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Native villages have surprisingly developed systems of infrastructure. In particular, they often hold more bridges than the rest of the kingdom together.

Advisor: Milord, our enemy has sent a fortune teller to bring us bad tidings
King: To my secret chamber!
Advisor: Oh... good thinking; we'll hide there while your harem "distracts" her.
King: No, the secret chamber is where I keep my moat.
Advisor: What?
King: Don't worry, I'll put it back when I'm done with it.

Also, for Monty Python fans, note that if you have a witch, you can build a bridge out of her (with the help of a remodel).

Ambassadors are perfectly willing to give away estates as bribes, but they have standards. If the estate has been overgrown, or is reduced to a mere hovel, they refuse to redistribute it.

+2 action cards represent gatherings of people (nobles, villages, bandit camps).
As such, a necropolis must represent a gathering of zombies.

Smugglers also has some weirdness (how do you smuggle a remodel or a duchy)?

But my favorite is that building a highway lets them smuggle an entire king's court. I guess border patrols aren't what they used to be.

OK, here's my attempt - a list of all cards which have portions which literally cannot be used in some Kingdoms. Also mentioned cards which can't do anything but play more of themselves for no other benefit (assuming that cards that specifically care about cards played or card variety aren't in the Kingdom).

Secret Chamber - its reaction component might be literally useless in a game without attacks.

You left out conspirator in a kingdom with no nonterminals.

You spend a bunch of Silver to mine for better things.  You're workers are weary, almost giving up.  Then, suddenly, they strike...

A bunch of women.

Almost any card's interaction with Harem is weird.
Nobles as well. I rebuild a duchy...into a pack of spoiled aristocrats.

Even without the Potion you can reach $5 via Expand or Altar -> Overgrown Estate/Copper/Silver/Gold/HoP.

Not if you play with Estates.

Down to one card short--we're out Vineyard and Transmute, but Mandarin also meets the qualifications. Death Cart is close but introduces the Ruins.
Band of misfits?

But there is luck. Or at least as much as in Rock-Paper-Scissors. E.g. I have one army that could attack either of your supply centers. You have one army to defend them. If we both choose the same one to attack/defend, you hold both; but if we choose differently, I capture one from you. In that case, the optimal strategy would be for you to flip a coin to pick which one to defend. Me guessing which way the coin flipped is pure luck.

Also what about renaming it? Maybe something that relates to the "enabling trade" theme of the mechanically similar Bridge and Highway like...I'm struggling to find a good word here. Charter maybe?

It needs to be something that could conceivably be won at a tournament though.
Clearly the answer is "Sponsorship Deal"

The converse of deck tracking. You've lost count of how many coins you have in deck; but since you just drew your whole deck, you now know how much you have, and whether you need more treasure in it.

I suspect something similar could be done with philosopher's stone to track exactly how many cards you have, although I'm not sure why you'd be debating gold vs. province in that sort of deck.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: What is your favorite village?
« on: April 30, 2013, 04:11:00 pm »
Dead Village 4$
+1 Card
+2 Actions
If you have no actions left in your action phase you may reveal an discard this from hand
if you do +1card

Change the bottom to 'if you would draw this and you have no actions' for fun interactions
I play golem and reveal a smithy and a village. I play the smithy first, and draw a dead village. Can it trigger or not?

As others said, don't include cards with choices (either directly like pawn or indirectly like swindler). Courtyard is about the limit of where I would go. They already are trying to figure out how this game works and what's good or not, no need to give them even more action paralysis.

I agree with what others said about the first game set, but if you want to spice it up, try to pick similar cards (e.g. worker's village or bazaar for village, courtyard or similar for smithy). In particular, I think cards that lend themselves to treasureless engines or alternate victory cards may confuse the issue; you want them to pick up the basic concepts of the game as a whole, not unrepresentative edge cases.

Also try to limit the bookkeeping aspect of things; this is one reason I would be tempted to hold off on duration cards, since the "did I play that this turn or last turn?" aspect can be annoying to keep track of when you're already trying to remember what everything does.

Avoid cursers; you want her to have fun, not discover the "joys" of a torturer chain her first game. Once she's seen how a regular game goes (and hopefully enjoyed it), then you can hit her with the torturers. And obviously, King's Court-Goons-Masquerade pins are right out.

Ideally, you want a game where they can both learn things and have fun.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: When do cards do things
« on: March 08, 2013, 06:04:04 pm »
Yes, I suppose you're right. I was pretending it says "Put an Embargo token on top of a Supply pile. For the rest of the game, when a player buys a card from that pile, he gains a Curse" instead of pretending it says "in games using this". (I think my way of understanding Embargo's effect is more elegant, but that's just me.)
It's probably relevant that, according to the secret histories, the physical embargo card originally went on the pile. In that case, that physical copy of embargo would have been triggering.

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