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Goko Dominion Online / Re: Do we know when exactly it's going up?
« on: August 17, 2012, 02:42:19 pm »
So is up and interestingly enough one of the cards in their banner advertisement for Dominion is Alchemist (Alchemy on launch?)

Dark Ages Previews / Procession Interactions
« on: August 17, 2012, 02:39:44 pm »
Please help me figure out if these rule assumptions are correct:

I play Procession with Pillage.  Pillage attack happens and I gain 2 spoils.  I trash pillage.  Pillage happens again (like Feast) and I gain 2 additional spoils.  I gain an Action card costing $1 more.

I play Procession with Madman.  I get +2 Actions and return the card to the Madman pile, getting +1 Card for each card in my hand.  I get +2 Actions again (from the second play of the Madman), but no handsize bonus because I cannot return the card again.  I gain an action card costing $1 more.

I play Procession with Forager.  There is a Copper and Gold in the trash.  I trash a Copper and get +$2.  Forager happens again and I trash a Silver, getting +$3.  I trash Forager (due to Procession) and gain an action card costing $1 more.

Dark Ages Previews / Re: Dark Ages initial report
« on: August 17, 2012, 02:20:04 pm »
I'm going to go on record and say that I expect ironmonger to be a top-5 $4 card.
If it always gave you the village-with-a-filter, that would be a $4 (albeit a pretty weak one); the peddler-with-filter would be a very very strong 4 - I think regular peddler is a strong 4; and lab-with-THAT-filter would be a strong $5. Now, you do have the unreliability concern, but I just don't see this being anything worse than very very strong.
Spy is weak because ALL it does is a piddling little filter (albeit for your opponent too, though that bit doesn't stack as well).

Those arguments make sense to me.  Do you think it'll work well in many different deck types or only specific ones?

If you think Peddler is a strong 4, what are your thoughts on Junk Dealer?

Dark Ages Previews / Re: Dark Ages initial report
« on: August 17, 2012, 02:01:57 pm »
Ironmonger - Jury is out, but doesn't feel strong.

I think you are totally off with that assessment.
The first thing I thought when I read Ironmonger was that it is really strong for a $4 card!
I think it should be a hot contender for a new top 10 of $4 cards. It should usually be considerably better than Caravan. But it is just as easily spammable, so its presence should often be reason enough to make an early Ironworks, Armory or Workshop worthwhile (it almost always is if there is some $4 card you want after the Ironmongers run out).

Ironmonger is usually either a Village or a Laboratory or a Peddler and *additionally* has Jack's filter effect (which is certainly non-neglibile, it can be quite useful). There is another bonus in the fact that it is action cards which give +actions. If there is an action card on your deck, there should be an above-average probability that you can make use of the +action - you might well have another card to draw the action on top and Ironmonger gave you the action to play it as well.
All this is really decent for a $4 card!
Having several dual-type cards (Nobles, Harem, Great Hall, Island and Dame Josephine) in your deck even makes Ironmonger considerably better, while several Curses in it make it weaker. Playing with Shelters makes it a little weaker due to the one Hovel in the deck (which is so far the only card except Curse which is neither Action nor Treasure nor Victory), but as that is only one card, it obviously shouldn't be too important for the strength of Ironmonger.

I guess I wonder how much that filter ability is worth (Spy is the 5th worst $4).  A vanilla village is only worth $3, Lab $5, Peddler ~$4, and on top of all that, it's unreliable and in that way also reminds me of Tribute, but with your own deck (and less potential benefit).  Undoubtedly, dual-type cards start to make this much stronger.  Also in comparison to jack, once you filter, you don't get to pick up that card (without another combo piece).

Simulation / Re: Dark Ages on Geronimoo's Dominion Simulator
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:58:30 am »
I have very very limited coding experience, but would help if I could.  I am happy however to work through some buy rules with you (perhaps given a bit more playing with these cards).

