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Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion Card Image Generator
« on: June 22, 2022, 03:07:08 pm »
Hello, I have an issue with an image I want to have as an expansion icon
I've tried to put it from my computer and from internet too but none of them worked; here is the link:
Do you have any idea about why this in't working?
maybe the image is too wide...


Second Chance
At the end of your Action phase, you may place a card from your hand onto your deck.

Most of the time, you'd probably use this to topdeck an Action card that you were unable to play. One particularly good use would be with Ghost, to choose an Action card from your hand for Ghost to hit. You could also choose to topdeck Tunnel if you have something like Venture or Ghost in hand. It would also work nicely with Moat in a kingdom with attack cards, to keep the Moat moving from one hand to the next

I'm not sure of the price. Is $5 a good price? Should it be less?
Maybe I'm wrong but I think it should say "you may put a card...". 5$ seem fine to me but I hope it won't become an auto-buy. If it cost have ot change I think it will be raised.

Anyway, this is my submition

Street Vendor is a cantrip that potentialy let you buy the card you'll draw with a sort of "royal seal" effect for the turn.
It combo with DtX and gainer.
Hope you'll like it.

I'll stick with Reforge for my submission, though it does have the longest text and includes coffers, I think its the most balanced.

Just for fun, I want to show this card someone else made that would have been perfect for this week!:

yes, I remember this one, it was a really nice card ; for the credit it was the first card made by Sakeena ( you may find it here )

by Annie

cost $5 - Treasure
Gain a copy of this.
You may trash this to gain a card costing up to $5.

Super Feast like Rats or Magpie.

I really like your card but I think that, even if it's not requier, you should put an image of it ^^.
(do you know how to do it? If you don't I can try to explain)


I’ve already post this card on an expansion, I let the comment I’ve made about it (with some correction):

It’s simple: you buy a Province, I discard a Duchy to gain 2vp. So it’s interesting to buy Duchy right? Sure but since we all start with 3 Estate maybe you’ll give 2vp to the other player while doing so. And if everyone take them and not the Provinces; they won’t be that valuable and there was no real point to buy them.
It’s a type of card that I like because if a game plan is too strong, you may buy a certain card to take advantage of it: Duchy beat Province, Province  beat Estates and Estae beat Duchy…

Edit: reworded it to fit with the contest requirements
Edit 2: the previous rewording wasn't "dominiony" enough: it was full of word that aren't usualy used in dominion's cards


This is my card for this contest.
Obviously I've made something with potions, hope you'll like it.

Aqua Vitae:
Similar to Apothecary, allows for playing Potions and Coppers in the Action phase, and makes engines with little Copper thinning or DtX engines with potion cards a lot more viable. The and/or means to play up to 3 cards, of which either could be a Copper or Potion. Name and theme based off a similar card by eHalcyon.
good catch, you've done it before me, I haven't thinked about this one.

Anyway, Here's my submition:



+3 Cards
Each other player exile a Ruins from the Supply.
If it isn't your turn, they discard all their exiled Ruin.
When an other player buy a card costing more than $6, you may play this from your hand.

6$ Action-Reaction-Attack-Looter

Pillager is one of my previous card.
It's a little bit like Coven (and black cat) but it don’t strongly junk you at the end: it’s more delayed. Moreover, have a ruin in Exile is way better than have a Curse in Exile but play this outside of your turn make it non-terminal. I usualy design cards that change the way to play the game and I think Pillager change if you'll buy Province or not and when you'll do it.

< some advice-sorta-things >

Yes, I had a card like that in the works, but I never included in the set because it still had quite a few balancing issues that I needed to work out. I think I've finally made two versions I'm happy with, but I haven't gotten a chance to playtest between them to see which I like better. Either way here they are:

I really like the 3$ vertion. At 5$ it could contest other DtX including some from your own expantion.

Orrery has been updated with a much cleaner version! Let me know what you think of it all.
It's something that I've miss for my first expantion  but when you change something I think you shoud post the card or ad a lnk to it, anyway, I prefer the cleaner version of Orrery, the precedent one wasn't quite elegant...


Refuge - $3

Play a face-up, non-Duration Action you have in Exile, leaving it there and turning it face down.
When you gain or trash this, exile an Action from the supply.
This utilises the Necromancer mechanic of flipping cards face down. Note that, unlike with Necromancer, they are not flipped back at the end of the turn.

