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Looking at the spreadsheet, I should have six tokens in power bowl 1, not two.

I will burn 4 power then take the power action to gain two workers.

Dsell's turn.

I'll take the shipping distance bonus and 3 power.

I'm surprised that it made it all the way to me.  It's the card I would have chosen if I got first pick.

First actual move will come in the morning, I need some time to think about it (and confirming my income wouldn't hurt.)

I will take V7.

I believe that it is now time for selecting bonus cards, starting with Kuildeous and continuing in reverse order.

I believe this means that I'm the first to place a dwelling.

I place my first dwelling at K13.

Dsell should be next.

Is there even a gob on the map?

I retreat to bot.

I'm not sure how I ended up as starting player, I've never even dug a flower bed.  :D

I pick the giants.

Dsell is next.

Sorry for delay, i made an some illegal orders (mixed teritory names, and something with coastal borders).


Your fleet at the north coast of stp can't go to the same places that a fleet at the south coast of stp could.  Spain also has a north and south coast, but that hasn't come up yet in this game.

Forum Games / Re: Terra Mystica - Signups open (5/10 for 2 games)
« on: February 12, 2013, 03:17:43 pm »
Is the time zone in your profile right, hyramgraff?
I might be splitting games according to time zones.

I think the time in my profile was off by one.  I'm in Central time.

Also, I'd never even heard of this game before this thread.

Forum Games / Re: Terra Mystica - Signups open (5/10 for 2 games)
« on: February 12, 2013, 02:27:12 pm »

The Russian embassies have been busy delivering messages.  I eagerly await your replies.

I have sent in an initial set of orders.  :)

If anyone is concerned by that, you know how to communicate with me.  ;)

Hi all,

I'm a bit surprised that I got Russia.  With all the hold orders from them, I thought I would be taking over Italy.

It's late here, so I will be responding to private messages tomorrow.

Non-Mafia Game Threads / Re: Small number - single submission game
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:45:27 am »
I'll play!

Forum Games / Re: Coin Game 2: Sign-ups OPEN
« on: January 25, 2013, 01:58:34 pm »
Count me in please.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Getting a Gold with bad luck
« on: January 16, 2013, 01:30:34 pm »
Never, your opponent plays Thiefs/Noble Brigands on you

Can you be indefinitely prevented from making $5 after a 4/3 opening that way, though, I wonder?

Well, obviously not with NB... since it can't steal Coppers, then no matter how bad your luck is, you'll eventually draw 5 Coppers; assuming that you actually buy Coppers given the chance.

With Thief, absolutely. Assume that your opponent plays 2 Thiefs every turn... should be possible if we assume that worst luck for you includes best luck for your opponent. He can trash down to Village + Thief + Thief. While your bad luck is still preventing you from hitting $5 even without the opponent hurting you, he has time to do that. So then you quickly get to a game state where you have nothing in your deck but 3x Estate.

Ok, now I'm wondering... in a board without any virtual money, could a player do such a thing, thus forcing a stalemate?

Thief can't hit cards in your hand.  Without a hand size reducing attack you would be guarantied to keep at least two coppers in your "deck", which you would then draw at the end of the cleanup.  With perfect bad luck, the stalemate happens after you buy the last copper and one estate at which point you will be seven estates away from a three-pile ending.

2012 / Re: Thief Division: Bracket and Results
« on: December 08, 2012, 11:06:15 am »
Thanks for the matches, grobstein! I'm glad that all of our games were pretty competitive, and best of luck against *I would assume* Rabid.

Despite my best efforts, Grobstein will be playing Rabid. 

Rabid defeats Hyramgraff 4-1-1

I requested that we play with veto mode.

Game 1: Rabid 30 - Hyramgraff 21

Rabid vetoes Scout (poor Scout  :) ) and I veto Smithy because I don't want to play against Smithy-BM.  I decide to play more of a Rabble-BM game instead.  As with almost every time I decide to play BM, I'm distracted by the shiny actions and then left without much buying power against a Festival/Haven/Rabble engine.

Game 2: Hyramgraff 9 - Rabid 71

I veto Masquerade and Rabid vetoes Embargo.  This is a colony game with Feast but Mine and Mint as the only $5 cards in the kingdom and Border Village and Peddler as the only +action cards.  I open with Feast/Loan instead of a silver, which is likely what causes me to miss $6 until turn 11 while Rabid hits $6 on turn 4.  This early lead (plus other poor choices by me) snowballs into Rabid getting all eight Colonies.

Chatting after the game, Rabid notes that it's hard to come from behind without attacks, advice I will start applying the very next game.

Game 3: Hyramgraff 59 - Rabid 81

I veto Sea Hag, Rabid vetoes Masquerade, this leaves the kingdom as City, Governor, Hunting Party, Jack of All Trades, Noble Brigand, Pawn, Philosopher's Stone, Spy, University, and Village.  And it turns out to be another Colony game.

This is the game that I'm most interested to hear Rabid's thoughts about.  From my side, I note that a good engine is possible, but Pawn is the only +buy until the cities are activated (and with University they will be.)  I decide to go for Universities while Rabid goes for Jack and then Hunting Parties.  I contest the Hunting Parties and we split 5/5 (during the game I thought Rabid had won the split).  Next I turn my Universities to gaining Cities, which I pile-drive, and Rabid starts buying Colonies and takes a big lead.  After the cities are gone I use my universities on the Noble Brigands.

As I'm playing catch-up the PCR and then the PPR both come into play.  Rabid is able to always have just enough of a lead to keep me from ending the game.  I manage a triple Province + Duchy turn on turn 17, but it comes at a time when I have three cards left on my deck.  Turn 18 becomes triple Duchy + Estate and then on Rabid's turn 19 we both use Governor to trash for a Duchy and end the game.

Game 4: Hyramgraff 51 - Rabid 45

I veto Apprentice because that will leave just Trader for trashing, Rabid vetoes Coppersmith.  I attempt to play Highway/Trader/BM and Rabid goes for a Silk Road/Duchy/Estate rush with support from Cache, Fortune Teller and Nomad Camp.  It turns into a pretty tense game but I'm able to grab enough provinces and other victory cards to take the lead and hold on to it for a win.

Game 5: Rabid 34 - Hyramgraff 34

Rabid vetoes Treasure Map and I veto Vault.  I try to play something like double jack with Cartographer support.  The Cartographers seem to work well for me and at the end game I take a gamble by violating the PPR.  The gamble pays off and I buy the last province and claim a tie, which would have been a win save for Rabid's clutch estate buy in the endgame.

Game 6: Rabid 51 - Hyramgraff 26

Rabid vetoes Militia and I veto Monument because I think I have a better chance if VP tokens aren't involved.  None of the kingdom cards cost less than $4 and we both open Silver/Silver.  Mine collide in turn 3, which leaves me at a small disadvantage and then I further compound that disadvantage by buying two King's Courts with only three other actions in my deck.  The only time I manage to play KC with another action is in turn 11 when I bungle it by playing KC-Trading Post and end up trashing my whole hand.

Thanks to Rabid for the great games and good chat.  Considering that I was playing against the #5 seed in the tournament, I'm glad to have claimed a win and a draw.


Yeah.  It's a bit confusing on isotropic since the last option is abbreviated to simply gain 4 silvers, but I guess a fuller description would be rather long.  Still, confusing for anyone who hasn't played Cornucopia IRL.

With the way the card is worded it seems that the gain four silvers and put the deck into the discard happen at the same time.  That should mean that you could choose the order in which the two happen and thus choose to put the deck into the discard before gaining the silvers.  Am I missing something here?

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