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(Now available with two different images. Pick and print whichever you like best. And feel free to give feedback or suggest a new image in the thread below.)


NOTE: The above description has been modified to include the feedback below. The original OP and a second draft are quoted below. Special thanks to pokeman7452 for the graphic creation, Thanar for his help with the image search, blueblimp for help with the final description, and ftl for his work on the second draft. And another round of thanks for the many great ideas and feedback from all the wonderful people below (including Schlippy, LastFootnote, Matt_Arnold, rinkworks and eHalcyon)!

*Second Draft*

Ghost Town

+1 card
+2 actions

Whenever someone plays an action card that requires counting the cards in your hand, you may reveal ghost town and set it aside; return it to your hand after the action has been resolved.

$4 Action-Reaction

*Original Version*

Ghost Town

+1 card
+2 actions

This card does not count as a card "in hand." All Ghost Towns are trashed at game's end, prior to tallying the final score.


Ghost Towns can have a tremendous affect on all action cards with "in hand" in their description. I'll attempt to outline all the potential scenarios it might impact below.
  • When playing Library, Watchtower, or Jack of All Trades, draw until you have 7, 6 or 5 non-Ghost Town (non-GT) cards "in hand" (respectively), keeping any Ghost Towns but omitting them from your total "in hand" count.
  • When attacked by Militia/Goons/Margrave/Followers you only have to "discard down" to 3 non-GTs "in hand," keeping any Ghost Towns but omitting them from your total "in hand" count.
  • When attacked by Ghost Ship you only have to place cards on top of your deck until your hand contains 3 non-GTs. Note: you may still place Ghost Towns on top of your deck perhaps for use in combination with multiple Shanty Towns or Menageries (see below for more info on the relationship between Ghost Town and those cards).
  • If you're attacked by a Minion and you have a hand with 5 or more cards but 4 or less non-GTs, you may choose to discard your whole hand and draw 4 new cards, or reveal your Ghost Town(s) and keep your hand.
  • When you play a Minion or a Tactician, you discard Ghost Town with the rest of your hand (since those specific functions aren't impacted by cards "in hand").
  • Shanty Towns played with Ghost Town(s) and no other actions "in hand" still yield +2 cards.
  • When you play a Menagerie and reveal a hand with duplicate Ghost Towns you only draw +1 card. (Again if "in hand" isn't in a card's description, Ghost Towns are treated like any normal card.)
  • Since all Ghost Towns are trashed at game's end they do not count toward total deck size with Gardens, or as a unique card with Fairgrounds.

With #8 I wanted to create some sort of penalty to help balance the positive aspects of Ghost Towns out. I thought about it also not counting toward treasures like Horn of Plenty or Philosopher's Stone, but the card description already seemed too long to add any anti-HoP text, and the deck and discard counting function of Phi Stone means that it would make that card a real pain.

Let me know if you have any feedback.

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