Version history:

Version 0.1 did not have the on-trash ability.
Refuge really seem like superintendant from Witchcraft (especialy the v0.1):

I also think it's a good  idea a command from exile even if Refuge seem a litle bit weak.

fixed, sorry  ;)

Thanks for sending me back down that rabbit hole. It's not Soup related, but I had to contribute an H*R card.

That wasn't expected...

This is my submition for the contest: [...]

How about naming this Event Indulgence? You could then use this art:

I think giving +1 Buy isn't worth it since the player had to spent $1 four times before, which means that this Event is mostly used with a spare buy and thus additional buys don't seem to be particularly attractive here. Maybe 2 Villagers?
Thank you verry much for your help!
I usualy don't like this type of art but it's far much better that nothing and it fit well with the size of the event.
For the effect, i think the fairest version: with just +2 villager for $1, you usulaly need a +buy  card on the kingdom and, in this case, the card is too much +Buy dependant in my opinion. turning your reamaning coin into villagers seem a much interesting rewerd in that case and still leave you with your original buy.

all the name of the different creator have an underline
(And don't take this thread too seriously)
So, as you'll see we had fun on discord...

All of this begin with TheSoupV that wanted a "soup" card:
By petzi

then, johntgrizzz wanted to design a companion card:

and that's how all begin...
the next cards are a references to... something? (sorry, I don't have it T.T)

Soup nazi by OMGChess and Soup strore by Annie

and this is when the design of the box came out...
(by me)

all of this defenitly need a "stew" card:
made by X-Tra

and then the ingredient (because we need a treasure to buy all these soup):
by johntgrizzz

but where could we mix all of this?
by Crlundy

this is when Annie post her second card: stroganoff

We also needed to make a landscape for a complete kingdom:

And also somethings to eat all of these...
(by me)

an other reference wasn't too much:
by Mahowrath

by TheLastFootnote

and finnaly a p-cost card:
by X-tra

So, that was fun.

This is my submition for the contest:

Like save, it's a 1-cost event
Like miser, it's a card that use the Copper onto your tavern mat
(yes, I've put two condition on this)

(If someone have a potential illustration or an other name for the card, I take it. Don't hesitate to submit something if you have an idea)

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Subterfuge
« on: May 25, 2021, 11:28:47 am »
I really like Arcade but I think that the card have 3 main flaw:
-you usually prefer Coffers to Villager, especially after playing a village.
-you usually want to keep your action card (where copper could be discarded with plaza without any remorse).
-you usually donít want to get rid of your action cards after playing a village.
The design of the card is really nice and elegant but I feel like itís a card that can never exist at any normal cost: it canít cost $3 but it will be usually just used as a normal Village.
However, you may push up the ęnegation of plazaĽ style of the card, for example by making it a sort of lab variant (event if itís weak at 6$), make it donít give the choice (and then it could be balanced at $3) or, instead, increase the possibility (discard any number of action for the same number of villager). I think the idea is good and I really have the ę why this card donít exist? Ľ feeling; and thatís always a nice thing for a card in my opinion.

Cahoots, seem pretty long. I think the effect could be reworded; Iíve test this one and I think itís clearer:
+1 Card
+1 Action
You and the player to your left reveal the top card of your deck.
If they are both Treasure: +$1,
if they are both Action: +1 Action.
Otherwise, +1 Card

There is more space and it take one line less. The card on itself is pretty strong I think but not too OP. I think the plan of this card could be understander this way: at the beginning of the game, it's usale between a lab and a Peddler (but it's not too strong because +1 Action isn't that good in verry early game. after that, it could be consider as Itís a lab when both player runing different strategy but then, both are encourage to buy it and that bring the card to it worth stage: just a expensive village. I think it's a card that balance itself: if it's too trong, it become weaker and that's a really good thing.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Dynasty
« on: May 25, 2021, 10:22:24 am »
Part 3

Carpenter is a good gainer, itís maybe little bit to strong compare to Ironworks but make it terminal seem really hard to fix it. Put it at $5 with +2 Currency or the same as $4 but in terminal could be two ways to solve the problem. However, the card isnít broken as it is.