Dark Ages Previews / Re: What's the point of the "looter" type?
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:45:15 am »
I guess the reason that it bothers me is that there is now a synchronicity problem.  What if I make a card which uses ruins but I don't call it a looter?  Or what if I make a card that doesn't mention ruins but I do make it a looter?

At least for the moment, the "Looter" type just means "this card mentions ruins."  So, in the rulebook, you could just say "if any card that mentions ruins is in the game, put ruins in the game" instead of "if any looters are in the game, put ruins in the game."  I mean, it's an extra few words in the rulebook, but it makes the cards simpler, because there isn't this new type for people to worry about.  If you had a choice between simplifying the rule book slightly or simplifying the cards slightly, which would you choose?

In any case, I bet I get a "what the heck does this type mean" question from at least a couple of friends.  My best answer is "it just means I pull ruins into the game. Once the game starts, it means nothing."  That's not a great answer.

What if you made a curser, say "+3 Cards, each other player gains a curse" but didn't call it an attack?  Or a card that is worth VP but not called a Victory Card.  You could, but what's the point?  Odd card interactions maybe, but they're there for categorization.

Dark Ages Previews / Re: I'm not so sure I like the idea of knights.
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:38:53 am »
Graverobber can't pick up Provinces and Colonies, it also only works on cost 3-6 cards, right?

Graverobber/Rogue + Bridge/Highway and/or TR/KC/Procession in conjunction with Saboteur/Knight?

Dark Ages Previews / Re: Dark Ages initial report
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:32:28 am »
- Storeroom and Sage feel worse than expected, and I didn't like Sage to begin with - perhaps I'm missing something.

Well, in my brief simulating earlier on, I found that Sage has the rare honor of making a better combo with JoaT than a second JoaT does.

Not that that means you need to like it.

Interesting, that's a bit surprising.  I'm curious, any idea why?

Dark Ages Previews / Re: Band of Misfits rules questions
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:31:07 am »
I think we need a BOM FAQ - there's an awful lot here.

Simulation / Dark Ages on Geronimoo's Dominion Simulator
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:17:19 am »
No rush Geronimoo (ok, just a little), but when will we start to see some cards in there?  I know a lot of them look like a pain to implement.

Dark Ages Previews / Re: Best knight?
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:12:20 am »
I honestly feel like most of the Knights are fairly well balanced and will really be board dependent.

Dark Ages Previews / Re: On-trash benefits in Dark Ages
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:08:21 am »
Overgrown Estate - you'll typically trash this anyway, so it's a free bonus really.
Fortress - when trashing for benefit, this is pretty awesome, especially with Procession.  Procession effectively becomes King's Court while gaining you a 5-cost card as well.
Cultist - also convenient when upgrading/trashing for benefit.  +3 cards from trashing a card feels pretty nice.

Dark Ages Previews / Re: Dark Ages initial report
« on: August 17, 2012, 02:49:09 am »
Some of my thoughts:

Rats - Not intuitive, but there's definitely got to be some crazy strategies here.  On the board, but never purchased.
Knights - Looked neat, but again didn't purchase them - other cards seemed too fast.
Vagrant - Never found a use for this card either - other cards had so much drawing power.
Scavenger - Exactly what it looks like, a decently better Chancellor.  Would be more interesting if it were a cantrip.
Storeroom - Seemed like it would be a decent opener, but now I'm not so sure.
Rebuild - Cannot understand this for the life of me.
Sage - Never found a strong use, perhaps there is one, but in my games the opportunity cost was too high.
Pillage - Powerhouse, especially if comboed with Graverobber/Rogue and a village.  Very surprised.
Poor House - I'm sure this is board dependant.
Procession - With lots of Dark Ages card, Procession ROCKS ... a lot more than you'd expect.  Procession/Fortress/Band of Misfits (now dubbed BOM) was a very strong mid-game combo especially when combined with card draw and buys.
Junk Dealer - the use of this card only becomes apparent after playing a few Dark Ages games.  Slow trashing isn't too dangerous, especially with Overgrown Estate, Hovel, Fortress, etc.
Marauder - Didn't get to use this one, but judging by the effects of other cards, this looks comparable to Sea Hag.
Market Square - interesting card - very good in an engine when you can use it multiple times (by discarding then fully redrawing again) and then use the buy at the end.  Even one reaction use to gain a gold, then using the buy is powerful.  Trashing cards (again, especially Fortress or a Fortress/BOM/Hunting Grounds combo)
Mystic - Didn't understand this until late in the games.  Could be very uesful with Graverobber or Rogue.
Graverobber - Very interesting with Pillage.  Other powerful uses TBD - perhaps combos like Village/Graverobber/Pillage/Village or Mystic, Village/Graverobber/BOM/Village or Mystic/continue combo, etc.
Hunting Grounds - Boy oh boy is +4 cards strong.  Also a very convenient pricepoint to be trashed into via Procession.
Ironmonger - Jury is out, but doesn't feel strong.
Cultist - pretty awesome if you know when to time the purchases and how many to get, depending on your and your opponent's deck composition.  Much better if you can upgrade these somehow (Upgrade, Procession, maybe even Salvager) - a TFB with the trash benefit is better than it looks.
Forager - Pretty strong in the mid/late game, especially when you need +buys.  Basically an alternate trade route.
Fortress - such a neat village.  The untrashability can make trashing it very desirable (again, procession, etc)
Catacombs - Looks interesting, but there wasn't time to purchase it in the games we played.  Also seems like it would combo well with Procession (with a cost 4 and 6 cost action on the table, like Fortress and Hunting Grounds)
Armory - Probably situational.  Seems decent, especially if you can play it a few times relatively early on decent actions, then upgrade out of it (again, Procession).
Band of Misfits (BOM) - The $5 pricepoint is perfect - you end up upgrading from $4's into BOM's that have the same effect with no penalty (again, Procession), and then perhaps even upgrading to a power 6.  Procession/Fortress/BOM/Hunting Grounds was very strong.
Bandit Camp - Hard to figure out when to buy this.
Feodum - Didn't play with it yet and our games were not silver centric.
Urchin - Didn't play with it yet, but I have a feeling that Mercenary is relatively strong for some reason.
Wandering Minstrel - Didn't play with it yet, jury is out.
Squire - Didn't play with it yet, jury is out.  Probably very board dependent.
Hermit - Didn't play with it yet, but looks very interesting.  Grabbing a Madman or multiple Madmans/Madmen? could probably lead up to a nice mega-turn if done correctly.
Death Card - Didn't play with it yet, probably very strong with a drawing engine (you can trash the Ruins you gain with it).
Beggar - Didn't play with it yet, but doesn't look particularly strong.  Maybe good defense in alt-VP games with attacks.
Count - Didn't play with it yet, but looks pretty good if there's +actions on the board.
Counterfeit - Didn't play with it yet, jury is out.
Altar - Didn't play with it yet, jury is out.

Necropolis - Does help engine play, a nice addition to your starting deck.
Overgrown Estate - a small bonus for a card that's likely to be trashed anyway.
Hovel - situational.  Unsure yet how Great Hall, Tunnel, etc will affect this.

- Shelters are probably more fun to play with except when you get different splits on a YW/Tunnel game.
- Combos are very prevalent (and very, very fun).
- Keeping track of actions, coins, etc is very, very difficult and may require pen & paper for those without excellent memories.
- Procession in conjunction with other Dark Ages cards may just have the highest combo potential.  Perhaps I didn't play enough games.
- BOM, Pillage, Necropolis, Procession, Junk Dealer, Graverobber, and Fortress seem better than expected.
- Storeroom and Sage feel worse than expected, and I didn't like Sage to begin with - perhaps I'm missing something.

All in all, this set is full of excitement, combos, and great new cards.  I eagerly await the Dark Ages cards to be added to the Dominion Shuffle android app.

Edit: and for some reason, the box image seems slightly off-center to the left.  Anyone else notice that?

