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Rules Questions / Re: Coffers Rules Change
« on: September 24, 2021, 02:31:36 pm »
To those of you not in the TGG discord server (the company making the mobile version of Dominion), the rules for Coffers are getting changed, and this change also requires errata to 2 cards.

The change: You can spend Coffers at any time during your turn.

The reason: The original rule was awful and goes against intuition. How often have you bought a card, and then either realized you didn't spend enough Coffers, or you spent too many?

Side effects include being able to use Coffers to power up action-phase Storytellers, and you can immediately use the Coffers that you get from Spices.

Now there are two cards that need errata because of this. The reasons why is an exercise for the reader (or you can just go to the wiki, where I explained why).
-Merchant Guild: It will give Coffers at the end of your buy phase, and is no longer a dividing line ability.
-Patron: Only gives Coffers during an Action phase.


You give a good reason for errata-ing Patron in the wiki, but could you expand on the reason for errata-ing Merchant Guild? Its wiki article only says "With the new rules to Coffers, you would be able to spend Coffers that you gained from Merchant Guild during the same Buy phase."

Though this would strengthen MG significantly, I don't see why it would make MG overpowered. If you immediately spend the gained coffers on further buys, MG essentially becomes kind of a Bridge variant: Instead of a cost reduction by $1, you immediately get $1 back for each buy.
While Bridge is a very strong $4 card, MG costs $5, so it should be okay for it to be usable as an "almost immediate" cost reducer.

Spices seems more problematic to me: With the coffers change, it effectively becomes a $3 card that's strictly (and significantly) better than Silver whenever you have 2 coffers (or a spare $2) at the beginning of your buy phase.

Traveling Fair comes to my mind. If you have three MGs in play, you can alternately buy Traveling Fair and Copper and get additionally a Coffer. After the Copper pile is empty you have +46$.

Rules Questions / Re: Way of the Chameleon Instructions
« on: October 01, 2020, 10:00:33 am »
(a): +1 Card.
(b): +1 Card.
(c): +2 Cards.
Thank you!

The answer is a slight variation on (ii), it will effect only those instructions on the chameleoned card above the line (more precisely: the on-play instructions), that happen during this turn.
You are right. I forgot to mention the turn restriction.

Merchant comes to mind, though this likely not often useful.
Ah yes, I never keep the new base and intrigue cards in mind.

Rules Questions / Way of the Chameleon Instructions
« on: October 01, 2020, 09:22:05 am »
Consider following game situations:

(a) Play Chapel with Way of the Chameleon, trash Rats, get +1 Card or +1$
(b) Play Rats with Way of the Chameleon, get +1$. Later buy Bonfire, trash this Rats, get +1 Card or +1$
(c) Play Priest with Way of the Chameleon, get +2 Cards. Later play Chapel, trash Copper, get +2$ or +2 Cards from Priest

Which +Card, +$ will be triggered by Way of the Chameleon?
(i) All instructions on the chameleoned card (triggers (b) and (c), so +1 Card, +1$, +2 Cards)
(ii) Only instructions on the chameleoned card above the line (triggers only (c), so +1 Card, +1 Card, +2 Cards)
(iii) All +Card, +$ produced by the chameleoned card during following the instructions of this card (triggers only (a), so +1$, +1 Card, +2$)
(iv) ?

I assume (ii), hence:
(a) +1 Card, (b) +1 Card, (c) +2 Cards
Is it right?

If (ii) is right, are there another abilities triggered by Way of the Chameleon after following the instructions of the chameleoned card besides Priest? I didn't find anything.

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