Premier seem pretty weak. A good combo with it is by using market or peddler with it but then it just act like a throne room. I think it could be at $3. An other problem I have with this card is that it explicitly play on vanilla bonuses (and I explain before why I feel like it shouldnít be a dominion feature.

Weaving Mill have some problem in my opinion:
First, I think that Weaving Mill is just too weak, itís usually just a lesser Banish.
Also, it have a pretty weird wording in the top part: I thing it will be clearer if it just say Ďyou may trash a card from your hand to gain a card from the trashí. Itís not exactly the same but it feel more dominion and it make the card stronger. Ďon trashí and Ďon gainí effect
I also think that it should have an other dividing line: since both effect donít trigger at the same time it should present two of those according to the rules.
The on-trash effect is also pretty insignifiant (but i guess itís fine since it could be trigger easyly).

Pottery is a sort of Salvager. Itís a very cool card, I think itís fairly balance and it assure me in the position that +1 Currency have the power level of $1. (so carpenter is definitely too strong). Anyway, the card itself is really good, I think itís fair and it allow nice megaturns.

Tea merchant is a pretty cool alternative mine. I know that mine is consider as too weak and give it cantrip in order to remove the trash-for-benefit part is interesting. I think itís a really nice card.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Dynasty
« on: May 24, 2021, 06:43:28 pm »
Part 2

Alley seem like a nice variant to bridge, however it seem really weak, especially since you have to pay to get rid of the debt in order to bu some other cards during your turn.

Servant seem really weak, you need to have an other one in your hand to gain an other effect and even in the case where you discard a Victory card, it's still a sort of super-cave but for only one card. As it is, I think $3 is a better cost for this card. It will encourage the player to buy more of them and it will have for result to make the collision less rare.

Panda, let’s ignore the illustration ;) (funny) and jump directly to the card. It’s a sort of Super-Peddler. At least, it’s a peddler but it could be far more interesting. I guess that the card you draw during cleanup are draw simultaneously so you can’t react with Panda for one of them. it’s a nice card with a nice reaction

Prefecture is the first card that use Currency. I’ll won’t wait too long: I don’t like this concept, I feel like it’s not so interesting and cards that use them could just be worded differently for a similar effect (especially this one).
However, in order to juge the card fairly, I’ll let it aside. I think the card is really well-balance and it fit well for $4.

Confucian is a cantrip that become a city in some condition. I think it’s balanced or maybe a little bit too strong as it now (play test it could be a nice thing for this one). As it is now it’s obviously too weak for 5$. I still think that card shouldn’t play explicitly on vanilla bonuses (it could make issue with cards that are worded differently between the version. ę +2 cards Ľ shouldn’t be different of ę draw to cards Ľ)

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion Card Image Generator
« on: May 24, 2021, 05:06:03 pm »
add a space between the number and the symbol
well, we say that a picture worth thousand words right ?

so, indeed it's better and thank for the tips but it's obviously still a bug...

GG to scolapasta, border crossing is a very nice card
ok, thank you for your feedback LastFootnote

Courtyard of Miracles by Shael
Yet another “stays in play” card. I’m a big fan of effects that gain a Copper to your hand. At first I was thinking, this should trigger at the start of each of your Buy phases instead, since you’d have a better idea then of whether you’d need an extra $1 that turn. But since it triggers at the start of turn, it combos with Cellar and other cards that want a large hand size. I don’t think it should give an option between the two times, so I guess it’s fine as-is. BUT, people have made a valid point that once you get 3 or 4 of these in play, you can basically just get a Province every turn. I think for that reason, this would work better as a Project.

Well, the Province thing is intentional and I haven't see anyone that have pointed this, it's even the main way to use the card...
Maybe I haven't been clear when I've describe the ways to use it.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Dynasty
« on: May 24, 2021, 05:36:34 am »
Eunuch is a very cool card for an opening.
however, it have the trash for benefit issue: you may remodel a Province into a Provindce and then you gain a province. I really like card that combo with tfb but this type of card seem really dangerous.

Rich farmer is a nice lab variant. It combo well both +Buy (and I think itís always a nice thing) however, having 4 cards with different cost seem incredibly rare and swingy. The card isnít too weak imo because you can still chain them to re-order your deck in order to trigger the lab effect. I think it should say Ďdifferently namedí like Cornucopia cards.

