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Dark Ages Previews / Re: Speculation Regarding Future Knights Cards
« on: August 21, 2012, 03:36:13 pm »
How about a promo set of Dominion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dominion :D
It could try to sum up Dominion in a card!

Castle Builder - Action, $6
You may play an Action card from your hand. You may play any number of Treasure cards from your hand. You may buy a card. Discard your hand. Draw until you have five cards in hand.

Or, to put it another way: Take a free turn!

Just have to play an action builder first, I guess.

Dark Ages Previews / Re: I'm not so sure I like the idea of knights.
« on: August 21, 2012, 03:20:07 pm »
The problem with the original was that it blindly trashed the top card.  As others have stated, Knights don't do this.  They can't trash Coppers and they can't trash Provinces without support -- and note that if that support is provided, it causes Knights to miss other cards, e.g. Silvers will be passed over.  Also, the victim having the choice weakens Knights too.

They can NEVER trash Provinces, right? Cards that reduce the costs of other cards only apply to hands and the supply, I thought.

My friends and I love this picker, so thanks a bunch for working on it.  However, I liked having the HTML file available, so I could use it on a computer without an internet connection.  Is it still possible to get the file itself?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: No more torturer for us!
« on: April 12, 2012, 01:55:20 pm »
I would say that if you don't like attack cards, you shouldn't play Dominion.  Do people have strategies they like? Of course.  Should they stick to those strategies at the cost of winning games? Absolutely not.  I mean, come on, what did you THINK would happen if you build up gold while Thieves are in the supply?

I personally don't like attacks, but if that's the way the game is going, I have no problem fighting fire with fire.  If sticking to a losing strategy means losing AND getting enraged, why the heck would you keep doing it?

I wouldn't mind the "Dominion has an end" thing so much if there weren't so many unexplored opportunities.  Everyone I play with loves duration cards; why were they only produced in one set? Alchemy got worse reviews than the other expansions because it introduced potions without a lot of cards that used them; why not make more cards that benefit from them?

Adding to that, it seems many sets have some sort of "gimmick" that isn't a part of the core game.  Seaside and Prosperity both had game tiles and tokens, and Cornucopia had Tournament prizes and Young Witch's Bane pile.  Alchemy, as mentioned above, introduced potions.  If you're going to add new game mechanics with each set anyway, why not continue to make new sets with new mechanics?

The core mechanics may be simple (and that's admittedly the primary draw of the game), but there's still a lot of opportunity for expansion.  You play around with unorthodox concepts like controlling other players' turns (Possesion), taking additional turns (Tactician and Outpost), stealing cards (Masquerade and Thief), using additional Supply piles (Black Market, Young Witch, Tournament), free but limited action use (Throne Room, King's Court, Golem), etc., but you never really explore them as much as you could.  At the same time, there are too many "one-offs" like the cases mentioned about to give the "we've run out of ways to modify the game" argument any validity.

People make and play fan expansions, so clearly there are ways to add to the game that you haven't considered yet.  Why not continue developing and let the game evolve?

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