Feedback / Goko on Player Profiles
« on: August 16, 2012, 12:41:36 pm »
I imagine "Isotropic username:" should change to "Goko username" or something similar when it launches.

Goko Dominion Online / Re: Conqueror Bot plays Golden Deck
« on: August 15, 2012, 05:13:18 pm »
I haven't noticed excessive Estate buying, but I have seen it buying money too late in the game when it should probably be buying VP.

Sometimes it goes on a 3-pile strategy (it seems) and then backs out, which is a bit odd.  That or it just likes to buy a random duchy or two before starting for provinces...

It also buys Mine ~25% more often than it should I think.  Oh and it loves Caravan.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Official Version Launching 8/16?
« on: August 15, 2012, 03:41:03 am »
While we're talking about it ... I suppose I don't see the point in having both a 'casual' and 'pro' leaderboard.  Why not just put focus on the pro leaderboard (random games make sense, predetermined kingdoms do not)?

For the record, I'm not a fan of bias games being ranked on a pro board - that doesn't make sense.
It seems straightforward that people who want to include Colony in every game or whatever may still enjoy being rated, while at the same time people who want a hardcore test of skill may still want to play with shiny new cards.

Will the pro board really be true random?  I'm bad at Prosperity and Cornucopia, but great Promo and Intrigue - maybe I should only buy those?  I think someone else's already mentioned this ... perhaps it can't be solved?

Goko Dominion Online / Re: Conqueror Bot plays Golden Deck
« on: August 15, 2012, 12:17:32 am »
It's definitely weak on Duke boards, doesn't use Ambassador (I think), doesn't know how to play against Masq, and always pile-drives Contraband, but it seems decent.  I probably win 8.5/10 games against it, which sounds about right.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Official Version Launching 8/16?
« on: August 15, 2012, 12:15:18 am »
While we're talking about it ... I suppose I don't see the point in having both a 'casual' and 'pro' leaderboard.  Why not just put focus on the pro leaderboard (random games make sense, predetermined kingdoms do not)?

For the record, I'm not a fan of bias games being ranked on a pro board - that doesn't make sense.

Goko Dominion Online / Conqueror Bot plays Golden Deck
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:41:50 pm »
And I got beat ... going to a golden deck myself.  Somehow it built up to a Colony golden deck by the same turn I was able to build a Province golden deck...  I've just been on auto pilot against the bot - perhaps I made a silly purchase somewhere.

Still, pretty cool.

Tactician - underrated (most likely the best non-attack action card, IMO)

King's Court?  Wharf?

In most games, I'll take a single Tactician over a single Wharf.  King's Court is undoubtedly the strongest card.  Wharves are good especially if you can chain them, and even one is strong, but there are so many combos with Tactician - it's very underrated and such an amazing card when used correctly.

Tactician is my highest win rate given avail with 1.61 and I purchase it 93.9% of the time vs 64.7% for the average player.  It is also my highest % purchased card.

Title says it all.  PM me for info - we're allowed to ship on August 18th, so as long as Jay gets us the games on time, which I'm sure he will, all is good!

We don't make much money off this - consider it more of a community service, seeing as it looks like we'll be getting it a bit earlier than everyone else.

*Free shipping within the USA, but we can do international as well.

The official street date for retail is August 18th (which is when we will put it on our shelves).

If anyone's itching for their copy, we can start shipping them on the 18th as well!  PM me for details :)

Warehouse - underrated
Baron - underrated
Mining Villae - underrated
Jack - overrated
Remake - overrated
Militia - overrated
Pirate Ship - underrated (yes, seriously)
Tactician - underrated (most likely the best non-attack action card, IMO)

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Cheaper place for the promos
« on: August 11, 2012, 01:02:39 am »
My chain offers the promos free with the purchase of specific numbers of dominion sets.  PM me if you want some more info.

Dominion Isotropic / Re: The Doug Z/Isotropic Appreciation Thread
« on: August 10, 2012, 05:47:48 pm »
Great job DougZ!  Bummer to see iso go.

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