Sycophant is pretty interesting. I usually donít like card that explicitly play on vanilla bonuses because it make difference between ę +1 Cards Ľ and ę draw a card Ľ (some card have the ę draw a card Ľ wording in some version of the game). However, if we ignore this rare edge case, the card is pretty interesting in deck that run a lot of different cards.

Winery is cool. Hope that Wine tokens will be use on an other card because having one token for only one card seem pretty sad (even if the game already did it). Itís maybe a dumb idea but I wonder if the journey token from adventure couldnít be use for this cardÖ (obviously it act a little bit differently) Anyway the card seem fair as it is now.

Poet is a sort of one-shot double lab. I think itís fair as it is for now.

Persist is a nice card that could be used in two different way, I think itís a cool peddler variant. Maybe a little bit strong with the play from exile effect idk, maybe play test this part with other peddler variant.

Iíll comment the rest later; if you have any objection or if I havenít understand something well, donít hesitate to told me.

I would like to change my submission to this:

Part Cardinal, part Monastery, part Hermit, Excommunicate is a great way to quickly banish away large swaths of your deck in the dead of night, but be careful, sometimes you can accidentally exile the baby with the bathwater. Being played in the Night phase, the Actions and Treasures you play will be safe from its indiscriminate removal, however the same can't be said of any dead actions in your hand or cards gained in that turn. This can be a great boon by shuffling away your greens before you can even see them, but for any actions or treasures you're going to need to buy them again to discard them from Exile on a turn you don't play Excommunicate, otherwise back into exile they go!

(Although this is replacing my previous submission Harbor, I would still like feedback on that card if anyone would be so keen as to do so)

This + any deck-drawing engine would make an instant golden deck.  Draw your deck, play all your cards, buy some Victory cards, and instantly Exile them.  Heck, you don't even need to draw your whole deck, you just need to trigger a reshuffle during your turn, to ensure that only the cards you bought that turn are Exiled
I think golden deck is only a problem if this is the only way to win a game. Like every potential combo GD have to be monitor carefully; however, the principle of making a golden deck isn't something that make a card alowable or not. the only point is "are they OP / too easy to setup with this card"
Like a lot of strategy, it will have board where these types of deck are just dominant, but it's already the same with a lot of card. The only things we have to care about is: are they too usual and are they too easy to setup?

in a  certain way, I think my preocupation is more comparable as segura's one:
I think the problem is that this is early on something like a Chapel and later on something like a Bounty Hunter.
the fact that it make a golden deck could just be the tree that hide the forest (idk if this expresion exist in english btw)

It's not a citic about your expansion but it's just something that I've thought of yesturday (yes I think about fan expansion during my exam period, don't juge me):
I've wonder if you've thinked about cavalery effect?
Since it's a good way to decrease your hand by getting rid of all the Treasure and it sometimes allow you to play action, it feel like it fit well here. I wanted to point this, just in case, if you want to make more card that play with DtX. (because it's a nice way to play engine imo)


My Submission:

$4 – Action - Duration

     Either now or at the start     
 of your next turn: Look
 through your discard pile.
 You may play an Action
 card from it.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” - Proverb

It's a verry cool reference ^^
Since it's a sort of super-cantrip, maybe it should cost $3 no?
$4 seem a litle bit expensive for this effect, especialy if you compare it to Throne Room (witch also "copy" an action card).

Abandoned stone
cost $6 - Action - Duration
At the start of each of your turns for the rest of the game, look through your discard pile, reveal any number of cards costing less than this, put them onto your deck, discard any number of cards, and draw that many.
I think it need a (This stay in play)

ok, I think I have my submition for these contest:

Yes, i've already post a version of this for an other contest (this stay in play) but I've rewok it a litle bit since it was consider too strong and it's a card that I like. My other ideas for this contest seem worth or not as elegant than this so here we go...

Courtyard of Miracle assure you +$1 each turn in exchange of junking your deck. In general, having 3 of these is a garanteed Province each turn (hand full of Copper +3 other with the Courtyards) but between handsize attack, Copper/Treasure synergy or just alt-vp it's usualy not that simple and I think it can lead to different strategy.
Hope you'll like it.

Good question. I'll allow "$0" in the top corners.
Thank you, I have few ideas and a treasure may be one of them.
Edit: I haven't that treasures have already been post

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