cultist is obviously the most important card here. But it's not just Cultist/BM. This time the game develops the other way round - I go for the engine, while he does something more BM-like. It's a good thing that Herald actually doesn't really mind Ruins. My deck starts slower than Lekkit's and he is ahead for quite a while, having me worried because piles are running due to my jestering. But then my engine kicks off and I get a triple-Province turn, and can end the game with a lead the turn after that.

Game 3 - Lekkit wins

Code: [Select]
Cellar, Doctor, Armory, Herald, Nomad Camp, Remodel, Scout, Silk Road, Treasure Map, Worker's Village
A quite weak board. There's Silk Road, but the only gainer is Armory, and Armory/Silk Road sucks. The most important card is actually Treasure Map, with Herald and Armory helping to connect them. Lekkit goes for that more aggressively, and is rewarded with an earlier connection, and I'm never able to catch up.

Game 4 - faust wins

Code: [Select]
Courtyard, Embargo, Woodcutter, Bridge, Caravan, Nomad Camp, Smithy, Merchant Guild, Royal Seal, Torturer
Not much to do here without +actions. I go simple Courtyard/BM (I get Courtyard over Smithy, is that the correct play?), while he goes for lots of Caravans and Merchant Guild. Not really sure why he went for that, you rarely want +buy here and you can only play one Merchant Guild per turn. A boring last game wins the match for me.

Thanks for the match, Lekkit, and good luck for the rest of the tournament!

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 4 Results ONLY
« on: March 19, 2014, 01:38:39 pm »
faust defeats Lekkit

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Really bad card ideas
« on: March 18, 2014, 10:39:40 am »
Too similar to CR and Margrave to actually work
The biggest problem is that it's strictly superior to both.

Wrong! Say it's my turn, there are three cards left in my deck. I don't want to trigger the reshuffle. If I play a Margrave, I can get those three cards and attack. Playing the Margrave room will trigger the reshuffle!

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 3 Discussion Thread
« on: March 15, 2014, 06:28:29 am »
faust vs. jmieden (joethemieden):

This match had lots of interesting boards, so I'm going to share them in more detail.

Game 1

Code: [Select]
Squire, Conspirator, Farming Village, Navigator, Scout, Treasure Map, Laboratory, Merchant Ship, Rabble, Bank

The road here seems pretty obvious: FV/Rabble engine supported by Conspirators and Squire for +buy. My opponent goes for a strange double Squire opening here which must have been a mistake. He also gets too many Silvers. I am soon able to draw my deck and have five buys. From here, I can get to the win relatively safe.

Note: Farming Village counters Rabble nicely.

Game 2

Code: [Select]
Courtyard, Crossroads, Apothecary, Familiar, Gardens, Spy, Talisman, Baker, Jester, Mandarin

There's Familiar without trashers, which is a must-have. There's also some Gardens support in Talisman, and that's what we both go for. Notice that we both open 5/2 and go for Jester over Potion, not sure if that was the correct move. I'm able to snag an early Province, which basically gives me the win here.

Game 3

Code: [Select]
Secret Chamber, Urchin, Warehouse, Monument, Procession, City, Council Room, Mint, Farmland, Bank

So, this was a difficult board, and I totally blew it here in the penultimate turn. Seeing the board, I really wanted to build an engine playing some Council Rooms for +buy and then attacking with Mercenary. Problem is - Council Room is the only +buy (well, and City at some point), there are no gainers, and Mercenary needs fodder. So I got LOTS of Council Rooms (in the end I empty the pile to activate my Cities), which allows my opponent to have a good 3-card hand every turn. The penultimate turn is really me losing the game because I'm lazy (I think). I believed I had one more turn and didn't bother to count whether I had the win, even though I probably did (turning Platina into Colonies with Farmland and buying lots of Provinces should have done it). Of course, he three-piles the following turn, and I lose.

Game 4

Code: [Select]
Embargo, Herbalist, Pawn, Ironmonger, Ironworks, Spy, Cartographer, Highway, Mint, Witch

In this one, I simply got outplayed, no doubt. I think I can make an engine work and overcome Curses. I lose the Curse split and somehow decide it would be a good idea to Mint most of the economy that was left in my deck. From there on, my deck can do almost nothing, and my opponent gets his deserved victory.

Game 5

Code: [Select]
Poor House, Steward, Swindler, Bridge, Fortress, Remodel, Bazaar, Venture, Harem, Possession

Again an engine board, with Steward as a central card for both trashing and drawing. Swindler, interestingly, is a trap here. Early on, I'm not hurt by Coppers turning into Curses because I want to trash them anyway, and when Swindler hits Fortress, that's +1 card, gain a card costing exactly 4 for me. After my opponent gives me a Potion this way, I'm able to incorporate two Possession into my engine, and victory is mine. I think that my opponent would have been better off not playing this with a BM-ish approach (his first 5-cost is Venture).

Game 6

Code: [Select]
Scrying Pool, Forager, Storeroom, Warehouse, Woodcutter, Bishop, Embassy, Pillage, Tribute, Forge

There is great engine potential here with Scrying Pool and Storeroom. However, the board lack +actions. Luckily, we start with shelters, so there's Necropolis, which my opponent forgets about. He plays BM-ish style again, while I amass random action cards, most of which I never play, just to have something to discard with Storeroom. After I have some Scrying Pools, it turns out Tribute actually becomes a reliable source of +action!

Thanks to jmieden for the matches! You were an enjoyable opponent, and very patient through the bazillion restarts that were necessary. Good luck for the rest of the tourney!

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom III: Round 3 Results ONLY
« on: March 13, 2014, 03:45:47 pm »
faust defeats jmieden

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